House of Horror 49 - Scooby Apocalypse

:house_of_horror: Happy Halloween Horror Hounds! :house_of_horror:

Halloween is this weekend!!! I know my plans include watching some horror movies and reading horror comics. Maybe my plans aren’t too different from normal but I am excited nonetheless. Before we get into the books we are reading this week @LaserPuff and I would like to welcome the newest residents to the House of Horror, @jnlynn11 and @Avenging.Angel.Azrael! I hope you enjoy your stay but try to eat any food you might want before Shaggy and Scooby show up.

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This week we are going to read the first 6 issues of Scooby Apocalypse! I remember when this first came out it was a surprise hit and rightfully so. This ain’t your parent’s Scooby-Doo as we find our beloved characters smack dab in the middle of the apocalypse! We are also going to continue our journey into the dark world of The Conjuring: The Lover with issue 3.

:house_of_horror:BOOKS TO READ:house_of_horror:

Scooby Apocalypse 1 (2016) (rated 12+)

Scooby Apocalypse 2 (2016) (rated 12+)

Scooby Apocalypse 3 (2016) (rated 12+)

Scooby Apocalypse 4 (2016) (rated 12+)

Scooby Apocalypse 5 (2016) (rated 12+)

Scooby Apocalypse 6 (2016) (rated 12+)

DC Horror Presents: The Conjuring: The Lover 3 (2021) (rated 17+)

Don’t forget to tell us what you thought of this week’s books!

Halloween Profiles:
Madame Xanadu
Swamp Thing
Justice League Dark
John Constantine
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
The Demon
The Spectre

A few new horror comics are hitting comic store shelves this week! We might not be reading the books right away and some of them might even be discussed in other clubs upon release. Think of this as a preview of what might be lurking in the dark corners of House of Horror.

:house_of_horror: 11/2/2021 :house_of_horror:

Collected Editions

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Scooby-Doo Apocalypse is one of my favorite reads period on here. I couldn’t believe how good it was, seriously…


I remember being surprised by that as well. I think this and the Masters of the Universe books were both huge surprises for me.


I’ll have to read that than. I loved He-Man as a kid. I’d never heard anything either way about it? Sorry if I’m slow to respond. I’m reading graphic novels offline from the library. I read 7 yesterday & returned em and got 7 more . I just realized I got 7 both times, wasn’t planned that way. Just finished Poison Ivy Thorns, it was great. They’ve all been great. Got WW warbringer, Victor & Nora a Gotham love story, Swamp Thing Twin Branches, Superman: Mythological & Shadow of the Batgirl. Just returned Catwoman Soulstealer, Batman: Nightwalkers, Mera: Tidebreaker, WW:The True Amazon, WW Earth One Volume Two, Teen Titans Earth One Volume One & I’m forgetting one from the 1st 7 but I’m surprised I remembered all but one…oh Titans Apart was the 14th one it just came to me.


This series came out during a great initiative where DC was crossing over a lot of DC,WB, and Hanna Barbera properties. This series outlived almost all of the other stories that came out at that time. @darkstarz I haven’t brought this up before but I’d love to see us cover Wacky Raceland.


I love what I’ve read of Scooby Apocalypse (issues 1-6)! Which was a big surprise, as I usually think Scooby-Doo kinda/sorta sucks.

However, with Jim Lee art on the covers of #'s 1-4, I kind of had to read those (if it was good enough for Jim, then it’s good enough for me) and I really enjoyed them, along with #'s 5 and 6.

Scooby Apocalypse is a series I’d like to get back to (not until I finish Future Quest, however), because I’m fairly certain I’ll like the series even more than I already have.

SN: A Scooby Apocalypse TV series (animated, natch) would rock. That’s a Hanna-Barbera-based HBO Max Original I would watch.


Thems fight’n words


It’s so good!!! I kept hearing about it & had to see for myself. I read it straight thru until it was finished. Definitely, way better then I was expecting also. Not your mom & dad’s Scooby-Doo as they say.


Geez, what crawled up Clark’s hinder? :smiley: Probably the 'stache. I mean, I couldn’t rock a stache, so I’d probably be cranky like Clark was, above. Facial hair gets itchy at times, afterall.

Nevah! I don’t fight friends, especially those who like DC and Hanna-Barbera. :slight_smile:


Make sure you find a reading order for the He-Man books. There are way too many series that should really be just one series. Then there are weird crossovers (Thundercats and DC Universe) that are sort of stand alone but not at the same time? So yeah, a reading order is definitely needed. I still need to read the last series (the Multiverse one). I have also read the current Dark Horse tie-in into the new Netflix series and that was pretty much the worst He-Man series that I have ever read.


That’s why I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of it so far. It retains the traditional aesthetics, but its fresh and new and more than just what the old SD show was.

Speaking of Scoob, I loved Scooby-Doo & Batman: The Brave and The Bold! I know, I know, it’s Scooby and the gang in their regular environs, but that movie surprised the heck out of me in the best way.


I will be reading the comic series once it hits DCUI in full. I know Huntress shows up!!!


…which series? The Batman/Scooby-Doo mini?

I got an issue of that in one of the newest Walmart bundles, and it was good, too.

Geez, am I slowly but surely awakening my inner Scooby fan? I might be…


Ok. I always make the fullest reading order possible b4 I read something. But, I wouldn’t have thought He-Man would’ve been necessary, so, I’m glad u told me ty!!!


I’ve been trying to get people to watch that forever. Problem was, it wasn’t ever on anything until HBO Max finally picked it up. I watched it on Fire Stick the day it released. Then couldn’t find it anywhere until Max had it. Then I waited & watched it with u & the animated club on that Saturday morn of yesteryear.


The DC MOTU books are pretty solid. As @darkstarz said, they should have just made all of that content be one concise ongoing, in most respects.

My motto is to always jump in at an interesting point and go from there, letting the other pieces fit together as you progress with a series. Thinking about how everything fits early on can distract one from fully enjoying what’s in front of them, and thus, lead to overthinking something that is relatively simple.

BTW, this is my pick for the best of the DC-based MOTU books: Click me for enjoy-joy!

That book doesn’t require anything but an interest in DC and MOTU. From there, you can just jump in and enjoy the cross-franchise ride.


Future Quest & Huntress u say? Oh I’ll be reading that then. I’ll wait til full series too.


Nice. I’ve read plenty out of order & it is easy to fill in the blanks. I always go back & reread them in order eventually tho.

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My “problem” in watching SD/BTBTB was that it featured Scooby-Doo. Even so, I still bought this when I happened across it at Walmart:


I mean, for $1 why not, right?

I had thought of renting the flick when it came out and at times after, but never did. Then, when I saw it was on HBO Max, I thought, Stanley Goodspeed-style, “Oh well, why not?”, and I am very glad I did, because the movie was a ton of fun. :nerd_face:


That’s awesome!!! I looked for a Catman hot wheels after I saw it but no such luck. At least at that time. My biggest selling point for Batman B&B Scooby-Doo was telling everyone that Daphne makes for a hot Batgirl. Unfortunately, I think I made myself look like a pervert & it didn’t influence anyone to seek it out lol. Still waiting for JL Action to appear anywhere. Man, if I just would’ve known id’ve never deleted em from my dvr.