House of Horror 28 - Low, Low Woods


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As you might have heard elsewhere the DC Community clubs are celebrating :00_dc_pride: Pride :00_dc_pride: all month in June! Over at the DC Book Club, there is a list of every club that is participating and what they will be covering. Let me just say, this will be a busy month of reading for me. Before we dive into the House of Horror reading please @LaserPuff and I would like to give a horrific welcome to our newest HoH habitants @capo-mage, @damian_quinzel, and @discordia57!!! Please make yourselves at home but I can’t guarantee your safety as it seems that house is being taken over by the woods.

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This week we are going to read The Low, Low Woods! This is a Hill House book and rated 17+ so it is NOT for the kiddos! However, all month you can read The Low, Low Woods 1 for free!!! So even if you are not a paying DC Universe Infinite member you can join us for the first book!!! I should also point out that there is a backup story in each issue titled Sea Dogs. We are not gonna discuss that as you need to read EVERY Hill House book to get the full story. Also, you do not need to read any of the other Hill House titles to enjoy this title as each title is a stand-alone story.

Here is a link to The Low, Low Woods wallpapers and bookmark! You have to be a member of House of Horror for the link to work. You can join HERE!

:house_of_horror: Books to Read :house_of_horror:
The Low, Low Woods 1 (2019) (rated 17+)

The Low, Low Woods 2 (2019) (rated 17+)

The Low, Low Woods 3 (2019) (rated 17+)

The Low, Low Woods 4 (2019) (rated 17+)

The Low, Low Woods 5 (2019) (rated 17+)

The Low, Low Woods 6 (2019) (rated 17+)

:00_dc_pride: Don’t forget to let us know what you thought of The Low, Low Woods. Are you a fan of the Hill House comic imprint? What was your favorite panel in The Low, Low Woods? Have you read any of Carmen Maria Machado’s other works?

:00_dc_pride: Links of interest :house_of_horror:

A few new horror comics are hitting comic store shelves this week! We might not be reading the books right away and some of them might even be discussed in other clubs upon release. Think of this as a preview of what might be lurking in the dark corners of House of Horror.

Released 6/8

New to DCUI 6/8

New to DCUI 6/9

Did you read The Conjuring: Lover 1 and/or The Nice House On The Lake? Do you want to talk about it with others that have? Have no fear Horror Hound! We have an entire topic where there is such a discussion filled with news drops, page previews, and what we liked or didn’t like about these comics!

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What has been your favorite Hill House title that House of Horror has previously read?
  • The Plunge
  • Basketful of Heads

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Favorite is super tough, they’re both great. But, Heads was funny too, so slightly in its favor


Basketful Full of Heads but Plunge was great too. Also loved The Dollhouse on a separate note. Ty for welcoming me & the others. Another bonus in Basketful was it happened to be loaded with musical references, which I’m all about…


I am sort of leaning towards Plunge but then I start thinking of the Stephen King Easter eggs in Basketful of Heads. Then I remember how @msgtv went outside of his normal reading for Basketful and really enjoyed it. Hmm…I think Basketful just got my vote.

@capo-mage we haven’t gotten to The Dollhouse…yet. I have shown more restraint that you can ever know by not burning through the Hill House titles the moment they were released on DC Universe Infinite.


And, yet. Plunge should be an HBOMax show. There is no wrong answer


I agree!!! I think both would work as an HBOMax show or at the very least, a limited series. Speaking of Joe Hill books, I just borrowed the first volume of Locke & Key on Comixology.

I should also note that The Low, Low Woods is the first Hill House title that we have read that is not written by Joe Hill. This actually makes me even a little bit more excited to dive into the story. I know Joe Hill is great but will the other books be just as good?


Hill wrote Locke and Key?


You’re an honest soul. I couldn’t wait & I’m not into horror. But everything we read I like so… I am into horror??? I think that’s how that sums up?


Yes sir!

Wait a second…he did a comic with some guy named Stephen King? I wonder how they met. :rofl:


I loved the Netflix show. Was so perfect. My LCS may be selling some Locke & Key to me.


Nice & lol.


Was just gonna ask if anyone has seen it yet? Sounds like I’m watching that.


I really liked it, think anyone from young teens up would enjoy.


I think horror comics are perfect, especially when you read a lot of superhero books. It is like a palette cleanser if you will. They are often just weird enough to keep you wanting more and most of the DC horror books aren’t too gory. There are some Wildstorm books from the mid-2000’s that I would love to see on DCUI like the Nightmare On Elm Street or Friday the 13th titles.

As for non-DC horror titles, I can suggest Hack/Slash. The premise is about a girl who is killing slashers, which are another form of the undead. There is humor and a love for the slasher genre. Which I am a HUGE fan of.


I’m enjoying the change of pace I get with DCUI. A little horror, some Western, tons of Vertigo. Give me more Sgt Rock and it would really balance out.


Speaking of Vertigo, I really need to read more of iZombie. That book took me by surprise by how much I enjoyed it. I really haven’t read too many Western titles but that is because my reading generally bounces back and forth from DCUI to physical to books I bought in bundles over the years.


I’ll like it if you guys/girls like it. Sounds good @darkstarz ill check that suggestion out eventually.


I even grabbed a Jonah Hex Spotlight book I need to crack open.


Jonah Hex is good & that Elseworlds Justice Riders is awesome imho…


Same page lol.