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We knew we wanted to celebrate DC Pride for the month of June, but it felt limiting to choose just one character or title. With representation spanning DC across all 80 years, both coded and explicit, we knew it would take more than a single Batwoman title or Harlivy highlights to fully explore what DC Pride means to us.

This is why, for the month of June, we have selected one issue from key series across the DC Universe! This month, you find the following issues available for FREE for DC Book Club this month.

  • The Authority (1999) #29
  • Bombshells United (2017) #25
  • Constantine (2013) #1
  • Detective Comics (2010) #854
  • Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles (2018) #1
  • Gotham City Sirens (2009) #1
  • Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy (2019) #1
  • The Low, Low Woods (2020) #1
  • Supergirl: Being Super (2016) #1

This month’s discussion will center on points for each issue, as well as common themes across the whole batch. You do not have to read all of these issues to participate in this month’s DC Book Club- feel free to select the ones that stand out to you and then join in the discussion below!:point_down:

"This sounds amazing, but I’d love to read the complete series of these comics!"

Heck yeah you do! This is why, for the month of June, the DC BOOK CLUB will be your boom tube to all the DC Pride discussions happening in the DC Community in June! You’ll be able to find discussions dedicated to these titles’ series in many of the other Clubs in the DC Community all month long!

The DC Community is comprised of an entire network of clubs and groups, each dedicated to a different corner of the DC Universe. For the month of June, our clubs have pulled together a multiverse of select titles and events to celebrate DC Pride.
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Remember: You can read some of these SELECT DC PRIDE TITLES for FREE as a registered member the entire month of June 2021, no paid subscription required!


The Authority (1999) #29

  1. Mark Millar and Gary Erskine conclude the first series of The Authority with a celebratory wedding between team members Apollo and Midnighter. For the wedding, Midnighter and Apollo swap their traditional colors, with Midnighter in white and Apollo in black. What do you think this means?

Detective Comics (2010) #854

  1. In Detective Comics #854, we meet Kate Kane’s girlfriend, Anna. This is her only comic book appearance, showing up just long enough to dump our hero. What does this early appearance teach us about Kate Kane’s love life?

Gotham City Sirens (2009) #1

  1. Gotham City Sirens #1 introduces a new element, Catwoman, into the Harley/Ivy duo dating back to Batman: The Animated Series. How does Selina change the team dynamic? Is three a crowd?**

The Low, Low Woods (2020) #1

  1. The Low, Low Woods is a rare example of the intersection of queer romance and the horror genre. Does this book find the balance between horror and romance?

Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles (2018) #1

  1. Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles is a story about the struggle for queer rights, set in 1953. Why do you think writer Mark Russell chose this time period? Would this story have worked in a modern setting?

Supergirl: Being Super (2016) #1

  1. In Supergirl: Being Super, Kara’s new friend Dolly is confident in her identity as a gay young woman. What role do you see her playing in Kara’s life?

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy (2019) #1

  1. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy is one of many comics that explore the bond between Harley and Ivy. Are Harley and Ivy better partners-in-crime, or partners-in-romance? Can a love like theirs based on mayhem be built to last?

Constantine (2013) #1

  1. By his own admission, John Constantine often makes for a poor hero, and an even worse role model. When queer role models are in short supply, is there also value in including these (much) less-than-perfect characters as queer representation?

  1. How does the superhero genre parallel the queer experience?

  1. How do you feel queer characters are represented in these comics?



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All DC Community Club Events In June

:00_supergirl_arrowverse:Arrowverse Couch Club: Covering new episode releases, and revisiting old favorites!


  • Arrow Pride Watch-Along: First Arrowverse LGBT Representation!


  • Supergirl Pride Watch-Along: First Trans Superhero on TV!

:birds_of_prey_club_oracle:Birds of Prey: Devoted to the most powerful women in Gotham

Spotlight: Kate Kane

  • Batwoman (2018) #13-18 “The Fall of the House of Kane”
  • Detective Comics (2009) #858-860 “Go”
  • Bombshells United (2017) #25-32 “The Black Island”

Spotlight: Renee Montoya

  • Detective Comics (2000) #747
  • Gotham Underground (2007) #2
  • 52 (2006) #4
  • Lois Lane (2019) #1
  • Gotham Central: Half a Life (2003) #6-10
  • The Crime Bible: Five Lessons of Blood (2007) #1-5

Spotlight: Maggie Sawyer

  • Superwoman (2016) #1-8
  • DC’s Crimes of Passion (2020) #1
  • Superman: The Man of Tomorrow (1998) #12

