DCU Book Club Week 110: BATMAN: FACES (Legends of the Dark Knight Issues 28-30); Oct. 19 - Oct. 25

This issue kicks off the 3-part ‘Faces’ storyline from fan-favorite creator Matt Wagner (Grendel) spotlighting Two-Face! Harvey Dent succumbs to his evil half again with a scheme involving a small Caribbean island, murdered plastic surgeons and an island of the deformed.


Welcome back to another week of DCUBC. I hope you are all staying safe!

This week here at DCUBC, we are headed back to Gotham City. Where two face has escaped Arkham and committed a series of murders. But what’s the end game? You’ll have to read along to find out. Welcome to the side show, friends!

How to join the fun:

  • Start reading here! (DC Universe)

  • :alarm_clock:Read all three issues between 2020-10-19T05:00:00Z2020-10-25T05:00:00Z:alarm_clock:

  • :memo:Tackle the below discussion questions at your leisure:memo:

  • :speaking_head:Let us know what you thought of the book as a whole!:speaking_head:

And that’s it! Easy right?

:batman_hv_1:Spoiler discussion begins right now!:superman_hv_1:

:clark_hv_1:Discussion Questions:clark_hv_5:

  • Is this your first time reading Batman: Faces?

  • What were your expectations prior to reading?

  • What did you think of Two Face in this book?

  • What was your favorite Page or Panel?

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel Free to shoot me a message!

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I really like some of Matt Wagner’s Batman stories. This one’s an exception. I’m sure plenty of others will enjoy it, though.

This is one I haven’t read! Looking forward to giving this a try. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Happy Saturday folks! Hope you’re all staying safe!

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Yes first time.

My expectations prior to reading this series was a Two Face series that had him manipulating for all the characters in the story.

My favorite page was when we find out who Mr. Wren had his eye on since the big Halloween party.

  • Is this your first time reading Batman: Faces?

Yes it was! It’s one I’ve heard of before and meant to read before, thankful for giving me the push to do it. :slight_smile:

  • What were your expectations prior to reading?

In terms of plot, none really. All I knew about it was that had Two-Face in it. However, having read Matt Wagner’s other work in books like Trinity and the Dark Moon Rising books, I figured it would be something pretty interesting and I think he delivered.

  • What did you think of Two Face in this book?

Him leading the small army of circus freaks was…a decision. Honestly, I kind of wonder if maybe Wagner was just watching Freaks while figuring the story out and just got thrown in there.