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Welcome members of @CharactersOfDC to our July session. July is this club’s Annual Villains Month in which we take a peek at the other side of the coin to explore some of the great villains (or anti heroes) DC has. This year I thought that rather than having a single villain make their appearance here I would chose a team of villains instead.

Now this team that I have chosen may not get a lot of panel time but they always bring trouble to whomever they are facing and they are an interesting group of characters in their own right. So without further ado…

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And now for some extra information…

Earth-Three info

Crime Syndicate info

First Appearances:
Yes, this team has multiple first appearances because of various reboots and retooling the team went through. The team members remained pretty consistent through all this though.

Crime Syndicate of America
JLA #29 (August 1964)

Crime Syndicate of Amerika
JLA: Earth 2 (September 2000)

Crime Society of America
52 #52 (May 2007)

Crime Syndicate of America (N52)
JL #23 (October 2013)

Other appearances include

The Animal Man series
Infinite Crisis
justice league quarterly #8
Convergence issues
Secret files and origins 2004
JLA #109
JLA/Avengers crossover
Superman/Batman Annual #1 (2006)
Justice League of America (vol. 2) #43
Darkseid War
Forever Evil

There is a six issue Crime Syndicate mini currently being published that is on issue #4.

An interation of the team, called the Justice Lords, appears in the animated Justice League show.

The team also appears in the movie Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

Team members:
Every interation of the team has the following members.

  • Ultraman- Superman’s counterpart
  • Superwoman- Wonder Woman’s counterpart
  • Power Ring- Green Lantern’s counterpart
  • Owlman- Batman’s counterpart
  • Johnny Quick- Flash’s counterpart

Other members

  • Atomica- Atom’s counterpart
  • Blood Eagle- Hawkman’s counterpart
  • Barracuda/Sea King- Aquaman’s counterpart
  • White Martian- Martian Man Hunter’s counterpart
  • Deathstorm- Fire storm’s counterpart
  • Outsider- Alfred Pennyworth’s counterpart
  • Grid- Cyborgs counterpart (more or less)

Issues to read

Week One
* Justice League of America (1960) #29-30
Week Two
* JLA (1996) #107-114
Week Three
* Convergence: Crime Syndicate #1-2
Week Four
* Forever Evil #1-7

As always discussion questions will be posted on Sundays starting on July 4th but you’re always welcome to discuss the team or various characters on it anytime you’d like.

And that brings this session to an end. I hope you enjoyed this exploration of the Crime Syndicate. Next up in August we will be taking a look at a version of a character that I feel doesn’t get enough attention. August’s Character of the Month is David Zavimbe better known as Batwing. Hope to see you there.


There was also an iteration on Super Friends.

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Indeed @AntLeon.

And here they are. It’s not a very good image but…


I was hoping you’d get a decent grab of evil Robin’s pencil thin moustache.

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This one was the best I could find.


Also the team here was called the Super Enemies. Not very creative but…


Nice! Plus Red Batman.

But appropriately opposite…

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Red Batman for the win!

Too true.

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Thank you for the welcome!


The Super Enemies had the same names as the Super Friends as well, right?

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You’re welcome. I’m happy you have joined us here.

That is correct.


And here is our first question!

What did you think of the silver age first appearance of the Crime Syndicate of America and their fights against both the JLA and the JSA?

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I liked how the Crime Syndicate looked to find a better challenge. More than one recognized how they were getting rusty. It was interesting how the homefield advantage was governed by universe. I liked Owlman better when it seemed like he was outthinking his opponent(s) until it became more like mental abilities.

I was half expecting the league and the society to join forces against the syndicate. Instead, the theme was win by overload.

I am already looking forward to re-reading forever evil.


I liked that too. Honestly, I can see why they would be a bit bored on their own world.

It takes a smart villain to acknowledge that. There’s no challenge to their escapades if they are the only super powered individuals on their world.

Give a bit different meaning to that phrase doesn’t it? On the other hand it would get old after a point.

Well each of the Crime Syndicate does seem to have something different about them that distinguished them from their JL counterparts so I took Owlman’s mental powers to be his. :man_shrugging:

You know I was expecting that too so the 'win by overlaod ’ scenario was a bit of a surprise.

I enjoyed my reread of it myself.


Since he is Batman’s counterpart, I assumed he wouldn’t have a super power per se.


One of my favorite Super Friends episodes. And let’s give it up for HBO Max for bringing this show to their lineup.


In the case of the team from Earth-3 I would be given to think the whole point was in the fact their “Powers” are completely opposite of their counterparts. Owlman would have to have some sort of super power because Batman does not and it would likely be something to do with Batman’s greatest power, which is his mind. That’s just my take on it though.

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I need to rewatch Super Friends sometime soon. It’s literally been years since I have.

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And here is the second question of the month @CharactersOfDC.

What did you think of the “Syndicate Rules” storyline in JLA?

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Fair enough, particularly regarding this iteration of Owlman. Although mental acuity can be strengthened through training, the story didn’t provide the time to give that sort of explanation.

I did like that they were smiling a lot.

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I liked the “love triangle” that was the League, the Syndicate, and the Qwardians.

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