WildStorm Universe and House of Horror TV 2.5 - Army of Darkness!

:house_of_horror: Greetings Horror Hounds! :wildstorm_universe:

WildStorm Universe and House of Horror have teamed up to bring this special edition of House of Horror TV! This will run through the rest of the month of October alongside the second half of the first season of iZombie and whatever is coming up next week!

To celebrate the brand-new series DC Horror Presents Sgt. Rock vs Army of Darkness is written by none other than the great Bruce Campbell! If you haven’t picked up a copy, after you watch of few movies, run to your local comic shop and grab yourself one!

You might be wondering why WildStorm Universe is joining in the Army of Darkness fun. I mean, it is Ash and his broomstick against the Army of Darkness, I can’t blame them for wanting to join. However, back in 2007 WildStorm teamed up with Dynamite to bring the world Freddy vs Jason vs Ash.

This was followed by the 2009 sequel Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors.

At the time of this writing, we can only hope these comics will be a part of the DC Universe Infinite Ultra library.

Normally, we watch tv series but instead we are going to watch all of the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness movies! You can choose to watch one or all of them!

These movies are rated R so please keep that in mind when making your decision to watch the movies. Also, I should note streaming availability for some of these movies is non-existent but are available on DVD or Blu-Ray.

:wildstorm_universe: Movies to Watch :house_of_horror:
Evil Dead (1983)

Evil Dead 2 (1987)

Army of Darkness (1993)

Evil Dead (2013)


Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on Evil Dead and Army of Darkness!

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Check it out @TheWildstormUniverse, its Ash!

I picked up Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash #1 the day it came out.

I was never into Freddy Krueger or Jason, but I LOVE Ash, so the book was a must-read for me.

Too bad that #1 sucked, and I then dropped the title from my pull list.

I forgot about this:

I might have to dig around in my store’s dollar bins and see if they have something from that one. For a cool buck, it’d be worth the effort.

The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Evil Dead are all fine, fine movies.

Meanwhile, Army of Darkness is a cinematic tour-de-force worthy of Hitchcock, Demy, Spielberg, Bigelow, Jackson, Nolan, Jenkins and beyond. It IS the best of the Evil Dead franchise, and that’s saying something, because what came before and after are also great in their own right…they’re just nowhere near as quotable and fun as AOD.

Sgt. Rock vs. the Army of the Dead. :wink:

I liked #1. It was fun and to the point, and I could hear Campbell’s voice whenever Rock spoke.

I don’t know how soon I’ll continue with the book though, as between Superman, WildStorm and New Golden Age books, I’ve a decent amount of higher priority reads to focus on ATM and in the coming months, but I imagine I’ll scope out all of Rock’s latest adventure at some point.

I might watch Army of Darkness now, just so long as no football games I’m interested in are on.


I love Bruce Campbell in all the Evil Dead properties. Army of Darkness is the best and I really enjoyed the Ash Vs. Evil Dead series.

This cover was also very fun.


I’ve found most of the Army of Darkness comics to be very hit or miss for me.


I have to agree. The movies on the other hand…

I still need to finish that series. I actually bought it a while back but then another series get in the way, such as Star Trek and Stargate and American Horror Stories at this current moment.


I watched most of the first two seasons of Ash vs the Evil Dead series when my friend lent me his Starz account password, but it stopped working for whatever reason and I never made it back. I think it’s on Netflix. I should really finish it out one of these days, but there’s never enough time.


Those are the truest words ever said.


To quote Dr. Tolian Soran (the main villain of Star Trek: Generations, for any unaware):

“They say time is the fire in which we burn.”

Now, I don’t agree with that, but yeah, there’s never enough time, especially for things relating to S-mart’s all-time best employee that isn’t played by Ted Raimi.

SN: Dr. Soran is on-topic for a DC discussion, as DC did publish (among their many Star Trek titles) an adaptation of Generations in conjunction with its theatrical debut. The more you know. :stars: :superman_hv_4:

Oh man, Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness. That was a book.

When my BFF and I were standing in line for a midnight sneak preview of Spider-Man 3 in 2007, my bud and I overheard another fan talking about it, and after we politely eased our way into the conversation, we all ended up yammering about it (and Evil Dead in general) until our theater was ready for seating.

Good times.


tiptoes in

Just going to put these fine products on the 'ol HoH mantle:

From the fine folks at McFarlane Toys (producers of the best-selling DC Multiverse line), and circa 2001/2002.

Its worth noting that McFarlane also made Freddy Krueger and Jason items in their Movie Maniacs line, but…I like Ash the best, so he gets the spotlight. For now. :slight_smile:


I used to have this action figure along with Leatherface, Freddy, and Jason, and there was another that I had but can’t remember.


I was working at Toys R Us when that series of Movie Maniacs (which also had a King Kong box set) came out in the fall of 2000.

As an employee who worked in the stockroom, I may have yoinked my 7-inch Ash (which I sold years and years ago) from a sealed case as it literally came off the truck.



I have watched Evil Dead today and Evil Dead 2 is next up in my movie marathon.

Evil Dead was actually banned in the UK! In the 80s and 90s there were weird censorship laws for Video Nasties and this was one of those flicks. Compared to Cannibal Holocaust, another movie on the banned list, this is pretty tame. Granted, there is a lot of fake blood and gory violence.

Another neat little factoid about The Evil Dead is that the car used in this movie has been in every one of Sam Raimi’s movies, including the new Doctor Strange movie that I still haven’t seen.

Admittedly, I don’t revisit this franchise too often. Being honest, I often forget about it, even with the Blu-ray discs staring at me every day from my shelf. However, whenever I do watch The Evil Dead, I can’t help but think back to New Year’s Eve 1999/2000, the first time I have seen this movie. I was at my friend’s house for a party and waiting for it to get a little later in the night before we began to really party, extremely innocent partying, I promise - even if it was a high school party with an ample group of people. Anyway, that tree scene and the woman, you know the scene if you have seen this movie, we all laughed at the ridiculousness of it. That poor VHS was rewound probably 10 times so we can see it over and over and over again, laughing at it. Once again, let me stress this was a high school with an immature group of close friends both male and female. We were hyped from that scene on to watch the rest of the movie. What we got was a fun horror movie that dealt with possession almost at levels seen in The Exorcist but not nearly as serious.

Bruce Campbell is the real star here, with the gory effects as a close second. Watching this movie, it is interesting to see a young Campbell. His voice unsure and not as rough as what will become his trademark tone that is later heard in Army of Darkness.

This will always be my favorite movie in the franchise, even with the rumored Evil Dead 4 that my friend was telling me about last night. This movie hits the perfect tone, humor, and gore for me. Whelp, I am about to start Evil Dead 2, my least favorite of the franchise.


The Evil Dead is a masterpiece, Evil Dead 2 is good but not nearly on the same level. Bruce Campbell shines as he fights his hand. His facial expressions are amazing throughout the entire movie. Still, I often feel like Evil Dead 2 is a rehash of the first movie. It often feels like the first movie never happened as the story unfolds in Evil Dead 2.

This movie does have a higher budget and it is to great use with claymation and better special effects and make-up. Another thing this movie does is help build Ash for the Army of Darkness. His famous snarky one-liners can be heard in this movie. His over-the-top delivery of almost every line, movement, and expression are amazing.

Up next is The Army of Darkness!


Where The Evil Dead was serious with moments of humor Army of Darkness is more comedy with moments of great horror sprinkled throughout. I mean, this is a horror movie but it never takes itself too seriously.

Watching The Evil Dead trilogy back to back is an entertaining exercise that I haven’t done in a long, long time. One of the greatest joys of this movie is to see Bruce Campbell evolve as Ashley Williams. It makes me wonder how much of the real Bruce Campbell we see in Army of Darkness. For one, he is at his most comfortable playing the lead who gets the girl with a snarky remark or one-liner waiting to be said whenever he opens his mouth.

This is also a huge departure from the first 2 movies in the trilogy. Taking place in a medieval time, lending itself to hard fantasy with a modern twist. The hero carries a boomstick and has a metal hand ready to fight evil at every corner. In many ways, this movie jumps the shark in the same way Jason X took Jason to space. The setting is great and different and makes sense following Evil Dead 2 but it is weird. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 weird, however, this works a lot better than TMNT 3 did.

A huge reason this works is Sam Raimi’s ever-mindful eye for detail. Small things like the battle of Ash vs the army of mini Ash work so well because of the unusual surroundings, and Bruce Campbell is just amazing.

Evil Dead 2 had great claymation but it was just the beginning because this movie went above and beyond in special effects. The Deadite army looked great! Everything about this movie looks great. I would be lying if I said Sam Raimi doesn’t use his budget to its fullest potential.


Be honest: Don’t most movies (be they the third in a series or otherwise) work better than TMNT III did?

When the last movie featured Vanilla Ice and completely outshone your movie, you know the franchise is in a tight spot.

Now, that said, I would love to see Ash and Vanilla Ice in a team-up. Maybe call it…“Army of Darkness: Ice, Ice, Baby!”? :man_shrugging:t2:


Awesome stuff both of u!!! U definitely shopped S-MART.


Thank you, kind sir. Glad you’ve enjoyed it!

tugs on the Employee of the Month pin on his S-mart smock

@D4RK5TARZ also has one of these, as Mr. Raimi (the store manager) was kind-enough to give both of us the Employee of the Month recognition.


Did u ever (@D4RK5TARZ u too) watch Ash vs Evil Dead? I loved it, & it just kinda slowly disappeared. Then it’d come back. Then gone again, then just gone? I thought it was great!?!? Right b4 all the streaming went nuts too or I bet it would’ve been picked up?


As it debuted on Starz I did.

While I really wanted to like the show, I ultimately lost interest, especially after it was said that Army of Darkness wasn’t part of the continuity.

No Army of Darkness=no sale.

I’m willing to give it another go. No matter what the established continuity is however, Army of Darkness will be a part of Ash vs. The Evil Dead, in my four eyes.


Haha nice!!! I also watched as it debuted on Starz. I don’t even have that or Showtime anymore. Then it went somewhere else? I can’t remember? Then it came back to Starz then didn’t come back anywhere?