First Look: Batman Secret Files: The Signal #1

Duke Thomas Returns Home to Fight Metahuman Weapons Trafficking in Gotham City!

Writer: Tony Patrick
Art: Christian Duce
Cover: Ken Lashley
Variant Cover: Cully Hammer

Synopsis: After his time as a member of the Outsiders, Duke Thomas, a.k.a. The Signal, returns home to be the daytime guardian of Gotham City. But during his time away everything has changed, including those closest to him. And with a deadly influx of weapons being trafficked into Gotham by the mysterious White Market, The Signal enters a brand-new world of danger in his hometown, one that will push him farther away from everything he knows!

Batman Secret Files: The Signal #1 Comes out on July 7th, 2021! Pre-order your copy today by hitting up your favorite LCS or heading to participating digital retailers. :batman:

To check out an extra variant cover and some full-color blank pages for The Signal #1, head over to DC Comics!

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He look like Wolverine, beside that he looks cool!:grinning:


Yes! Another Duke Special! I hope Cass shows up here. They were great together in Outsiders.


He was in The Outsiders?! Man, I’ve got some catching up to do!!
(Yup, there he is, right there on the cover of issue #1 … I swear this was on my pull list, but I’ve never read it!)
Hope we get to learn of more fictional thrash metal bands on his playlist…


These Secret Files one-shots look like fun, but I’ll catch them as they come to DCUI. My reading list is full as it is.