Sneak Peek! Green Arrow 80th Anniversary - Releasing 6.29.21

Variant Cover by Simone Di Meo

We’re continuing on what seems to be the year for series anniversaries with the 80th Anniversary of The Emerald Archer! This week, our good friends over at DC Publishing are giving you a #sneak-peek into one of the incredible stories hidden within the 100-page Super Spectacular for Green Arrow’s 80th!

Read on for a look into “The Disappearing Bandit”, written by none other than Mariko Tamaki.

Writer: Mariko Tamaki
Artist: Javier Rodriguez
Lettering: Andworld Design

Synopsis: CELEBRATING THE EMERALD ARCHER’S 80TH ANNIVERSARY! For the last eight decades, Green Arrow has been one of the premier (and loudest) characters in the DCU, always at the forefront of where the superhero genre is headed. This oversized anniversary issue follows in those footsteps, as an all-star lineup of Green Arrow creators, alongside some of the gifted creators of the modern era who have been inpsired by Oliver Queen, unite to pay tribute to the Battling Bowman. See what the past, present and future have in store for Oliver Queen, Black Canary, Connor Hawke, Arsenal, Red Arrow, Speedy, and more in this epic special!

Pre-order your copy today by dialing up your favorite FLCS, or visiting

Will you be picking up this 100-page Super Spectacular? Let us know in the comments below! :point_down: :bow_and_arrow:


Looking forward to Phil Hester story!



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Mariko Tamaki, Ben Percy, Vita Ayala, Tom Taylor, and Jeff Lemire stories all in one place? You bet your sweet VanDyke beard, I am!

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This place has delivered on all it promised us back in January, plus more, and I’m loving it. These previews are so cool and work in making me anticipate something I may not have been interested in before I saw it. Keep them coming and thanks for this - looking forward to seeing the other 97 pages!

Edit - what was with rich, single guys in the 30s, 40s and 50s having young boys as “wards”?
Also, in the final panel of the preview it appears that the Invisible Bandit has robbed Charlie Brown! :wink:


I thought the exact same thing!

Covert Kite Man


I may have to go and find a print copy of this one, especially the Howard Porter 1990s variant.

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