Exclusive Sneak Peek! THE OTHER HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE (2021) #3 Releasing 3.30.21

Variant Cover Art: Jamal Campbell

For some, the road to murder is utterly senseless and devoid of meaning. For others, it is retribution. In this #sneak-peek of THE OTHER HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE (2021) #3, you will see that John Ridley and team waste not a swordslash of time in exploring the origins and philosophy of Tatsu Yamashiro, known today as Katana. THE OTHER HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE mini-series continues to look at the mythology of the DC Universe as seen through the prism of DC Super Heroes who come from traditionally disenfranchised groups.

Read on to explore the tragic origins of Yamashiro:

Writer: John Ridley
Layouts: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Finishes: Andrea Cucchi
Colors: José Villarrubia
Letters: Steve Wands

Synopsis: 1983. Japan. Tatsu Yamashiro’s life has been taken from her. Her home, her children, her husband are all gone. With nothing left but a burning pain and the sword that stole her family from her, Tatsu begins a long journey of healing, self-discovery, agency, and rebirth. This is the story of Tatsu Yamashiro, the woman known to many as Katana-a hero who became more than the world ever intended for her, ultimately making a family of like-minded Outsiders who rally together for the common good amidst xenophobia and oppression.

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Ooo Katana awesome™:+1:


I’ve really been enjoying this series, and this one looks to be just as great as the first two. After this one, we get the Other History of Renee Montoya: The Question. These are great books all around.


Yes, when you read them you think, “Why is it we haven’t had this series before now?” I’m looking forward to them getting on the service, because I don’t want to reread my issues, since they’re Prestige Format, and it will ruin them. It was hard enough to carefully go through them the first time without creasing them.


I have been really looking forward to this one. Other History is a book that we’ll be cherishing for a long time. I want to see more of Ridley exploring the depths of the DC Universe.


Oh, good. It’s Katana. She’s got my back.


Other History is exceeding expectations, look forward to the Katana story and upcoming Question one, referenced above.


John Ridley has done amazing work so far and from what I see in these pages it will continue. I love that cover - what a gorgeous piece of art from Jama Campbell.

I can’t express in words how meaningful these books are, how important they are and how well they are done. Each one is a piece of art and I can’t wait to read this next week.


This looks so great.

My favorite comic book series from my favorite comic book writer continues…

And 1983… it’s kind of fitting in a way – outside of the overall narrative of the series thus far – because everything Japanese was so cool in the early 80s.

I remember I wanted to be a ninja – that was around 1982, I believe; I was twelve. (Ha!)

And John Ridley studied East Asian languages at NYU; also my Alma mater.

Anyway, and of course Renee Montoya is next in issue #4.

And Black Lightning’s daughter, Thunder, closes it out and brings everything full circle in that sense.

And on November 9th I guess I’ll be double-dipping on THE OTHER HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE hardcover.

Digital now and hardcover then…

Somewhat related, I’m naturally really looking forward to FX’s Shōgun

I’ll have to renew my Hulu subscription for this – I remember really liking the original miniseries as a kid.

This one should be even better, according to The Hollywood Reporter…

“When we looked at the [source] material, we realized this is very richly researched and richly written, very compelling and accurate portrayal of feudal Japan,” Landgraf told The Hollywood Reporter after announcing a 10-episode limited series. “There’s a whole lot of point of view that was omitted from the original series because it was thought at that time that American audiences wouldn’t want to see the story from the Japanese point of view. And now, I think you have to tell the story from the Japanese as well as Western point of view.”

FX’s Shogun arrives amid concerns over who should be “allowed” to tell certain stories, specifically about marginalized communities. HBO faced immediate backlash to its planned slave drama Confederate , which would have seen Game of Thrones’ white writing duo David Benioff and D.B. Weiss at the reins. Likewise, the new Shogun will be written and executive produced by an Irish man (Ronan Bennett, Public Enemies ) and its extensive list of producers doesn’t include any Japanese filmmakers.

“It’s hard, it’s not an easy thing to get right,” Landgraf confessed. “But there’s a lot of people here who are pretty committed to the same idea, which is to not just do the whitewashed version of what we’ve seen before, but try to do something that’s better, more honest.”

More importantly, Landgraf says, the FX take will rely heavily on consultants and its large Japanese cast for help with historical accuracy while also providing more agency to female samurai and other Japanese characters. Many scenes will be in Japanese with English subtitles, unlike NBC’s 1980 take on the material.

And this The Hollywood Reporter article is a little old, because I believe Shōgun will now be a multi-season series.


Here are some of my favorite Katana moments: