House of Horror 32 - Spectre!

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After last week’s detour into science fiction, we are finding ourselves in familiar territory. Before we get into our reading selections @LaserPuff and I would like to welcome our newest member @Daffern! Please make yourself comfortable but make sure to keep clear of the goblins.

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We are going to take a deeper look into The Spectre this week. This won’t be the first time we have read a story or two featuring The Spectre but it will be the first time we take a deep dive into Tales of the Unexpected. Written by Brian Azzarello with pencils by Cliff Chiang, this is a great title for fans of New 52 era Wonder Woman.

:house_of_horror: Books to Read :house_of_horror:
Tales of the Unexpected 1 (2006) (rated 12+)

Tales of the Unexpected 2 (2006) (rated 12+)

Tales of the Unexpected 3 (2006) (rated 12+)

Tales of the Unexpected 4 (2006) (rated 12+)

Tales of the Unexpected 5 (2006) (rated 12+)

Tales of the Unexpected 6 (2006) (rated 12+)

Tales of the Unexpected 7 (2006) (rated 12+)

Tales of the Unexpected 8 (2006) (rated 12+)

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A few new horror comics are hitting comic store shelves this week! We might not be reading the books right away and some of them might even be discussed in other clubs upon release. Think of this as a preview of what might be lurking in the dark corners of House of Horror.

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This is my first time reading these books. I dont remember reading any Crispus Allen Spectre before. Definitely a lot of disturbing material in here. The Spectre is a lot more violent here than I am used to from the Jim Corrigan version in the JSA. It does makes sense that the Spirit of Vengeance would kill.


I’m glad you’re delving into my boy @darkstarz. I haven’t read any of the “Tales of the Unexpected.” Hopefully, I can find a moment to read them, with my new job, I’m discovering that I have to get use to a schedule with less free time. :laughing:


PS: @scoop001, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I really dig your Snoopy Avatar! I’ve always been a huge Snoopy and Peanuts fan, since I was a kid. My favorite stuffed animal as a child was a Snoopy. I carried him with me everywhere. The poor thing looked more like his brother Spike, with all the stuffing out of him. :laughing:


Thanks! Snoopy is a fav of mine. And your Spectre is very cool.


This is my first time reading these books as well! I am excited to dive into a different Spectre. We have seen Jim Corrigan and Hal Jordan appearance in HoH but never Crispus Allen.

I can relate to this all too well. When you find that free time, it is amazing!


These look great (Spectre ones) I’d have to go Villains United in the reading order that includes Blight for favorite Spectre storyline so far. He’s in a ton I love tho, just don’t wanna Google as always lol.


Finished the first issue. I enjoyed it, we meet the new host, or whatever he is considered, of the Spectre. Crispus Allen is a hard boiled detective ghost who wants to solve crimes but do it in a ghostly manner. The spectre has different ideas a Crispus’s rage gets the better of him while investigating the murder of a slumlord. Vengeance is brought down on a tenant of the building in glorious fashion. What will come of this new match made in… well, Gotham.


I am about to wrap up issue 3. I came for The Spectre but am definitely staying for Dr. 13’s backup story. This is a weird love letter to the silver age of comics and I am here for all of it.

My first take when I saw the Nazi gorillas was, well, “Hey! There are some Nazi gorillas!” Then I remembered back in April that the DC History Club had a whole month dedicated to primates in DC Comics. This is when @KookieSuperApe posted this excellent Weird War cover.
On top of bringing back Andrew Bennett, Anthro, Captain Fear, and many others, Azzarello and Chiang brought back the Nazi gorillas from a series that isn’t popular in the least. (I have checked, Weird War Tales is not yet on DCUI:sob:)

Thank you @msgtv and @TurokSonOfStone1950 for featuring such a ridiculous topic that has helped me appreciate comics even more.


I love the Dr. 13 backup stories. So bizarre, so much denial. Haunted tank has also made an appearance.


Finished all 8 books!

The Spectre story was excellent. The inner battle of Crispus Allen was riveting. The way he would kill people was entertaining, in a horror movie kind of way. I haven’t read Infinite Crisis in forever, at least in over a decade. Cris Allen debuted as Spectre in Infinite Crisis 4, for those that want to read more of this Spectre. I wouldn’t be surprised to see many panels from this comic appear on Panel-A-Day topic.

Dr 13 was an entertaining read, through and through. It was silly, retro, and fun. There were horror elements but leaned more into comedy. By the end of the story, I was hopeful that Team 13 became an actual comic but the only other appearance I could find was in Booster Gold 3.


Haven’t read the Spectre story before, but I did read the Doctor 13 story when it was released as a seperate trade, and it is GREAT. From a writer who’s mostly known for gritty crime stories, it’s amazing how Brian Azzarello can do straight humor.


It was weird, the Team 13 story started really serious, and then as it progressed it became sillier and sillier.


And as I recall, the villains end up basically being the 52 writers: Geoff Johns, Mark Waid, Greg Rucka and Grant Morrison.


Okay, I just downloaded the first issue, expecting to be mostly into rereading the Doctor 13 story, but David Lapham wrote this? Stray Bullets David Lapham?


That Spectre story is definitely worth your attention! Tales of the Unexpected is one of those rare titles that features 2 stories and they are both great reads.


I liked where it went. It spoke to the unusual characters that get ignored or erased. It was fun that the characters ended up fighting with the writers for their existence. I enjoyed the characters. My only complaint is the dialogue, it was difficult to read several of the characters. It adds a lot of color to the characters but it was a little over the top.