DC History Club June 2021: Supergirl Being Super and Her Creators

Hi everybody

This topic is for all of you.

From someone who has a casual idea of Supergirl and her cousin Superman from a TV show or movie

To devoted fans of the current Supergirl TV show, her appearances in animated films or TV series and / or comic books.

Or anyone just wanting to learn about Supergirl or Super Hero comic books.

No knowledge of Supergirl or comic books is needed.

The DC History Club is excited to present a comic book series called

Supergirl Being Super (2016)

The first issue is free to all for the month of June

Through the DC Book Club

The link to the series is

Supergirl Being Super (2016)

The next post has a poll
Where you could give us an idea of your prior experiences with Supergirl and Superman.

It is purely voluntary.

You can also tell us by posting below.

We would be glad to hear from you.

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Most Topics from the DC History Club start with the same format

It was developed
by @msgtv
my fellow leader of the DC History Club

so that important posts start up front

to be more easily found.

This is the Polls section,

which is usually empty until the end of the month

after all material has been presented and discussed

This month however

The DC History Club is interested in your prior experience with Supergirl, Superman and comic books.

Prior to reading Supergirl Being Super Issue 1,

What was your prior experience with Supergirl and Superman?

Choices (multiple answers are allowed)

  • Saw Superman 1978 movie
  • Watched any Superman TV show, live action or animated
  • Read a Superman Comic
  • Saw Supergirl on TV
  • Read a Supergirl comic
  • None of the above

0 voters


This is the Quiz section

This too is usually empty

Until the end of the month

This time

You could use
these questions
As a guide

To the decisions
That were made by
the writer and artist
Of Supergirl Being Super

  1. When is story set?

When Supergirl arrives on Earth

Several years later

  1. What is her knowledge of Krypton, where she was born

  2. What level of super power does she possess as the story starts

  3. Power set at end of mini

  4. Her relationship to Superman

  5. Her first and last name

  6. Background and Age of her Earth parents

  7. Who are her friends?

  8. How old is she when story starts?

  9. How old was she when she arrived on Earth?


This is the Research Wiki

This is often a
Spoiler Area
So be aware of that

The purpose of this post is

So all links discussed below will be in one, easily located area

Articles about Supergjrl or related topics

Clips on

Animated and Live Action Videos

And Artists
Involved with Supergirl

Links to other topics in the Community including

DC History Club and

Other clubs topics that relate to Supergirl or other topics discussed here

As all these links are discussed in the posts below

They will also be posted here

Supergirl Origins | DC Database | Fandom.




Silver Age Supergirl

The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl (1972)

Justice League Unlimited
With the Legion of Super Heroes

For this
Can’t play directly

Click on link
Within link
To play on YouTube

Supergirl’s Costumes



The Animated Series

The New Batman Adventures episode (season 2, episode 7)

Girls Night Out

Harley Quinn
Poison Ivy

Justice League Unlimited

All fights

First Mission

With Stargirl

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
(Currently on HBO Max)

Is based on

Superman Batman Arc Supergirl from Krypton

Injustice 2

Superman Unbound

Justice League Action

Super Heroes Girls
Version 1.0

Super Heroes Girls
Version 2.0

Supergirl 1984 movie


Supergirl tv show

Season 3 episode 6

Season 6

Kenny Lives!
(Relative of Kenny in South Park?)

Nia and Brainy

Kara Danvers Entry



Chyler Leigh

From @mae

Alex and Kara

Alex to Kara
Can we talk?

Alex and Maggie

Kara and Kate Friendship

Prior Crisis

Batwoman joins Crisis on Infinite Earths

Nicole Maines

Writing Dreamer in Pride 1
Reacts to recent laws
Against young trans girls

Why Transgender Girls Are Suddenly the G.O.P.'s Culture-War Focus

Season 6

Modeling talks at end


Quiz would you rather

Nicole interview

When role was announced

Dc daily amy


Young Nicole

Becoming Nicole

Kara and Nia
You are like me

Nia tells
James Olsen
She is trans
(Bad sound)

Brainy meets nia

Nia reveals her other secret
To Kara

Tells World she is trans

Brainy brakes Nia’s heart

Recent Nia and Brainy

Nia sings


From Crisis on Infinite Earths


Post 5
Is the Roadmap for the month

Summarizing what each week will cover

All comic book titles, issue numbers and links will be provided here

For each week
Issues will be specified as follows



Not Yet in Library

Because of 6 month lag between publication and arrival in library

Week 1

What is your experience with Supergirl and Superman?

Supergirl Being Super (2016)


Action Comics (1938) 1 (Not Free)

Man of Steel (1986) 1 (not free)

Discussion of Issue 1 of Supergirl Being Super

Discussion of remaining issues of Supergirl Being Super.

Week 2

Other takes on Supergirl

Comics books to discuss

First Appearance of Supergirl Action Comics (1938) 252

Supergirl (1986) by Peter David issues 75 to 80

Supergirl (2008) Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade

A Light hearted version of Supergirl for all kids at heart.