:characters_of_dc:Characters of DC Club: Covering themes like Masterminds, Monsters, Spies, & more

Spotlight: Midnighter & Apollo

  • Authority (2010) #26-29
  • Midnighter & Apollo (2016) #1-6
  • Midnighter (2015) #8-12
  • Stormwatch (2011) #1-4

:dc_history_club:DC History Club: Deep diving into the origins & stories behind our favorite comics
The History of DCU Pride Characters and Creators

Supergirl: Being Super Discussion

  • Supergirl: Being Super (2016)

Supergirl Throughout DC History

  • Action Comics (1959) #252
  • Supergirl (1996) #75
  • Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade (2009) #1

Spotlight on Supergirl: Being Super Writer Mariko Tamaki

  • Wonder Woman (2020) #759

Spotlight on Supergirl: Being Super Artist Joëlle Jones

  • Catwoman (2018) #1

:dc_pride_club:DC Pride Club: Highlighting & celebrating LGBTQIA+ representation across DC lore
General Chat: Connect with fellow :00_dc_pride: :00_dc_pride_ar: :00_dc_pride_as: :00_dc_pride_bs: :00_dc_pride_is: :00_dc_pride_ll: :00_dc_pride_nb: :00_dc_pride_poci: :00_dc_pride_ps: :00_dc_pride_tg: fans!

:harleys_crew:Harley’s Crew: Devoted to all things Harley, Ivy, & Harlivy

PART 1: Harley & Ivy - Loud & Proud

  • Harley Quinn (Rebirth) (2016) #1-3, #8, #25
  • *Batman (2018) #41-43
  • Injustice: Year Zero (2020) #8
  • DC Bombshells (2016)#42
  • Harley Quinn & The Birds of Prey (2020) #1

PART 2: Harley & Ivy…they’re just BFFs, right?

  • Gotham City Sirens (2009) #1, #14, #15, #23, #24
  • Batman: Harley & Ivy (2004) #1-3
  • Harley Quinn (2013): #7, #15
  • Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy (2019) #6

Movie Night

:house_of_horror:House of Horror Compassion: The darkest, most cobwebby corner of DC genre comics
Spotlight: :00_dc_pride: Representation in the Horror Genre


  • Low, Low Woods (2020)


  • Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love (2016) #1-3
  • Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love (1971) #3


  • John Constantine: Hellblazer (2019) #1-6


  • (John Constantine: Hellblazer (2019) #7-12

:justice_league_book_club:Justice League Book Club: For all your Justice League needs!
Spotlight: The Ray in Rebirth

  • The Ray as seen in the Rebirth volume of Justice League of America

  • Justice League of America: The Ray Rebirth (2017) #1

  • Justice League of America (2017) #5, #6, #10, #11, #21

Freedom Fighters: The Ray

:batman:World of Bats: The primary destination for any fan of Batman & the Batfamily
Spotlight: Batwoman



  • Gotham Central (2005) #6-10 “Half A Life”


  • Batwoman (2011) #0-5 “Hydrology”


  • Batwoman (2017) #1-6 “The Many Arms of Death”


  • Mother Panic (2017) #1-6 “A Work In Progress”

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House of Horror 28 - Low, Low Woods
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[World of Bats] Pride Month -- Gotham Central #6-10 "Half A Life"

Happy Pride Month, Citizens of the DC Universe!

As you can see, this DC Book Club installment is done a little differently. We have selected titles from each of the club activities to bring light to the breadth and depth of characters in DC’s multiverse. We hope these single issues will inspire you to read the full stories, which are being explored by different clubs throughout the DC Community this month. Read on to learn all the different DC Pride events being held, and to expand your reading on any of the above select DC Book Club titles!



arrowverse_pride LGBTQ_Arrowverse

Click Here To Learn More About Joining Arrowverse Watch-Along Parties of These Beloved Episodes!


Click Here To Read & Discuss key moments between Kate Kane, Renee Montoya, and Maggie Sawyer!


Click Here To Read & Discuss Stories of Midnighter & Apollo, Including Their Wedding!


SBS dchistory

Click To Discuss The History of DCU Pride Characters and Creators
+Read & Discuss Supergirl: Being Super (2016)



Click Here To Join Our Year-Long Club Dedicated To Fellow LGBTQIA+ Fans and Allies!



Click Here To Read & Discuss The Relationship Between Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy!


