UPDATE! 🏬 Put Your Favorite Local Comic Shop On the Map! 🏬

2020 has come and gone, it was quite a year to say the least. We’ve all experienced ups and downs, ins and outs, failures and triumphs. The one constant in our lives through all of this change has been our love of DC Comic books.

We want 2021 to be a year of looking to the future, so we’ve decided to bring back our Retail Spotlight! :batparrot:

Many places are still in lockdown, but there are also still many shops that are offering curbside pickup and delivery. We want to showcase local retailers that have gone above and beyond to serve their customers and community through this hard time.

Please let us know which retailers near you we should shine a light on and add their amazing shops to the map!

:speech_balloon: Do you have a favorite retailer for comic books? A go-to restaurant or café that loves all things DC? We’re collecting shops and establishments from all over the United States in our Retailer Spotlight.

Recommend your favorite comic shop below below for a chance to have them added to the map!:world_map:

Example :
Name : Phantom of the Attic Comics
Address : 411 S Craig St. 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Why you love it : I love this place, always a great selection to choose from. A great place to talk nerdy!

And for a broader look of comic shops open in 2021, check out our searchable database here!

Breaking News: DC has announced its return to Comic Book Stores on Tuesday, April 28
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Name : Wade’s Comic Madness
Address : 8750 New Falls Rd., Levittown PA 19054
Why you love it : Even though I recently moved, Wade’s will always hold a special place in my heart for its amazing selection, great promotions and knowledgeable staff. I was able to grab a lot of my favorite books from there over the years, and I can only hope that I’ll be able to find another comic shop half as good as Wade’s in my new digs


Name: Tates Comics

Address: 801 N congress Ave Boynton Beach, FL

Why I love them: They are close to home, and its employees are good people who will actually talk to you about the latest and greatest in geekdom. A very comfortable environment for comic book fans.


I absolutely love this idea, @Barrys.Better.Half (and mentioned this little slice of heaven before in another thread: Shout Out To Your Home Comic Book Store)!

Name: Mavericks Cards and Comics :heart:

Address: 2312 E Dorothy Ln, Kettering, OH 45420

Why you love it: Both of our dads grew up on this store and shared it with us as kids. The photos don’t do it justice. That comic book smell and the sheer amount of collectibles and books is breathtaking!



Name: Comics Toons N’ Toys
Address: 13542 Newport Ave, Tustin, CA 92780
Why you love it: Because they are welcoming, knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic, give great recommendations, are willing to help with whatever you’re looking for, have cool signing events from creators, and they take the time to get to know their customers! Going there feels like visiting friends.


Name Hartville Marketplace & Flea Market.
Address 1289 Edison St NW, Hartville, Ohio. 44632.
Why I Love It The 1st place I ever bought a comic. Comics from every age cheaply priced. Inside & outside shops with almost anything u could want. Occasional celebrity appearances. Famous Amish homemade cooking brings people from other states nonstop. Apologize for the picture. It was the only way it would allow me to get it. The pic doesn’t do the scale justice. It’s about half of it w/o the inside building showing.


:sob:My favorite comic shop went out of business for over 20 years! It was called Aces High Comic store.


Name : A-1 Comics
Address : 818 Sunrise Ave, Roseville, CA 95661
Why you love it : After the previous store I had gone to for years closed down, I needed to find a new place to get my comics. So used to Google to find the closest store to me and tried it out. Employees are really nice and made me feel right at home, always willing to make recommendations and talk a while as I browse. I miss the comfortable atmosphere of Metropolis Comix, but A-1’s pretty solid.


Name: My Parents’ Basement
Address: 22 N Avondale Rd, Avondale Estates, GA 30002
Why I love it: It’s bar/comic book shop, and it has pinball!


Thanks so much for helping us get this started, y’all! All of your entries have been added to the map!

:green_heart: :green_heart:


Awesome! Thank you @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell! Mavericks has always been on our map, it’s exciting to see it added to everyone else’s now too. :round_pushpin:


Portals Games and Comics
415A E Dover St
Easton, MD 21601

Such an amazing Games and Comic store with knowledgeable and friendly staff!


901 Comics

2162 Young Ave.
Memphis, Tennessee 38104

I live in Missouri, but we drive 4 hrs to go to this place! Great owners who know their stuff. They bring in celebrities like Gerry Conway, Mike McKone, Ty Tyson, and others.
They have vintage and new stock. They display renowned artists and local aspiring artists. Love the community. Great people, awesome events, comic book and vintage toy heaven. They know their patrons and will help you hunt down pieces to your collection.


Name : Chris’ Cards and Comics
Address : 919 Lafayette Road, Seabrook, NH. 03874
Why you love it : They have a great stock and very friendly staff. I always get greeted by name, even when I haven’t been in months! If you subscribe to your pull list through them, you get a discount on your comics. You can find a lot of older comics in their 50 cent bins. They’re always super helpful too- one time they found a specific issue of Superboy (1995) for me. They also host Magic the Gathering tournaments on Friday nights, if that’s your thing. Plus they have a sister store up in Salem, and often trade stock. Plus they are all nice to my grandmother and anyone who is nice to her and will talk about Archie with her is a good egg in my book. Plus visiting Chris’s every week was what got me through my senior year of high school.



@EasternShoreSpeedster, @WonderWoman_85 Thanks for sharing your favorite comic book store location with us! I’ve added both of your shops to the map. Keep them coming, the map is looking awesome!


@thrakaboom I’ve added Chris’s Comics in Seabrook to the map. Additionally, Chris’ Cards and Comics in Salem has a spot on the map as well! Thanks so much for sharing your favorite location with us.


First place that I ever went to was actually a book store in disguise, and that’s not even the worst part. All they had was Guy Gardner!!!


I don’t think I’ve ever been to a real comic book store.


I’ve never been to a comic shop, and I need to! I’m hoping one will show up here I could go to!


I hope you’re able to find one, it’s usually just an awesome atmosphere walking into a “mom & pop shop” comic book store.