House of Horror 60 - Suicide Squad: Black Files

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I hope everyone is doing great! We are officially in spring and the rain is a pouring as I type this. It is perfect weather to curl up with a good comic. I really enjoyed our last selection so I am hoping to keep that trend going with Suicide Squad: Black Files. In the pages of this Suicide Squad title, we will revisit Gentleman Ghost, who you might remember from Gotham by Midnight’s Annual.

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Suicide Squad: Black Files 1-6 (2018) (rated 15+)

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I just finished the first issue. I like the setup. Task Force X but with magic much like Justice League Dark. I’m not familiar with most of the characters but that is the fun of Suicide Squad you never know who is going to get the axe. I didn’t know much about Katan’s soul sword but this seems to be giving a nice intro. I feel like there was a Katana Stand-alone book published recently.

I’m excited to see Karion the witch boy in this book. I’ve only ever seen him in the cartoons.

I loved Gentleman Ghost in the Annual of Gotham by Midnight. I’m still working through that series but I really liked the Annual.

I hope that everyone else is enjoying this series too!


I am on issue 4 and have mixed thoughts on this series. It is good but it feels like they had the idea for 2 Suicide Squad books and instead of doing that they just put the two together. Furthermore, Katana’s story seems to be a continuation of her previous mini series.

I will have more opinions when I finish book 6.


Right! I was real surprised when the second half of the first issue started up. Not complaining though two for the price of one. :money_mouth_face:


I forgot to mention on the original post, The Sandman Book 3 and 4 are being released this and next week! I have picked up the first two books and plan on grabbing the last two to have the full series.


Now that is some great news! More Sandman please!


They are just reprinted with the addition of the soon-to-be Netflix series on it. But the covers are nice and I have wanted to read them for a while.


My opinion on Suicide Squad: Black Files is kind of meh. I enjoyed some parts more than others.

As I have previously mentioned, this feels like 2 comics smashed into one. Katana’s story is enjoyable to some degree. It really didn’t feature too many horror or magic elements, which is a missed opportunity considering they were in Fukumaden, there were plenty of chances to show some sort of monsters or magic. Instead, it was a few pages and done. I did enjoy this as a Suicide Squad comic but not really as a horror story.

Suicide Squad Black is a cool idea. It did sort of fall flat for me in regards to a horror book. However, the idea and the question mark after “The End” on the last page shows there was intentions to have more stories with this team. In which case, I can’t really be too upset with this. It was meant as an intro to a new team and then it went no where. If Suicide Squad Black shows up elsewhere, I would like to know.

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Now that’s some good stuff. Both read and unread for me. SS black files is awesome. Just recently reread it. Loving DC vs. Vampires from the small sample I got today. All looks fantastic, thanks guys!!!

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DC vs Vampires is excellent! It isn’t DCeased in the least as it doesn’t take itself seriously. But it is a lot of fun!

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:+1: off to a great start!!!

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Not loving this one so far. I’ve just finished #4. The Katana story is pretty boring to me and totally a missed opportunity with some horror elements with her being stuck in the Fukumaden. The SSD team is fun though and I feel way more into that story.

I’m a little confused about the timelines. Are we to assume that these are happening totally separately from each other? I JUST caught on that Enchantress is part of the regular Suicide Squad and Suicide Squad Dark, so they can’t be happening at the same time right? I kind of thought since these books were smashed together that somehow they would tie in with each other, and that’s sort of happening by the end of the 4th issue.


I think we can place her under the Batman or Wolverine rule. She is able to be in multiple places and stories at the same time.

I enjoyed this for what it was but overall, a lot of it was meh. Maybe because I was expecting more of a “dark” story and not just some weird superhero story with Katana that had a chance to go full on “dark”.