Click Here To Read & Discuss Horror Genre Highlights of LGBTQIA+ Representation!


Click Here To Read & Discuss The Ray in Rebirth (2017), & More!



Click Here To Read & Discuss Batwoman’s Impact on Gotham!


:claps excitedly:

This cornucopia of events has been a long time in the making, and I think it’s very fitting that DC Pride month feels like a wealth of celebration and shine! :sparkles:

It was very tricky selecting this month’s issues; we wanted to show equal love to some our favorites, pick landmark moments, and uplift some of the lesser-known LGBTQIA+ characters. We hope you find something that sparks your curiosity in the batch!

The Authority #29

I think for those who are reading this issue alone, it is very difficult to jump in midway. The unique characters, complex storyline, and mid-story entry point all make for an experience that are very challenging for first-time readers. But I hope it tempts you into learning more with the Characters of DC Club as they explore the dynamic of Midnighter & Apollo!

Detective Comics #854

Ooooh, friends and neighbors- if you haven’t read the Elegy storyline before, you have a feast for the eyes and senses awaiting you. This series, and the Batwoman “brand” in general, is absolutely riveting for its experimentation with panel structure.

Regarding this month’s discussion question on this book, “What does this early appearance of Anna teach us about Kate Kane’s love life”, I read this as a nearly 1:1 with Batman (and many other vigilantes) experience with love. Trying to lead a double life doesn’t work well in most cases, and that is especially true for Kane’s troubled past.

If you enjoyed this series, be sure to check out the World of Bats reading of Elegy this month- you can jump in any time!

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #1

This month’s discussion question asks of Harlivy, “are they better as partners-in-crime, or partners-in-romance? Can a love like theirs based on mayhem be built to last?” Maybe I’m too much of a romantic dreamer, but I absolutely adore this romantic relationship. I think their chemistry and the evolution of their story has unfolded beautifully. Many other relationships before theirs have thrieved in chaos, why can’t these two ladies have a shot? They don’t seem to let their romance get in the way of their mayhem, and they have someone to decompress with between heists. Seems like a win/win to me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Constantine #1

“When queer role models are in short supply, is there also value in including these {much” less than perfect characters as queer representation?"
Yes, yes, 1,000x times. The effort of representation is to create complex, expanded, human experiences. Trying to create a Pollyanna of representative characters could inadvertently harm queer representation. The point isn’t that one life experience or orientation is “better than” - it just is. The more we can treat each other as valid, worthy, and subject to a shared human experience, the more we can move towards normalizing the LGBTQIA+ community.

Special thanks to @HubCityQuestion for these excellent discussion questions! :0_the_question_jlu: I can’t wait to dig in more in the coming weeks, as well as read many of your thoughts and insights!
:00_dc_pride: :00_dc_pride_ar: :00_dc_pride_as: :00_dc_pride_bs: :00_dc_pride_is: :00_dc_pride_ll: :00_dc_pride_nb: :00_dc_pride_poci: :00_dc_pride_ps: :00_dc_pride_tg: :dc_pride_club:

Be sure to check out all the other DC Pride discussions happening across the Community- we’re honored to have such a positive and inclusive group of folks to share this joy with!


Ah! I wasn’t expecting credit, but I was happy to provide some conversation starters! I know I do more solving mysteries than posing them around here lately, but they don’t call me HubCityAnswer.


Great artists deserve their credit. :+1:t2:

I bet a book of Green Stamps and a sixer of Soder that Waller has “Project: HubCityAnswer” underway as part of Project Cadmus 2.0.

At least that’s what the clone tank I saw when she showed me around was labeled as.


Beautifully said, Captain! :clap:


I’ll start w/ this since I just reread it! :raised_hands:

I’m always down to get the :cobb_squad: together, and in this 1st issue it works. They’re good for each other at the beginning, (Ivy even says “positive female reinforcement”, and its there), but for the long game: Ivy and Selina are too independent, have different goals and both have that Alpha vibe. They need to be free to follow their own whims. Harley is Harley and will be Harley pretty much anywhere and w/ anyone…. she belongs w/ Ivy, tho. :full_moon_with_face: :00_harlivy: They’re two sides if the same coin to me and give each other something no one else really can.

Ok, I’ll be back!

Ps. Thanks @HubCityQuestion! :purple_heart: :00_dc_pride:


These were my questions
For Supergirl Being Super Series

You could use
these questions
As a guide

To the decisions
That were made by
the writer and artist
Of Supergirl Being Super

  1. When is story set?

When Supergirl arrives on Earth

Several years later

  1. What is her knowledge of Krypton, where she was born
  2. What level of super power does she possess as the story starts
  3. Power set at end of mini
  4. Her relationship to Superman
  5. Her first and last name
  6. Background and Age of her Earth parents
  7. Who are her friends?
  8. How old is she when story starts?
  9. How old was she when she arrived on Earth?

Other questions
How book dealt with

Being a teenager

Being not normal

Body changes

Importance of friends

Importance of family

Being true to yourself

Being the best you can be


As an ardent Wildstorm fan, the below is my perfect starting point for all of this great fun.

I’ve always seen it as symbolic of their union and love for one another, being that they were wearing one another’s predominant uniform color as part of their wedding attire. Its a sign of how strongly they stand for one another, while standing on the formal precipice of being united in love for the rest of their lives.


Personally, I see the swap of colors having two functions:

  1. As stand-ins for the Superman and Batman of their universe, Apollo stands for the light, and Midnight stands for darkness. By switching colors, it shows that in their union they’re open to accepting a little darkness, and a little light, into their lives.
  2. It was a way to show Midnighter dressing for a wedding without requiring him to wear a suit. Because Midnighter would never wear a suit.

There’s also the idea, I think, that in traditional, “heteronormative” weddings, the groom wears black, and the bride wears white. As the more “masculine” party in this partnership, Midnighter’s choice to wear white demonstrates a security in his self-identity when he’s with Apollo.


An apt point. :clap:t2:

If he did though, I could see him being a Hugo Boss man. Why? Because Midnighter’s boss, man.


You go, boss man.



Perfectly said.


Yes, this is how I saw it as well!


takes pride in the fact that Midnighter and Apollo are getting talked about to a decent degree

The Wildstorm fan in me hopes this leads to more folks reading the best title to star them in greater detail.

Wildstorm. Like Bart’s friendship, you know you want it. :slight_smile:


I think there is a lot of value in having less-than-perfect characters represented in works of fiction. I feel like too often, characters from lesser represented groups can come off like two-dimensional people, which will probably make them less interesting or compelling compared to more three-dimensional characters.

I also think it’s important that LGBTQ+ readers have characters that reflect them and that they can relate to, and if they’re always portrayed as “perfect” that makes it a lot harder to relate to.

I think there is a lot of parallel, especially when you have characters who literally wear masks and have a secret identity. Having to present yourself as different than your true self and being afraid of being exposed would have parallels with the queer experience, for a lot of people, as would the feeling of being different and not fitting in.

@Vroom What would you say makes The Authority the best title?


Oh, wow. Where to begin?

You know, The Authority v1 is just one of those things in entertainment that floors you, the first time you experience it.

From the characters, to the wild creativity (The Bleed in particular), to the art, to the writing that enables the fact that The Authority is a team so wildly confident in how absolutely, unrelentingly badass they are and how they will, in no uncertain terms, win the day for the good guys, I just love the overall confidence and craft involved that served to unite a near-perfect union of writing, art and unbridled creativity.

The Authority is absolutely one of my top three favorite Wildstorm titles of all time, and one of my favorite team books ever. I treat it like one of my very favorite movies: Only to be experienced in full once in a while, so as to preserve it’s magic for as long as one possibly can.

As for why The Authority v1 is Midnighter and Apollo’s best title…it showcases each of them in the perfect light, and is the basis for all Apollo and Midnighter iterations to come.

As the series begins, and through Bryan Hitch’s pencils, we see Apollo shine under the sun as he offers a ray of hope to those in distress. He is the Superman of the Wildstorm Universe, and we, the reader, know we can trust in his power as he works to save us.

Conversely in The Authority, we come to know Midnighter as a Batman-level badass (apropos, given he’s the Batman of the Wildstorm Universe) that nobody with a functioning brain should be on the wrong side of. His ability to outthink his opponent(s) at every turn is always interesting, and provides set ups for all manner of intriguing scenarios.

Again, it goes back to the idea of The Authority being the book that would serve as the basis for both characters. Sure, Action Comics #1 isn’t the definitive, end-all, be-all of Superman tales, but that book was also crafted in a different time and under a different mindset.

The Authority v1 however, just dropped the characters into our minds, turned the key and hit the accelerator with reckless abandon in the best way. Midnighter and Apollo started out fully-polished in the series, and have only got better with age.


I haven’t read a ton of Wildstorm (yet), but your description definitely has me intrigued. :slight_smile: