Exclusive Sneak Peek! BATMAN ADVENTURES: RIDDLE ME THIS! (2021) Releasing 4.6.21

Variant Cover Art: Bob Smith & Terry Beatty

Riddle us this, DC Community: What sneaks but cannot hide, peeks but cannot see? It’s the latest #sneak-peek, of course! This week, our friends over in Publishing have shared a glance into the star mastermind of BATMAN ADVENTURES: RIDDLE ME THIS! (2021).

If you’re looking for some good old-fashioned fun to escape with next week, we’ve got just the comic for you. Read on to see how Nightwing, Batman, and Robin fare against one of their most meddlesome foes:

Writer: Ty Templeton
Pencils: Rick Burchett
Inker: Terry Beatty
Colors: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Tim Harkins

Synopsis: This all-ages collection of stories set in the world of Batman: The Animated Series stars one of Batman’s most vexing villains…the Riddler! His schemes are never easy to solve, and in these adventures, it’s no different! Riddler flips the script by leaving Batman clues…to other villains’ crimes, and faces the music when he holds a rock star hostage! And when a copycat tries to steal the Riddler’s style, who will find them first-Batman or the Riddler? Collects Batman: Gotham Adventures #11, #28, #56-57, and Batman Adventures #11.

Pre-order your copy today by heading to dccomics.com, or dialing up your favorite FLCS.

Does this get your nostalgia sensors moving and shaking? Let us know if you’re picking up a copy in the comments below! :point_down:


Awesome Collections, They Should’ve also added The Batman Adventures #10, Batman & Robin Adventures #3 & #21! Then you’ve got a nice Riddler’s Collections to go with it. :grinning:


Riddle Me This.
What sounds like and awesome™:+1: read.

This Comic


I’ve been reading the recent Nightwing collection that was the Lost Years mini-series and had forgotten just how much I enjoyed the various Adventures comics.


A spotlight on new collections, I like it! I hope the Superman Adventures collections get the spotlight too.

Not picking this up, but I do have Kenner’s Rumble Ready Riddler, the first figure (with the second being by DC Collectibles, and released a few years ago) based on his TNBA redesign.




I have the Nightwing and Batgirl collections. I am happy to see this is becoming a normal thing.

@Vroom are there Superman Adventures collections or are you just hoping that there will be?



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There are Superman Adventures collections, both for the series itself (the whole series isn’t in trade yet, though) and character-based anthologies similar to The Riddler book being promoted in this thread.

There are also a few digest collections for Superman Adventures, some of which came out around 2004 or so, while a couple others came out in 2013, I believe.

I’m not going to notate all of them ATM, but a glance at Amazon, In Stock Trades and/or Comixology will show you the goods. :superman:


Now the question is if I want the character-based anthologies or the series and hope DC completes it.


I would get the regular volumes, as the anthologies skip around.

Plus, Superman Adventures volume 4 has the SA Special with Lobo and you can’t go wrong with The Main Man, man!