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I think this has been a collective “We don’t know.”


It’s been a while since I watched it, but I google searched it and got a YouTube video of it, so it’s close! It used five times five is twenty-five – I think even Tommy could figure out two plus two. :smiley:


Honestly, that’s so far outside our sphere, and the water cooler is so made of cyberbits, there really hasn’t been much discussion at all about the leadership changes. Also, since the purchase of WB by AT&T, there are have an amazing amount of rearrangements at that level. We’re kind of

About it. We’re not so much in the Hollywood business as we are in the fan engagement and rewards business, if you know what I’m sayin’ sayin’.

As for the official launch date, there are no significant changes happening for DCU. The same lean into expanding our digital comic library is happening, the same curated rotating video content model is happening, we just instituted a new rewards program which is super cool, we’ll continue to develop our live events all across the country, we continue to develop and test for more platforms… It FEELS like there should be some big turn of the knob, but for us, it’s business as usual. With the exception of, you know, the world being turned on its head.


You’ll be too distracted by the purring to notice if you lose a finger. It’ll be fine. Only a flesh wound! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great. I saved you a kabob. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Absolutely this is a question for this area! I strongly recommend taking a deep dive into some recent discussions we’ve had around that, including Jim Lee’s efforts to support comic shops with a recent initiative, as discussed on DC Daily today,, HEY, YOU WERE THERE! YOU KNOW!, DC’s efforts to connect with shops again and get physical distribution up and running again, including the interactive map of participating retailers who have adjusted their business model, and of course the oodles of Q&As that have happened in absence of conventions. Just wait’ll you see who we have next week!!

To answer the spirit of the question about using DC Universe as a breaking news destination, well, that’s kind of not what we do, I suppose. If you look at our News section you’ll find it dripping with editorial, strong personality, top fives, etc. But we allow our press partners like IGN, Deadline, and the site etc. to be our breaking source. We do repurpose the information here to ensure fans are in the loop, but we aren’t a BREAKER of news. That could be a future of our model as we evolve and establish a foothold in the industry, but because we’re domestic/U.S. only, that tends to throttle the distribution of information for our fans across the globe. Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


When you are told that you almost got to go to a DCU event and then told it didn’t work out AGAIN… (I am glad you made that call though)


Have you thought about using DC Daily to break news at all?


Hello Applejack :woman_red_haired:,
If I were to PM any of DC cast members, what are the chances of them replying back?:slightly_smiling_face:


There was a time I would have said Nathan Fillion for Hal Jordan, but now I’m leaning more into John Krasinski :heart_eyes: For John Stewart, my first choice would be Michael Jai White. I also become fond of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in the Watchmen HBO series, but he already got a cool role; don’t hog all the fun!

Who would you pick, even if it’s out of another era?


Information could still originate here, though. Breaking news to DCU users doesn’t take away the ability to issue a press release.

Now, I’m biased, of course. :slightly_smiling_face:


It absolutely does! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer it. I thought so on the news being dropped here. I love the community and love how supportive everyone is!


The 399th episode with Sr. VP from Sothebys and the DC Archivist was awesome.
The DC archivist mentioned that DC’s collection isn’t quite complete. Any chance we could get an answer to the question, what is missing?

Also, the Riddler’s first golden Age appearance is it in the comics collection. Detective 140 (1948). His first Silver Age appearance is here. I just found it odd that a major Batman villain first appearance wasn’t on the service. Maybe that worth passing along to the digitizing team?


I totally agree with @DeSade-acolyte on how great that episode was. Any way we can get the archivists on for a QA? I had questions.


RRRAZZZZCAT! Just a fun username. Hi! today was interesting, hopefully I get some good sleep tonight! I hope you’re holding up all right, as well :slight_smile:

Forgive my lack of familiarity with iOS, if I’m misleading you I do apologize. But there should be an in-topic search. When you type into the search bar inside the topic, a little checkbox pops up with the option “Search this topic”, which minimizes the results.

Although I try to avoid using Office Hours as a destination for technical reports, I would be interested in the details of your experience. I think what we really need to do is hunker down and collect the known issues and frequent requests into the main body of the Suggestion Box topics to prevent redundancy. Feel free to share with me here, or DM me on the side :slight_smile:



False, I was actually very happy with it ending where it did and wish more television committed to limited runs.

What is Broadchurch and can I have it. Loved The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel but never returned for the latest season. My current series in this vein is Mrs. America, my glob! Also lots of Wonder Woman references in it :smiley:

Back at you, True or False:

  • You have watched Killing Eve.
  • You’re not sure why they keep making seasons.

Hey RF! Right now there’s no definitive model for increasing or decreasing the DC Universe movie experience, you can expect about the same level of additions and rotations. But we are in close talks with them to create more fan engagement experiences, but that’s all I can say right now :slight_smile:

LUCKY!!! Do you love it?? Of course I don’t mind, that horse is the best!! I didn’t get through the game in its entirety but what I did play was a really beautiful meditation. Not that I know from experience, but it feels like living in the Old West. I think it was a masterpiece and a great addition to the series. I heard they worked the devs to the bone, though.


I think we need to open you up to more British shows.


I wonder if thanks to the Q-tine issues, we might not see more of that.

Your personal thoughts/opinion on how q-tine might have long term impacts on media?


Regarding the breaking news, I certainly wouldn’t expect real, original reporting, but back before the launch of the service WB talked about it as a way to get “official” facts out to help combat rumors. Even when Tiffany was still doing the news standups at the start of DC Daily, the only time it really felt immediate was when Whitney did a special bit to pay tribute to Stan Lee on his passing. I’d really like to see the show do more of that (not death notices, but you understand) after the current craziness ends.


I love it alot, the hard part is trying to keep the horse from getting killed even by accident. I just love all the western style in the game.:slightly_smiling_face:

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