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Welcome to the Characters of DC Club!

We’re a group that deep dives into DC’s vast array of characters through the exploration of their key stories and how those stories shaped those characters into the heroes, anti-heroes and villains they are today. The last week of the month a character’s key stories that are available on the DCU app (or other relevant apps as needed) and that month’s exploratory questions revolving around a club member chosen character will be posted. By joining this club you’ll gain access to our spiffy DC Characters Clubhouse, a cool flair and free cookies.

Who should join

  • Anyone is welcome to join in the fun. The only thing I ask is that you treat your fellow club members with respect.


  • Regular club discussions will take place every week.

Point of Contact

Feel free to contact me. @JasonTodd428 through direct messaging if you would likApor have other questions regarding the club or you may post them here if you like.

Sign up for the C of DC here: DC Universe

Club Discussions:

11/19: Jason Todd-Robin, Red Hood
12/19: Roger Haden-Psycho Pirate
1/20: Roy Harper-Speedy, Arsenal, Red Arrow
2/20: Helena Bertinelli-Huntress
3/20: A Round of Robins
4/20-5/20- Hiatus
6/20: Michael Jon Carter-Booster Gold
7/20: Villain Month: Atrocitus
8/20: Unsung Heroes
9/20:Ladies Night Out
10/20: Monster Mash
11/20: Go Team Go! (CofDC First Anniversary)
12/20: Happy DC Holidays


Hi all!

Just to pass the time until our first meeting I thought we could get together to get to know each other a little better and talk about our favorite characters.

I’ll start off. I’m JasonTodd428 and I live in a small town in Missouri near St. Louis. I love baseball and hockey but I’ve been into comics since I was around 4. My grandpa and dad used to read the Sunday strips to me often doing different voices for the characters. My favorite DC character is Jason Todd and my favorite character outside of DC is a character from Lion Forge’s Catalyst Prime universe whose called Summit.


Hey @JasonTodd428! Nice to meet you! I’m VigilanteReviews, but I go by Vigilante :grin: That’s also the name of my very small YouTube channel where I review comic books and stuff.
I’m also a fan of hockey! My team is the Avalanche, since I’m from Colorado.

I’ve been into DC superheroes since I was 3 and watched the old 1960’s Batman movie on DVD. My dad grew up watching that show and reading comics and so I was introduced to those by him! My favorite character has been a tie between Batman and Superman, but I’m also a huge fan of Dick Grayson!


Welp. I’m Anonymousbluebeetle and my favorite characters are larfleeze, booster gold, and obviously Blue Beetle (Ted and Jaime). I go by anything related to blue beetle, and some abbreviations like BB or ABB which I’m now realizing that doesn’t really apply in the community anymore. My favorite robin is Jason Todd. My favorite batgirl is Stephanie brown. I also like Wonder Woman


Hey! I’m Titan0127. My DC history extends back to BTAS which is what got me interested in Batman and the BatFam! Batman, his allies and villains are obviously some of the best, and they’re some of my favorite characters. Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Joker, Riddler, and a many others to name a few. What got me into comics though was Arrow. That expanded my want for more to enjoy. Some of my favorite characters in comics right now are Wally West, Green Arrow, Superman, and Batman. Some comics I’m currently reading are: Flash (1987), Current runs on Detective, Action, Batman and Flash. Also I’m keeping up with Event Leviathan and Scott Snyder’s Justice Doom War. Look forward to talking about our favorite characters and their stories with everyone!


I’m Adamantine, and I live on the West coast of California. I got into collecting comics 3 years ago and my favorites are Firestorm, Tim Drake, Impulse, The Terrifics, and Will Payton. I like lots of other characters too. I buy a lot of DC titles and love the characters. I got into comics through the television and the New Age of Heroes titles.


I’m AlexanderKnox. I’m convinced that there’s a six-foot bat in Gotham City, and I’ve even heard that the commissioner’s opened a file.

Since I’m busy with my articles for the Gotham Globe, I allow certain posts to be ghostwritten by some English teacher who has been reading comics since before he entered grade school.


Howdy! I go by NovellPaladin and live in the beautiful heart state, Ohio. I grew up watching Batman and Superman, so much so I had to learn how to fix the film in the VHS tapes. I only got into comics about 6 years ago.

My family favors the villains, but my favorite superhero is Supergirl. Some of my other favorite characters are Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Batwoman, Raven, Batman, and (most recently) the Batman Who Laughs.

I also love history and the arts in every form, particularly writing.


Hey Everyone! I’ve grown up on comics and the animated shows since I can remember. I took a brief break from comics in High School but jumped right back on the comic train a few years back when I started college. My favorite characters would be Flash, Superman, GL, Nightwing, and more recently I’ve been getting into Batwoman, Tim Drake and Shazam!


Raised in Wisconsin and root for Packers, Brewers, Bucks and Badgers. Spent more than 20 years in the US Army before ending up back in the Midwest. I’ve read comics from since I can remember. First, Sad Sack and the Casper titles, but quickly moved on to DC where I’ve been attached ever since.


It’s nice to meet all of you. I’m pretty excited about having started this club and I’m glad to see so many people have joined. :smile:

So what sort of characters are you hoping to learn more about ? I’m more of a person who likes learning about characters that I don’t know much about and I have a tendency to like the support characters or secondary characters over the big guns like the Trinity (not that I don’t like them as well).


Hi! I’m AlexCarr and I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex in Texas. I’ve loved superheroes every since I was a kid watching Static Shock. I later learned to read (severely dyslexic and couldn’t read or write till I was 13 - my spelling still sucks so I apologize now) with superheroes. My first comics were the limited run Death comics and Teen Titans (which I still read to this day.) Comics lead me to get a creative writing degree in Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Superheroes. I went on to work as a comic book reviewer for 5 years and am now working on my own works.

I have a day job as a records coordinator for a local municipality, and when I’m not reading or writing I can be found at my dojo where I am working on my black belt.

I personally love looking at secondary characters or more obscure characters. I feel like we can learn a lot about our main character by who they spend their time with.

Oh yeah, my favorite character is Raven.


Hi I’'m JohnD…which is my real name and initial…LOL. I became a DC fan around 1978. I read a JLA/JSA crossover and was hooked. As the 80s came around I faithfully read JLA, New Teen Titans, and All-Star Squadron. In All-Star I became enamored with Hawkman. His story of reincarnating and reuniting with his lost love always grabbed me as I am a hopeless romantic. I am also a huge Batman fan. Through all this I became a HUGE fan of the Justice Society of America. I love the older characters and I loved their adventures on the original Earth-2 until the Crisis on Infinite Earths happened. I look forward to discussing DC’s library of characters with all of you.


I like to learn more about the characters I know and love, especially the more obscure ones. I’d love to talk Sand and Cyclone. And Will Payton and Prince Gavin. And Aquaman of Korea and Fate. :flash_hv_5::flash_hv_5:


Hey everyone,
I’m Mike M. I’m really happy to be here. I live on Long Island, New York. I’m a Yankees, Giants, Islanders and Golden State Warriors fan. Also I love the UFC and pro wrestling (go AEW lol)
Anyway, I got into Comics back in 1992. I became a Batman fan and still am after reading some of the earlier Comics and seeing the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie as well as watching the 1960’s Adam West Batman on the old Family Channel. I had at that time also became a fan of Tim Drake because he had just come out around that time for his solo comic battling the Joker which I recently purchased the entire series of because of the sentimental value. I love this app and am equally excited about joining this group because I want to learn and explore the other superheroes past and present that DC has to offer. I’m still a huge fan of both the silver and Golden age of Comics and look forward to talking and getting to know like-minded people who will help me and hopefully I’ll be able to help on this journey through the DC universe.
Thanks for having me and I look forward to getting to know all of you.


You and I have a lot in common. I too am intrigued with Hawkman and his story as well as the JSA.
Welcome to the group. I look forward to many great conversations

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I’m really hoping that this club will be a learning experience for all of us. I’ve been reading comics since 1974 or thereabouts but there are still lots of characters out there I have very little knowledge of.

@AlexCarr, @Arrow2911 and @JohnD3rd its nice to meet all of you. Welcome to the C of DC. Raven, the JSA and Hawkman are all great characters who I hope will be able to get into at some point.


So what character should we tackle in January? I’d be happy to hear your suggestions and then I will set up a poll so all of you can vote for which character should be next.

(December’s character has already been set because of a special event happening that I will tell you all about later.)

Thank you so much! I’m so excited to be here!

I’ll throw out the Endless as a fun bunch to study at some point. I also wouldn’t mind studying the JSA.

Question for November’s reads. Are they all on DC Universe? I’m struggling to find them all when I search the comics. And I can’t find them at my local comic book store either. :thinking:

Thanks for letting me know @AlexCarr. I’ll post the links for you and anyone else that needs them by tomorrow afternoon. I’ll update the first meeting post with them so check for them there. I’m headed to sleep right now. Its been a long day for me. Hope you all had a great Halloween.


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