More Silver Age Supergirl

Adventure Comics (1938) 387 Supergirl and Comet 1970

Alan Moore The Last Silver Age Superman Story

The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl (1982)

Crisis on Infinite Earths (1986)

Return of Superman Matrix Supergirl

1989 Christmas With the Superheroes (1989): Two Ghosts Deadman and Kara

Supergirl meets Mary Marvel (1996)

Justice League Unlimited (2004) 7

Batman Superman (2004) 8 First Appearance of Kara Zor el Since Crisis

Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes 17

Batgirl (2009) 14 Batgirl Supergirl Team up

Supergirl (2011) New 52

Supergirl meets Power Girl from Earth 2 New 52

The Adventures of Supergirl (2016)

Supergirl (2016) Rebirth

Supergirl and Krypto in Space

Week 3
Pride Week

Three parts

  1. Writer of Supergirl Being Super

Mariko Tamaki

DC Daily and DC comics clips

Wonder Woman 759

Not Yet in Library

Future State: Dark Detective

Detective Comics 1034

Crush & Lobo

DC Pride 1 Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn

  1. Pride on Supergirl TV show

Alex and Maggie

Alex actress clip on coming out


Friendship between Kara and Kate

Kara and Lena relationship

Real or just shipping?

  1. Diversity Representation in the CW shows

Start with Superman PSA in late 1940s

We are all Americans

Then Crisis clips
Showing everybody

Of various races, genders and orientation

working together

To save the world

Week 4
Artist on Supergirl Being Super

Joelle Jones

DC Daily Clip



Batman 50 The Wedding

Not Yet in Library

Future State: Wonder Woman

Wonder Girl


Week 1 Discussions

What is your prior experience with Supergirl and Superman?

What are your impressions about

issue 1 of Supergirl Being Super?

Supergirl Being Super (2016)

What decisions did the creators of this mini series make that differed

From your previous ideas about Supergirl and the Danvers?

And anything else you would like to talk concerning issue 1

And of course
Anything else
You would like to add.


What is your favorite panel in issue 1?

This is mine



Provided us
Some great
Wallpaper / Bookmark



This is how it all started

The first two pages of
Action Comics
The Origins of Superman
Published in 1938

That Superman
Has Super Powers
As a baby
After his rocket ship
Landed on Earth

This was also the case
In the 1978 Superman Movie.

In 1986
John Bryne
Wrote and illustrated
A rebooted Superman
After the events of
Crisis on Infinite Earth.

Clark then got his powers
As a teenager
More than a decade
After his arrival on Earth.

Man of Steel 1 (not free)

Action 1
Origin Story

Action Comics (1938) 1 (Not Free)


If anyone is
New to DC Comics

I suggest watching
The free video
On YouTube
Presented by
Warner Brothers

Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics

In that hour and a half you will get a good overview of most of our comic book library. It was filmed in 2009 so of course can’t talk about newer than that

DC Comics in the 1950s
When Supergirl
Was first published
Starts around
29 minutes and a half hour in


It is always good
To start at the beginning

In this case
Page 1 of Issue 1 of
Supergirl Being Super.

Kara Danvers narrates.

She tells us
Who is she
Where she lives.

The words sound ordinary

And yet

The panels
On the first page
An extraordinary event.

The last panel
Shows a rocket ship
That has crash landed
On Earth

We don’t know
When the event happened

But is everything else
That happened
On this page
Clear enough?

Kara Danvers is not a Ordinary young woman


Thanks for the wallpaper @darkstarz.


Reading some of the Silver Age Action Comics here on DCUI, I now know that I was reading Supergirl in the backup stories from the '60s. So many of them have this vague familiarity to them. And, I 100% know I read the '72 Supergirl series, plus of course fell in love with Helen Slater as Supergirl, my sweet wife understood that crush. I mean, she’s Supergirl.


On page 2
It is high school yearbook day

Do you have
Any favorite
Movies / TV Series / Books / Comic Books
That deal with
High School?

I first thought of

Freaks and Geeks (now on Hulu)
Happy Days
There are probably many more.

I found this link on
Teen Movies

Does this version of
High School
With Kara and her friends
Resonate with you?


100% I feel this high school friend trio. Seem enough alike to be friends, but also unique. Having also grown up in a very small town, you make friends young and they tend to stay your friends even as you expand your circle.


Next week
We will be discussing
All the main titles
Supergirl has been in
Her Over 60 Years
Of Existence

Animated and Live Action
Movies, TV series and Videos.


Another great panel
From issue 1

Teenagers often
Get upset
As their body changes

But Kara is an alien
With no one to tell her
What to expect

In the previous panel
She sees a zit on her face

And squeezes it

She did not expect
The following result


I mentally objected to the entire sequence. Just no. I know it’s powers out of control and all, but it doesn’t really lead anywhere and just no.


I’d had this series on my list for a while and actually just read the first issue a few days ago. I did like it a lot, but that particular sequence did stand out for me. I was wondering where it was going, too, like if this was some really weird Kryptonian power I’d never heard of before. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is probably
The most important page
In issue 1

Because it sets up
The main storyline
In issue 2.