DCU Multiverse of Clubs Trivia Game Night! Saturday Nov. 14, 2020 9:00 p.m. EST/6:00 p.m. PST

Greetings fellow DCU members! Have you participated in the many Clubs offered here on DCU? They’re an excellent place to share your enthusiasm for your favorite DC characters and there’s a club here to satisfy just about every aspect of the DC Universe! Join us right here Saturday November 14, 2020 9:00 PM EST 6:00 PM PST and test your DCU Club knowledge with the Multiverse of Clubs Trivia Game Night.

What’s this Multiverse of Clubs thing you ask? Why it’s the chance to flaunt your knowledge of DC Club content where the nights winner will walk away with one of the elusive Riddler badges! Each week two clubs and selected content will be updated to the Clubs/Content Summary drop down and will be the subject matter for the trivia questions featured in the upcoming game.

Here’s how it works:

  • The Multiverse map has been divided into 8 regions representing a particular DCU Club with each region containing a portion of Earths from the DC Multiverse.

  • Kelex will start the game off with a roll of the dice.

  • The resulting number will correlate to one of the earths on the map.

  • Whichever club is assigned to the region where that Earth is located will determine the trivia question presented.

  • For Earths that reside in-between two club regions question may be from either club.

  • First player to answer correctly will then command Kelex to roll. Ex: @ Kelex roll 1d52

  • Each question is worth 1 point.

  • Player may roll up to 5 times during their turn or until answering incorrectly during their turn.

  • If answered incorrectly by player anyone may then answer and question will remain open till the end of the game.

  • If no player correctly answers open ended question within 2 minutes Kelex will resume control until a player correctly answers question, but keep in mind that opportunity to answer open questions will remain for duration of game.

  • During players turn they will have 2 minutes to answer once question is presented. Failure to do so will result in the opportunity for others to answer.

  • First one to answer correctly will then proceed with their 5 turns or until answering incorrectly/time expires.

  • If 14, 24, 25, 27, 28, 46, or 49 is rolled, Player may choose the club of their choice. 52 will represent Earth 0.

  • Every player will have the opportunity to choose the Black Label Club on their 5th roll, “last call”. If answered correctly player will receive 3pts. Player also reserves the right to be presented “Hail Marry” Black Label question after incorrectly answering a question for the chance to earn 2 pts.

  • Last Call & Hail Marry Black Label questions are not restricted to current Black Label Club content and may be associated to any title under the Black Label brand.

  • In the event that the validity of answer is called into question, player who can prove otherwise will receive 5 pts. which they have the option to apply to current game or save for the next instalment.

  • At the end of the game the player with the most points wins and will receive the Riddler badge. In the event of a tie both players will receive badge!

  • Dice roll command for all turns is @ Kelex roll 1d52.

  • Club leaders may also play. In the event that a Earth falls within their clubs region it will be considered a mulligan and will roll dice until otherwise.

Clubs & Content:


The Justice League Book Club
The Brave and The Bold #28 & JLA # 1-4

[Superman Fan Club]
[Superman Fan Club] Action Comics # 320-321, & Superman # 257

[World of Bats} The Batman Book Club
The Dark Knight Vol. 2 # 10-15 The Cycle of Violence

DC Universe Book Club
Batman Faces: Legends of the Dark Knight # 28-30

Harley’s Crew
Harley Quinn S2 Watch-A Long eps. 11-13 on 11/2 at 7:00 p.m. PST 10:00 p.m. EST.

Arrowverse Couch Club
The Flash Season Zero 2015 (11-20)

DC History Club
DC History Club 1990’s The Flash! :flash_hv_1: :theflash:


Hey, my latest is featured! Keen! Thanks, @AquamonC137. :metal:t2:


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10 more Earth days to go!


5 more days!




Goodness, just 2 more days till game night! In true Barry Allen fashion (late), I’ve just added the DC History club to the board! be sure to read up on your 90’s Flash y’all.

Last time @casasstrophe was victorious walking away 18 pts. and a fancy Riddler badge! Who will it be this time? @TheRealDetectiveChimp already is in the lead with 5 pts. for this Saturdays game, will they be able to maintain their lead? Will things get so intense that we all feel like we’re camping? Stay tuned here on the DCUI’m not crazy about the new brand name!


Oops :grimacing:Thank you @Applejack for the tag change!

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Oh and for anyone playing tmrw night, sorry I was a bit slack on updating the content list for this months game. Besides for the “Last Call & Hail Marry” rules associated to the Black Label content:

The regular BL Q’s will be on Batman: The Three Jokers book 2-3 & Hell Blazer: Rise and Fall book 1

See y’all tmrw night at 9 pm EST when our very own SKYNET piece of scrap metal Kelex will kick things off.


Sure I will play why not


:kitemanhqtas:Hell yeah!
The more the merrier. The rules are listed up above in the main post under the first summary and content for the questions is listed with links in the second summary drop down. Here’s a Link to the first game to give ya feel for how things go down if ya wanna check it out.


A little under 2 hours until game time!


Nice I’m in.


:kitemanhqtas:Hell Yeah!


10 mins till game time




Cool lol