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I’ve posted the links to the issues. When you get to the link for the first issue of the Under the Red Hood storyline (Batman #635) simply hit next to access the next issue in the story and continue doing so until you’ve read through Batman
#650. I’ve also.provided a link to Batman Annual #25. Let me know if you have anymore questions or if the links don’t work.

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hey what’s everyone talking about?

Mostly we’re talking about favorite characters and introducing ourselves. Feel free to join in @dccool90sboy and welcome to the club.

I just wanted to introduce myself.
I started reading comics in the Early 90s. I live in New Jersey and I remember picking up Ragman and Deathstroke, when everyone else was reading Xmen. It was around the time when Death of Superman Happened. Then I meddled with some Image when they were all the hype. I went on a reading hiatus picking up Maybe Darkness or Spawn. Here and there.
Then I wanted too be a Comic Book Writer. And I tried out Fan Fiction , But Nothing came of it. But Depending on the community I might try it again.

So My Favorite Characters As of Now are Deathstroke & Harley Quinn , Favorite Team Suicide Squad, and right now I’m reading the 1980’s George Perez runs of Teen Titans and Wonder Woman. I just finished Dark Knights Metal. And thats why I’m in this group to , so I can Take on the rest of the Mega Event Crisis after Crisis


Sorry that I am late on my bio.

I live in the Bronx. part of New York City. near the Bronx Zoo. In My 30s and early 40s. I lived in the East Village. in Manhattan. Then returned to the Bronx to take care of my mom for the last 5 years of her life.

I.was born in 1950.making me 69. i am disabled - cant walk. with.weak vision. and alone.

i currently buy all my new comics via Comixology.

When I was little. i vaguely remember Richie Rich, Casper and Wendy from Harvey Comics.

I think I learned to read through comics.

The first comic book I really
remember was a Road Runner comic. He had a family, a wife and two kids. The wife had a
necklace around her, so we
knew she was female. And of
couse the Coyote. They talked
rather than said Beep Beep

Then there was the TV series,
The Adventures of Superman,
with George Reeves. I liked
how he played Clark Kent. He
wore glasses like me, but he
acted liked a real man, a role
model, not a clumsy fool like in
the comics I later read. And he
often smiled at the audience,
as he shared his secret with us.

l always loved dinosaurs.

Dell/Gold Key had Turok Son
of Stone, my namesake. He
was qn American Indian living
out West in the 19th Century.
He and his friend Andar got
lost in a hidden valley, full of

The first DC comic I read was
Detective Comics 255 in 1958
with a dinosaur on the cover. I
dont have the comic but i have
the story in a Batman 80 page
giant reprint. It is a mystery
and Batman could have been
any detective. He didn’t need
to be Batman.

Then I bought the last issue of Brave and Bold that had Justice League of America. What colorful costumes. Flash and Green Lantern had. They really impressed me.

Which lead to all things DC. i read everything. including Lois Lane!

I enjoyed DC comics as a kid
because it wasn’t kid stuff. The
heroes were heroes. had responsible jobs and had connections to the real world like non super girlfriends and friends. Often they solved problems by using science.

But the heroes had no personality. unlike the new Marvel heroes.

Then the Fantastic Four and
Amazing Spider-Man. And all
things Marvel

l grew to like Marvel more and
kept only ny JLA. Earth 2 and
Hawkman comics from DC. plus my early Marvel comics.

Batman TV made the DC comics silly and so I left comics. Also they were getting harder and harder to find.

I went back to comics in 1973 when i was going for my Masters in Quantative Analysis. I had Accounting class at 10 am and then Linear Programming at 6 pm. (If only one section of course offered at NYU it was at night so night students could take it.) So I had a lot of time on my hands. At a newstand near the subway they had Marvel Horror Magazines and i bought and enjoyed them.

There was nothing silly about these monsters, Dracula Franenstein Zombie. First Appearance of Tigra. First comics wriien by Chris Claremont with female leads. Then Tomb Of Dracula by Marv Wolfman. Man Thing had an annual called The Kid’s Night Out about a fat kid like me. along with first Howard the Duck story.

