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Hello all and welcome to the @CharactersOfDC first session for 2023. This month is Team Month here at our club and we will be taking a look back at one of my personal favorite teams in the DCU: The All Star Squadron.

This team was created by President Franklin Roosevelt on the same day as the Attack on Pearl Harbor and their mission was to protect the home front from invasion by super villians , saboteurs, and spies. Roosevelt called together solo heroes as well as the Justice Society of America, Freedom Fighters and the Seven Soldiers of Victory to create this team.

Lets get started shall we and see what this team has to offer.

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Team Stats

First Appearance:

  • Justice League of America #193 (preview appearance)

  • All Star Squadron #1


  • Roy Thomas, Rich Buckley, Jerry Ordway

Base of Operations

  • The Perisphere

Team Members


Team Wiki

Team wiki #2

As always I will be posting each weeks readings at the beginning of the week starting on Wednesday April 5th.


  • For May: Vic Sage: The Question

  • For June: Pride Month: Obsidian

  • For July: Villain Month: Darkseid Is…*


I must apologize for the late post. My internet was out for the last several days and my original file for this month’s post was accidentally deleted. So I’ve had to recreate the entire thing from scratch. :rage:

That being the case and since this will now be a shorter “week” than I was intending for it to be I just have a simple question to ask all of you:

How familiar are you with the All Star Squadron and whose your favorite member?


I have read the entire run on here in the past. Of what I consider the original members, I like Liberty Belle and Danette Reilly Firebrand best. If we move to Infinity Inc. then my favorite is Jade.

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I am very familiar with the team. This is one of my all time favorite DC comics series.

My favorite character is, of course, Superman. My favorites among those I hadn’t encountered before this series were Liberty Belle and Tarantula.


All-Star Squadron was released at a pace of one year of comics represented one month of the World War II era. The comic started in June 1981 and if it had never been cancelled or rebooted we would now be in July 1945. (starting in December 1941) Nazi Germany would be crushed, but Japan was still holding out. June 2023 would mark the first issue that takes place in August 1945. By the end of the year, we’d see two nuclear bombs dropped and VJ Day. Or would we?


My favorite member is Firebrand.


I am new to the All Star Squadron. I’m loving it! I thoroughly enjoy team books and any team with Dr Fate is most assuredly worth my time!


I just finished the Dr Fate backstory issue. I definitely like the full mask look better than the half mask. He looks like Guardian or the Bullet. Cant wait to learn more about the rest of the team!


To answer my own question:

My favorite is Liberty Belle although I do like Firebrand as well.

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And again I’m sorry for the delay in my posting Week Two’s post. I’ve been so busy training new people this week that it completely slipped my mind.

This week we will be taking a look at the All Star Squadron’s first appearance, which happens in Justice League of America #193.

This was another of what were called Preview Appearances that were common at the time as a way of introducing new characters or teams to readers. I sometimes wish they would go back to doing this since its pretty difficult for new characters these days to gain traction.

What are your thoughts on this introduction?

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That is a really cool fact that I wish we could have seen happen.


I dig the way they did the introduction with the little mini story, although this story was a bit hokey. I enjoyed it being set in Los Angeles because I live there and have visited the Coliseum and Echo Park many times. I agree with you about it being a good way for new characters/teams to gain traction and build a fan base. They should do that with more characters now a days. It might have helped Jessica Cruz.


I absolutely loved Jessica Cruz and thought she was an interesting character. I think she and others would have benefited from a similar type of introduction.


I agree. I’m reading several titles from the mid 80s, leading up to Crisis. Detective Comics had Green Arrow backup stories. Huntress appeared in Wonder Woman comics. I thought it worked perfectly.

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