House of Horror 64: ANNATAZ

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It is officially summer!!! If you weren’t sure of that, just step outside and let that wall of heat hit you. Or you could stay inside and read some comics. That is what I am opting to do.

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For this week’s reading @LaserPuff and I have decided to read about everyone’s favorite backward-speaking magician, Zatanna! Oddly, this is the only Zatanna series that is complete on DCUI. We were teased with the first issue from an earlier series being added to the DCUI library but that was all we got. Seriously, what is up with that?

This series is written by fan-favorite creator Paul Dini. He knows his way around the DC Universe and has given the world Harley Quinn. He has also worked on the Claypool Comics Elvira Mistress of the Dark comics that debuted in 1993. However, Zatanna might be a little closer to his heart as his wife, Misty Lee, is a magician.

:magic_wand: Books To Read :magic_wand:
Zatanna 1 (2010) (rated 12+)

Zatanna 2 (2010) (rated 12+)

Zatanna 3 (2010) (rated 12+)

Zatanna 4 (2010) (rated 12+)

Zatanna 5 (2010) (rated 12+)

Zatanna 6 (2010) (rated 12+)

Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about Zatanna!

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I mean, it makes sense, considering he’s basically writing adventures about his wife.

It’s been a while since I read this series, so it should be fun to go back to it. :smiley:


This was not the first time Dini found inspiration in Misty Lee for one of his comics.

There is the lesser-known Madame Mirage released by Top Cow. I was lucky enough to find a TPB at my comic shop and snagged that faster than you can say “Abracadabra”. Sadly, Madame Mirage is not a magician.

Edit: Adding thoughts on Zatanna issues 1-6

Issues 1-3 is a single story and what a story!

Right off the bat, we were deep into the world of mystical horror and I am here for all of it! This is the first time I have read a Zatanna comic. This is one of those series that I always said I would get around to and then kept getting pushed back. Well, here I am and I couldn’t be happier.

The first arc introduces Zatanna’s world and the seedy villains that inhabit it. Brother Night is the first time I have seen a Charles Manson proxy in a DC comic. I might be wrong but this guy definitely had Manson vibes. The cult leader was responsible for 13 murders in San Francisco. Adding his origin taking place in the 1960s was a nice touch. As the story moved along, I was not expecting the use of Zatara. Nor was I expecting that to tie into Reign In Hell, which we read back in May of this year. While I didn’t particularly dig that comic it did have its moments and Zatara did play a pretty big role in the story. Let me say that when @LaserPuff and I picked these books and the order we have read them in, I never expected things to work out as they did.

Issues 4-6
This is the story arc of the series and was also enjoyable. I liked how Zatanna was fighting the demon of greed with her cousin. There isn’t too much to say about this story. It was enjoyable and the art was what I have come to expect from this series.


She also served as the model for the titular character in Top Cow’s Madame Mirage, which was by Dini and a very fun read.

At least it was in 2007, when it debuted. I haven’t read the series since it ended, but it was fun at the time.

EDIT: Yeah, I should have read @D4RK5TARZ’s post before I replied. :joy: Oh well. Madame Mirage is worth the extra emphasis.:slight_smile:


I have read that series earlier this year and it was still fun!


Somehow I missed Madame Mirage when it came out.

I loved Paul Dini’s other creator owned series Jingle Belle, but MM fell through my reading cracks.

Gonna have to seek it out.


I will automatically subscribe to a continuation of Paul Dini’s Zatanna run.


Was really looking forward to refrigerator, & all of the drops. Not a single one works. Hopefully their aware & fixing it? I posted on last weeks thread , cuz today’s wasn’t up. But, the comics are, & u can’t read em’. O-16 on today’s drops. Basically just pictures teasing us lol. Zatanna, I’m pretty sure I’ve said enough about my #1 character?!?! But, I’ll reread & discuss. Give me an excuse to read one of the few comics I actually own. Ty DC for that. Got it for free thanks to this beautiful site!!! Keep forgetting, literally for over a week everyday, to go to comic shop & get a box :package:. I’ve got a book full of DC stickers just waiting for it too…

yM eovL….!!!


I suppose I should re-read it, given this year is the 15th anniversary.

Decisions, snoisiced.


This series was fantastic! I loved everything about it. I like how it shows her burning the candle at both ends fighting the forces of evil and doing her shows.

Most of my knowledge of Zatana is from JLD and the cartoons. In those settings she always seems to be a secondary hero. In this series she really shines and shows all her wit and strength as a magician.

I enjoyed the villains of the story real heinous characters. Brother Night was a real match for Zatana but he didn’t like getting his hand dirty which was his downfall.

The next set of issues was great too. If I have ever learned anything, deals with the Devil always work in your favor. This was a lot of fun, I had never met Zatana’s cousin before. I really liked the dynamic of their relationship.

Real solid books, I may have to read the rest of these issues sooner than later.


This has to be our best selection of the year, (sorry Elvira)


No apologizing necessary lol. I even did a what’s your spirit animal test on here that someone created a thread. I got Sloth lol . Then read Zatanna &…

She’s totally cool with it. As long as I don’t pee on the carpet.


I tend to gravitate towards slower animals, turtles, sloths, tortoises, chubby cats.


Idk what my answers could’ve possibly been to achieve that status. But, can’t be good lol.