I bought back issues of the Kree Scrull War by Roy Thomas and some work by Neal Adams. Conan the Barbarian. I also bought DC back issues of Swamp Thing and GL/GA. They were very good. but it was like somebody else’s memories.

Dr Strange. Avengers and New
Xmen was great with art by John Byrne but so was Len Wein Satellite JLA. Egleheart Detective.Comics. Spectre in Adventures comics. All Star Comics with JSA and then All Star Squadron. The artwork was very clean and never bizarre like some Comics today.

I really didnt see the purpose of Crisis of Infinite Earths and the deaths of Supergirl and FIash but Perez Wonder Woman and Byrne Man of Steel were great.

Later I would get every issue.of Batman Year One. Dark Knight Returns. Watchmen. Killing Joke and appreciated their sophistication but not their darkness.

I liked Gail Simone Birds of Prey and Secret Six very much.

Trades started and I got Hawkman by Fox and Kubert in a durable format.

When new 52 came in I bought every titles and loved Aquaman. Demon Knights. Justice League Dark. Frankenstein. Earth 2 and Worlds Finest, | didnt Iike the new Superman. DC didn’t seem to have the talent or the editorial staff to keep up this promise.

Early Rebirth gave me great hope especially the Superman. Detective. Wonder Woman. Green Lanterns. Aquaman and Titans.

Now it takes an effort to get through most of the titles today except for Freedom Fighters and Hawkman. Gone are Tynion Detective Comics and Ruka Wonder Woman. Gone is the love of the Kent family ruined by Bendis.

Looking back I guess Bronze Age calls to me most but I am glad i can read most of my favorites here. Some are long in the past and some are fairly recent. I just want Spectre in Adventure Comics here and I could just be satisfed by reading the library. I still have those issues though.

In the Everything DC Forum . I recently updated my Super Hero History and Road to the Trinity: Superman. Batman and Wonder Woman topics.

I find writing the history allows me to understand the various Comic Book.Eras.

I did the Friday Fan Creation Writing Topic each week.and won the award for that category.

Harder to find by Search is my ten Writing Topics that few read and two thirds of my novel that one of the mods reviewed nicely.

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Raven was my favorite character as a kid, I grew up watching the teen titans animated series. I have a soft spot for the “misunderstood” characters. Although my all time favorite character is Nightwing/any younger version of Dick Grayson, I do like the secondary characters that other people don’t pay as much attention to.


I’m the same way! I love the misunderstood characters. They are the ones who always have the most interesting stories to tell. Raven and Nightwing are definitely my favorites. And I’m even loving the versions of them on Titans.


Random side note, but I’m tying to pull together a rp group where people can create OC within the DC universe. Everyone’s new character would form a group of heroes (similar to the Titans or Young Justice). Is it something you’d be interested in?


For SoCal. Been into comics sine 69/70.

I started with Star Trek comics my brother and sister had.

Silver & Bronze ages are my favorite eras of comics. They don’t get the credit they deserve, especially the Bronze Age. People often talk about “modern” comics, but seem to not know or understand that they started with the Bronze Age.

My fav character is Darkseid.
As for others, pretty much anyone from the 4th world. Ferro Lad, Proty (I & II), Light Lass, Power Girl, Flash (Barry & Jay), Spectre, Atom (Ray Palmer), The Phantom Stranger, any Green Lantern that is not from earth (our earth based GLs are so bleepin boring), Ra’s Al Guhl, Vandel Savage The Top, Zatanna, Dr. Fate.
(Ok I’ll stop now, this list could go on and on.)


hey I love DC universe too

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Thanks! Just wanted to make sure I was qualified before trying to join.

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Character of the Month for June is Booster Gold. Club discussion can be found here.

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Here’s a link to our first ever Watch Along for those that are interested.

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Here’s our First Annual Villains Month featuring Red Lantern Leader Atrocitus.

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Here’s our second WAL. Hope some of you can make it. Cheers.


Here’s our next discussion. Hope to see you all there.

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