House of Horror 10 - Happy New Year!

Greeting horror hounds!

I hope everyone is having a great 2021. Granted, we are already a few days into the year but I can’t help but feel the hope of the new year. We have some great books to read on this entry of the House of Horror! I have decided to move House of Mystery to a once a month occasion so we can get more titles.

:books: Books to read:

SWAMP THING: NEW ROOTS (2020-) #1 (rated 12+)

SWAMP THING: NEW ROOTS (2020-) #2 (rated 12+)

HOUSE OF MYSTERY (2008-) #13 (rated 17+)

HOUSE OF MYSTERY (2008-) #14 (rated 17+)

NEW YEAR’S EVIL PROMETHEUS (1997-) #1 (rated 12+)

NEW YEAR’S EVIL (2019-) #1 (rated 15+)

:speaking_head: Topics to talk about:

  • Do you think it would be easier for Swamp Thing to stop the Sunderland Corporation if he was not a “monster”?
  • Is Swamp Thing: New Roots a good series to introduce new readers to the character?
  • Do you prefer the anthology style of House of Mystery 13 or the big story arcs that we have previously seen in House of Mystery?
  • Have you read the JLA story with Prometheus? Is this a good origin story for him?
  • What was your favorite story in New Year’s Evil?

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There are a few new horror comics hitting comic store shelves this week! We might not be reading the books right away and some of them might even be discussed in other clubs upon release. Think of this as a preview of what might be lurking in the dark corners of House of Horror.

Released 1/5/21
Released 1/12/21


Swamp Thing: New Roots is the first time I have started with the first issue for a Swamp Thing series and have been reading every issue when it is posted on DCU. I have been enjoying this series a lot, which only means that I will start reading some of the classic issues sooner than later. The thing that I really like about this series is that it every issue is self-contained while telling a bigger story. I will be looking for the Swamp Thing Giants that these stories came from.

House of Mystery 13 is kind of weird as it reverts to the original format found in the first volume of House of Mystery. Being honest, I found this to be jarring as I am used to the long story arc of this series. The stories weren’t bad but I couldn’t help but want to see Fig and the gang again. HoM 14 brings us back to the story arc and Rina is becoming a major player. The secondary story has a cartoony art style. Peter explains to Harry what is happening, which helps everything make more sense.

New Year’s Evil and New Year’s Evil: Prometheus were chosen because they share a name with a classic 80s slasher movie.
Reading New Year’s Evil: Prometheus is interesting as it begins with a scene that could have been in Natural Born Killers. Overall, this wasn’t a bad story seeing Prometheus’ origin and how he vowed to kill the Justice League. New Year’s Evil is an anthology focusing on villains. I think the Joker story was my favorite.


I absolutely must give a plug for Swamp Thing: New Roots. Mark Russell knocks it out of the park, which comes as no surprise to anyone whose read Russell. He gets Swamp Thing, he immediately sets up a viable antagonist and delivers sharp crisp stories that don’t feel weighed down by the more than 250 previous issues of Swamp Thing. Put this series on your weekly read list.


I was actually wondering about that. It seems like all of the bad guys have been established previously while feeling new. I do agree that this a great beginner Swamp Thing title. I believe I saw that this will be in a trade paperback later this year, in which case I will be making that purchase.

Did you happen to get the Swamp Thing Giants? If so, are they worth it?


Nope missed those

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I am not too familiar with Swamp Thing outside of the new 52 run but I really enjoyed New Roots. It was hard not to just plow through the next 2 issues. I like how in the first issue they show what the antagonist has planned so you know what the consequences are if they win. It amped up the worry you feel for Swamp Thing. The issue also demonstrated that they would have won pretty easily if not for someone else’s agenda.

I like how Swamp Thing’s name isn’t the same for everyone which I like since his name is kind of weird. The people call him whatever they want. Feels more organic, not so rigid.

It was a nice morality story mixed with action.

I do take issue with one thing though. Who buries someone with matches in their pockets?


What’s cool for all of this digital first, but particularly with New Roots is that they strip so much of the continuity that we love and is really interesting so anyone can jump into the story. I’ll also give a plug to Future State: Swamp Thing, it’s an A+


I have been really happy with all the digital first issues I’ve read. Harley Quinn Black white and red, injustice and Wonder Woman Agent of Peace have all been good.


I loved HOM 13 and 14. I liked the hard anthology format of 13 but the continuation of the story in 14 was great too.

The first story in 13 about the end of the world hour was fun. He just wanted someone to be there while he watched the end everyday. She just couldn’t take the commitment.

The Lace Anniversary was good. Great story of love and betrayal. Love the creepy store clerk offering the customers secret desire. Reminded me a little of ‘Needful Things’. The twist at the end was very reminiscent of the old style HOM. Seeing the pamphlet on the table made me go ‘Oh crap something isn’t right at home.

The last story was kind of a different take on the Vandal Savage origin story. I’ve always thought it would be interesting to be immortal. I’d probably waste it though.

HOM 14 was cool. We learn that Harry is the embodiment of the House, then we get to learn more about Rina and her captors, the conception. I wonder what they plan to do one they get possession of the house?


Prometheus and New Years Evil were both good.

I’ve never heard of the villain Prometheus. They did a good job of giving you the lowdown on his character, which was appreciated. The story made me think of the Mark Millar graphic novel ‘Wanted’. I liked the build-up of the characters and to find out what his plan was for the contes and the league was totally expected but it was fun meeting this new villain and learning about his past.

New year’s evil was another solid holiday anthology. Lots of good stories my favorite has to be the Chronos story, another villain I’m not familiar with but easy to figure out. He tries to “fix” his father and his first memory of his father. Second favorite was the Calendar Man story. I have a soft spot for grade B and lower villains and this one really did it for me.


There are other New Year’s Evil books in the same series as Prometheus, however, they are not on DCU at this time. There is one for Scarecrow which could have worked better as a horror comic.

I agree, the anthology was another good seasonal anthology book. I think we have read every seasonal anthology that we could for the House of Horror until the books released in 2020 are on DC Universe Infinite.