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I hope everyone is enjoying the Pride celebration happening in many corners of the DC Community. We won’t have a new topic for next week as we are covering A LOT of books, even more than normal. The good news is you can read at your own pace. Before we dive into what we are reading @LaserPuff and I would like to give a big welcome to the newest residents of House of Horror! @mistressofthedark, @superboy1980, and @IamcoolYT! Please make yourselves comfortable but I wouldn’t get too close to any spellbooks or that pack of cigarettes in the corner. While the House of Horror is smoke-free, I wouldn’t want to be the one to get between John Constantine and his coffin nails.

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We are finally jumping into the world of John Constantine! We have seen him in various books like Justice League Dark and the Witching Hour but we have never focused on him. As Constantine is one of the bigger characters that reside in the dark corner of DC horror comics House of Horror is taking a deep dive. From his first appearance in Swamp Thing to his legendary Vertigo series, there is a lot of ground to cover. We are only scratching the surface with New 52’s Constantine books 1-6. The first issue of this series is FREE for non-DC Universe Infinite subscribers so you can still join in the conversation!!!

If those 6 books weren’t enough for you we also have the full 12 issue series of John Constantine: Hellblazer. This is the first time House of Horror has entered the Sandman Universe and I can’t wait to crack open that digital comic to see what mystical and horrific things we will find.

:house_of_horror: Books to Read :house_of_horror:

Constantine 1 (2013) (rated 15+)

Constantine 2 (2013) (rated 15+)

Constantine 3 (2013) (rated 15+)

Constantine 4 (2013) (rated 15+)

Constantine 5 (2013) (rated 15+)

Constantine 6 (2013) (rated 15+)

John Constantine: Hellblazer 1 (2019) (rated 17+)

John Constantine: Hellblazer 2 (2019) (rated 17+)

John Constantine: Hellblazer 3 (2019) (rated 17+)

John Constantine: Hellblazer 4 (2019) (rated 17+)

John Constantine: Hellblazer 5 (2019) (rated 17+)

John Constantine: Hellblazer 6 (2019) (rated 17+)

John Constantine: Hellblazer 7 (2019) (rated 17+)

John Constantine: Hellblazer 8 (2019) (rated 17+)

John Constantine: Hellblazer 9 (2019) (rated 17+)

John Constantine: Hellblazer 10 (2019) (rated 17+)

John Constantine: Hellblazer 11 (2019) (rated 17+)

John Constantine: Hellblazer 12 (2019) (rated 17+)

Yes, yes, I know. There are a lot of books to read. While this is the most ambitious reading list House of Horror has ever done, I would like to remind everyone that you don’t need to read everything.

If you do want to read more on John Constantine let me direct you to DC History Club. @msgtv and @TurokSonOfStone1950 took a deep dive on John Constantine’s history!

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:00_dc_pride: Don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the books? Did you like the New 52 Constantine series? Have you read any of the other Sandman Universe books? Which one was your favorite? Did you like John Constantine: Hellblazer?

A few new horror comics are hitting comic store shelves this week! We might not be reading the books right away and some of them might even be discussed in other clubs upon release. Think of this as a preview of what might be lurking in the dark corners of House of Horror.

Released 6/22

Released 6/29

New to DCUI 6/22: please note these are subject to change


New to DCUI 6/29: please note these are subject to change

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Tricky, @darkstarz, I see what you did there, Lol! I would agree, he obviously looks the most like John, :wink: but I’ll keep my vote since Gordo never actually played him, sadly. It would have been fun to see a film version in the early 90’s with Sting as Constantine.


Personally, I think Gordy made a good life decision to change his name to Sting. I threw Sting into the mix as he was the visual inspiration for John Constantine.


Love the recent Hellblazer series! A shame it only got 13 issues. It was clear Spurrier, Campbell, etc. all had a lot more ideas to explore.


I loved it too!!! Also wish there was more too. I got a ton of (idk what vol, I could check but I don’t wanna move lol) issues on the one I’m reading that I began b4 joining this club. It’s the Hellblazer with like 300+ issues, that one. One of the coolest names for a character imho “Papa Midnight”.

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He has shown up in at least 3 Constantine/Hellblazer series. He was in the New 52 and Rebirth books along with the original series that you are reading.

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Oh yeah I know him ultra well. I love him. Talk about pranking your buddy. They do the most hardcore pranks possible lol.

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Just finished the first trade paperback of the New 52 Constantine series. As this is the first time I have read anything from this series, even if I had the book sitting on my shelf for months, I have really enjoyed the story. There are some pieces that I am not exactly sure how they fit but that is half of the fun. It was also cool to see Zatanna show up, even if it was for one book.

Has anyone else read New 52 Constatine? If so, did you like it?

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I loved it,big surprise right? lol…

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I remember hearing not so great things about it so I wasn’t sure what to think.

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I went in blind & it just kept getting better as I read.

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I agree, it definitely gets better as the story progresses. I have a few other books I need to read before I return to that series but I will be returning to it. One of titles is the other Constantine book listed above.

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Nice :+1: it’s very good. Mansion I mean imho.

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Pride_Profile_John Constantine

:00_dc_pride:Pride Profile: John Constantine. This popular character needs no introduction, but we’re giving him one anyway. Created by Alan Moore for Swamp Thing #37 because Steve Bissette and John Totleben wanted to draw Sting, Constantine is a chain smoking working class con artist, manipulator, and magician who has saved the DCU more times than your average magical hero. With the creation of the Vertigo imprint, Constantine’s Hellblazer became one of its centerpieces running for three hundred issues. Adding to that are starring turns in subsequent comic series, a movie, appearances on five different television shows, multiple animated projects and more to come. For a man who likes to present himself as uncaring and cynical, Constantine sure seems to fall hard in love a lot. From Desmond in the Arrowverse to Zatanna in the DCU, Constantine cares more than he would like to admit.


Justice League Dark

Swamp Thing #37

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This is incorrect, you must read everything or the circle of power will be disrupted and you’ll be responsible for the unleashing of horrible demons upon the world. These aren’t the good kind demons either. They won’t torture you with bloodletting or sucking your soul out with a straw type. They will make you listen to baby shark and watch VeggieTales cartoons.


I’ve been reading the Sandman Hellblazer. I really like it. The stories are unpredictable, the characters are over the top and yet relatable in their tragedies. The art is dark and grimy and a little otherworldly at times.

There a a couple of stand out stories in these books. I just finished issues 7 & 8 it was so bizarre, disturbing and sad. It centers around a fisherman that Constantine is investigating and it takes some real turns as he discovers the awful things the fisherman has been up to.

This story makes you think about greed and conservative and the lengths some go to be successful.

The end is totally worth the read.


Saving it til I finish his previous stuff. Idk if I can hold out tho? I REALLY wanna read that one- but, the one I’m on now has like 340+ issues lol. I might have to just read the new stuff than read the older stuff concurrently. It works, I’m sure everyone here has done it at some point. U still get the easter eggs, just in reverse…


Nope, haven’t read the original Hellblazer series. I’ve every intention to read it at some point soon though.

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