House of Horror 59 - Gotham by Midnight

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Our last horror entry has been a while since House of Crime took over at the beginning of April. I am glad to say we are getting back on track with this selection. @LaserPuff and I have been hard at work and have even planned our read list for most of the year.

We are going to read Gotham by Midnight! We couldn’t think of a better way to get prepared for The Batman on HBOMax than this title. Granted, Batman isn’t the main character in this series. Instead, we are going to catch up with a House of Horror favorite, Jim Corrigan, a host of The Spectre!

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Gotham by Midnight 1-13 + Annual 1 - Rated 15+

Don’t forget to tell us what you thought of Gotham by Midnight!

If you want to read more of the horrors that take place in Gotham City you are in luck! House of Horror has joined forces with Harley’s Crew, World of Bats, and Obscurity of DC Club to bring you Fear State! This is a huge Batman event that is sure to strike fear down your spine.

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:house_of_horror: New Collected Editions Released 4/26/2022 :house_of_horror:

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I am planning on reading Gotham by Midnight Friday or Sunday. I keep staring at the covers of this series and I can’t help but be excited about this series.

I love everything about this image.


I need to do the same. I started it twice. Got like 5 issues in. It’s great, Just one of those things. Like when u try to watch a movie multiple times & always fail to complete it. Then u have to wait forever cuz you’ve seen the same part only, multiple times lol. I hate that.


That usually happens to me when life gets in the way. Which seems to happen a bit now a days.


Exact same….


I’m hooked from issue one. The art is so incredibly creepy. The writing and pacing is on point. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

I loved the end of the first issue when they are jumping between scenes and using color so beautifully.

This page was so spooky to me


Same, these covers are so cool :batparrot:


Right? I just love that image of The Spectre coming out of Corrigan’s mouth.

Spooky and breathtaking!


I have enjoyed all of The Spectre stories that we have read in HoH but I think this might be my favorite. The first half of the series has an X-Files vibe to it. The art is great as @thisiscourt has mentioned. The concept of Jim Gordon creating a secret division inside of GCPD is pretty great. If any city needs one of these, Gotham City fits the bill. While the first half creates a new world inside of a city most comic readers are familiar with, the second half deconstructs it.

To say things are complicated, that is an understatement. The second half follows what is happening in the Batman comics, Gordon is no longer commissioner, things aren’t working out too well for our team of GCPD misfit cops. Jim Corrigan’s inner battle with The Spectre is a thing to behold.

Another thing the second half of the series brought us was an artist change. It was jarring at first because I thought the art style in the first 5 issues fit the tone of the story perfectly. After reading a few issues, I was fully on board with the new artist.

There were moments that reminded me of Sejic’s best work on Witchblade.

Back to the story, the last few issues were amazing. By time the last issue wrapped up, I didn’t feel like there were loose ends or that things were rushed. Sure, I would have loved to continue exploring this side of Gotham City but it isn’t needed.


Definitely getting back to reading this one after that review. Similar tastes & (unlike me) u don’t talk em up much unless there deserving!!! I’ve tried it twice. Both times it was an attempt to read one last thing b4 I was finished for the day. Got maybe 3-9 & that number could be 3 or 11? I know I didn’t get far tho, absolutely not past #10. Really good too. Just a victim of circumstance. Every time I went to read it I got interrupted by life. Perfect time to get on it. I WILL read it. I’ve read everything available on here in the horror club. Not a brag, (not so sure that would even ‘be’ a brag lol) just letting u know I do read & follow everything. I just need to comment more. My point is u & @LaserPuff do a great job with this, & I just wanted u to know it’s appreciated- & I thoroughly enjoy it!!!


I think you will like it. This isn’t your normal Gotham story. Honestly, it could have been anywhere in the DC Universe but Gotham just feels right.

I am also a big fan of The Spectre and try to only read his stories here so I can spread them out of time.

Your words are very gracious. I don’t want to speak for @LaserPuff but thank you. We do try to find some obscure titles, for the better or worse, we have definitely stumbled upon some real stinkers. With that aid, we have definitely found a lot of gems!


For sure!!! Which is why I use u as a reference “if” u talk something up, I know I’ll like it. Because, I haven’t read anything from this club I didn’t like or love lol. That Zatanna special was the ultimate chefs kiss mmmwwhhoa!!! :green_heart::white_heart::heart::it:…looking forward to hopefully some more of those- but I would’ve, embarrassingly, forgotten all about that one. Plus I’d never read it in anything that could be considered an order haha. Appreciate it, keep up the great work!!


Just finished this up and it’s definitely one of my favorite series we’ve read in this group. I love that it was a kind of JLD situation but with GCPD. I want to see this as a tv show! It would fill the X-Files shaped hole in my heart.

It also weirdly coincided with where I am in my Batman New 52 read. Jim Gordon is currently acting as Batman, it was kind of fun to see him show up here.

I feel exactly the same. The art for the first 5 issues was so perfect for the story, but then I fell in love with the art for the rest of the story once I got into it. I loved how this artist depicted when Spectre was just about to emerge from Jim’s body - that spooky green skeleton. I also feel like the Spectre was actually scary in this series, way more than the other stories I’ve read (which is not much).

Also that car chase scene was so well executed. It felt like I could follow every move, and that is not always the case.

Thank you for finding this series for me @D4RK5TARZ @LaserPuff!


I think you are right about that. Maybe the series with Crispus Allen as the host would qualify, in a Freddy Krueger kind of way. The artists definitely helped that scary vibe in GBM.

I am so glad that you liked this one.

If only DCUI had the X-Files comics that were released by Wildstorm in the mid-2000s. I have the TPB and it is pretty good. Not as enjoyable as this story but still a lot of fun.


@D4RK5TARZ @thisiscourt I was just on my way to the digital request thread anyway! I’ll drop these off! :alien::green_heart:



Went to read it & it was lying to me. Had em all but 3 as unread. Went thru everyone & one by one it’d load up & straight to last page. B/C I read it b4 :triumph: hate those teasers.


Gotham by Midnight is a solid read. I haven’t read it since it came out, but I remember liking it quite a bit, back then.

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