:characters_of_dc: Super Sons...But Not Who You Think :characters_of_dc:

Hello all and welcome to the Characters Of DC first session of 2024. This month we will be exploring the adventures and characters of the son of Batman and son if Superman who are often referred to as the Super Sons. Now you may all be thinking of Damian Wayne and Jon Kent but did you know there was a Super Sons duo before them?

Let’s see what they are all about in the trade Saga of the Super Sons.

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What to Read


  • What did you think of the first Super Sons duo?

On Deck @ Characters of DC

  • For May: Fire and Ice
  • For June: Harley and Ivy
  • For July: Justice League International

I didn’t know they collected these! I’ve definitely gotta check this out!


I knew they had but I was unaware until recently that it was on here so I thought it would be fun to re-read. It’s a bit dated but I do enjoy reading older stories anyway. Takes me back to my childhood. :slight_smile: