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Hello and welcome to all @CharactersOfDC. Our June session is a special one in celebration of Pride Month. Several clubs have banned together to present various characters and creatives that are members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Please feel free to check out what the other clubs are doing this month here.

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I would like to thank @msgtv of the DC History Club for providing the Pride Profile in a post below for these two characters. Thank you for all your hard work.

What to Read

* The Authority (1999)#22, 27-29
* Stormwatch #1-4
* Midnighter (2015) #8-12
* Midnighter & Apollo #1-6

As normal discussion questions will be posted every Sunday starting on Sunday June 6th.

Join us next month as C of DC is taken over by villains once again in our 2nd Annual Villains Month Event featuring the Crime Syndicate!

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:00_dc_pride:Pride Profile: Apollo and Midnighter. What started as part satire, part over the top ‘90s action comics, developed into something more when this pair of world’s finest became the most prominent gay couple in comics. Created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch for WildStorm’s Stormwatch, they were not revealed as being in love until the follow-on series The Authority. Apollo, an aptly named solar powered superhero, would seem something of the opposite of the dark, ultra-violent Midnighter. But, through multiple reboots and universes these two exemplify a stable loving relationship in a world that is anything but stable or loving. Midnighter has also seen some solo success appearing in his own title and the spy thriller Grayson.

The Authority

The Authority (2003)

The Authority (2008)



Favorite Midnighter appearance: Grayson


Grayson was my favorite Midnighter appearance as well @msgtv.

Thanks for putting up the Pride Profile in the topic for me. I had so many tech issues with this one that I didn’t pick up the Pride Profile like I had planned to. Love that Apollo and Midnighter pic you used.


A Wildstorm-themed spotlight? I’m in!

My favorite Midnighter appearances are from The Authority v1, followed by his DC You ongoing, especially the issue where he says “Smile @sshole.” to Deadshot as he kicks him square in the head.


On images, I had selected others by the process @Mae correctly identified as ‘grabbing something off Google’ our esteemed graphic artist who I want to name but I’m not sure if that’s cool or not deserves credit for all the headlining images on the profiles. And, she’s till toiling away in the image mine, so more to come as time goes by.

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kicking people in the noggin is generally considered poor form. Generally.


This is true, generally.

However, if you read Midnighter #9 (I believe that’s where he faceplanted his boots into Deadshot’s head), he wasn’t exactly giving a damn about poor form at the moment. :wink:


It doesn’t count if it’s Midnighter tho.


Right? Midnighter is The Way.




Feel free to join in @Vroom. Happy to have you here.


Oh, I will. :slight_smile:

cracks knuckles and gets ready to read

Afterall, I :heart: any chance to hang with my Wildstorm buds. :+1:t2:

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Anyone who may be interested is welcome to read The Authority (1999) issues 23-26 if they wish even though I did not list them. I was mainly only interested in the “Brave New World” four parter and not the bit in between.

Here’s some interesting tidbits about this storyline from The Authority.

  • Contrary to popular belief Midnighter and Apollo were the first gay couple to be married in a comic. DC’s worthy competition likes to claim they had the first marriage with Northstar but that one happen ten years after Apollo and Midnighter tied the knot in The Authority #29.

  • Mark Millar’s run on the title was rift with editorial censorship from the start both because of his wanting to take the relationship between the two characters further (a kiss between the two was censored at one point) and because of the 9/11 attacks, which had a profound effect on a lot of media at the time.

  • After issue #22 came out there was an extremely long delay in the completion of this storyline as well as between issue 22 and 23.


You know, I kind of want to see Midnighter rumble with Darkseid.

Darkseid (to Midnighter): “Darkseid…is.”

Midnighter: “…about to get his ass kicked by your’s truly. Let’s dance, ****face!”

Woe to be to those who challenge Midnighter.


I think he could take Darkseid.

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God, I want a The Authority vs. Apokolips book of some kind right now!

Maybe a Black Label mini? That’d be spiffy.

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Just take my money already!

I’d read the heck outta that one.


Maybe someone from Publishing will read the above and make the book a reality?

While properly crediting/compensating me for it, as well. :wink:

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Is this where I talk about DeConnick’s Aquaman?

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