Pride Profile: Coagula

:00_dc_pride:Pride Profile: Coagula. Created by transgender writer Rachel Pollack and given the name Kate Godwin after two of Pollacks transgender friends, Coagula is arguably the first true transgender superhero published by DC Comics. Coagula gained her ability to turn solids into liquids, and the reverse, after sleeping with Doom Patrol member Rebis (who you could argue is non-binary). She eventually joins the Patrol and adds a relationship with Robotman to her previous interest in women. The series also depicts Robotman dealing with the idea that his girlfriend is transgender. Although she was fridged by Doom Patrol’s next writer, Coagula deserves recognition as a truly ground breaking character.

Doom Patrol #70


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Coagula was a really cool character. I was sad to see her story dropped. You start getting attached to characters and then the writer leaves.


Man, I really need to catch up on my Doom Patrol reading. Stopped near the middle of Morrison’s run but I need to get back into it, not just to finish it, but to see what Rachel did with the group after their departure.

…Wait. Didn’t John Byrne write the Doom Patrol next? Because that would explain a LOT.


Nope, Rachel Pollack finished the Morrison series, the John Arcudi relaunched in 2001for 20 issues, then Byrne in 04. Had to look it up.


You never know who’ll make a re-appearance with DC.