House of Horror 72 - Lobo and Demons!

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I apologize for the late posting, this past weekend was busier than I expected. Granted, I spent way too long driving to different Mcdonald’s for a pumpkin bucket but I got it! I am missing the witch bucket so if anyone has an extra one give me a shout!

This week we are going to read a Halloween special where Lobo and The Demon teamup that I somehow stumbled upon and I can’t wait to dive into it. Then we will read a Raven story written by the great Marv Wolfman.

You can check out our profile on The Demon here!

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:house_of_horror: Books to Read :house_of_horror:
Lobo/Demon: Hellowe’en 1 (1996) (rated 12+)

DC Special Raven 1-5 (2008) (rated 12+)

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about this week’s comics!

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I was somewhat underwhelmed with Lobo/The Demon. I guess the story was okay but I was hoping for something, umm, different. The art wasn’t bad but also not great. There was one page that could have definitely showed off the artist and it was just there. I might be too hard on this one but it didn’t meet my expectations.


I am slowly making my way through DC Special Raven. I have mixed feelings about it as I head into the 3rd issue.


I love every Raven solo title on here lol. The one where she’s in that house/dimension with a huge name character, I can’t recall who, is especially great. But I liked em all?!?!


Just finished the Raven story. First, the art is either amazing or just plain annoying because it is too busy. There were often times that it looked like graffiti but then other times that it looked an anime with depth. I haven’t seen a series this unbalanced from the same artist like this in a long time.

The story, with the understanding that I am not the target audience for this book, was okay. I think there was too much time wasted on the first villain and then the finale seemed rushed.


I can only find the green witch (or McGoblin) in my neck of the woods. I have a bunch of them. Do you happen to have a pumpkin or ghost to trade?? :ghost: :jack_o_lantern:


I just went to my local McDonalds and they were all out of the buckets. :frowning: I only have one of each the pumpkin and ghost.


I’ll have to read these later today! Excited about Raven but I don’t really like Lobo…


I can’t wait for your thoughts on Raven!


I just read Lobo 2014. I was saving em all. I was less then halfway…maybe halfway? Through a reading order of his. I just decided to read it yesterday & finished it today. 14 issues, not many. Art was great. Dug the storyline. I’ll probably finish that order & just fill in those spots mentally. If I can lol.


I like Lobo but I don’t naturally go to his comics. I think tonight I am gonna crack open the iZombie omnibus and see how far I can get between today and tomorrow. It is under 30 issues so it is doable to read in basically one or 2 sittings.


IZombie I did in 2 sittings & I was being lazy about it. For sure 2 days is enough lol. I never really read solo Lobos either? Then I looked & found a good one that included every one of them-& they’re all on here. So, I figured no excuses now…lol.

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I’m in the annoying camp. The story was fine, but the art made it hard for me to get through. These came out in 2008 but this felt like 2022 and it was so busy and sometimes incomprehensible what was happening on the page. There was some weird blur effect they kept using in crowd scenes and sometimes the art was just straight up pixelated. Felt like someone just learning how to use photoshop.

Also definitely felt like an old man trying to write in the voice of teenage girls… which is hard to do lol.

The Lobo/Demon story was quick and fun. I think this was my first intro to Lobo. I’d definitely get annoyed with how he talks if I read a whole series, but it was a fun spooky space story.