[Characters of DC] Villain Month: Atrocitus [July 2020]

July is Officially Villain Month here at C of DC. That’s right the DC Villains have voted one of their own as our Chara…er… Villain of the Month.

Presenting the Leader of the Red Lanterns: Atrocitus!

So dust off your favorite villain persona and lets get this discussion started.

Character Bio

Character Chronology Pre-FP

Character Chronology Post-FP

This month’s issues

Week One: Secret Origins

* Green Lantern #29-35

Week Two: Rage of the Red Lanterns

* Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns #1 & Green Lantern #36-38

Week Three: With Blood and Rage

* Red Lanterns #0 & Red Lanterns # 1-5

Week Four: Red Planet

* Green Lanterns #1-5

Anyone else sensing a theme here?


This Month’s Watch-Along

Episodes from GL:TAS

(There will be a poll forthcoming to chose the episode.)

Discussion Questions

  1. First of all how familiar are you with our Villain of the Month?

  2. How much do you know about the Red Lanterns?

  3. Did you feel there was any difference between Pre-FP Atrocitus and the New 52 version of the character?

  4. What did you think of the GL:TAS version of the character? What about other media versions of the character?

That’s all for this month folks. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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I really don’t like the GL:TAS version of Atrocitus. He reminds me of a character from the old Gumby show when i was a kid. I understand you have to tone him down for the series but his look is almost comical to me here.


I can see that. I didn’t really like the character design much either @BigGLfan. I did, however, like his characterization.


I really enjoyed the reading this week. Atrocitus is one of my favorite characters. I love that he feels that what he’s doing is right. He was wronged by the guardians and the manhunters and wants revenge. I like watching him grow and groom his corps in his image. He recognizes the need for a second in command by throwing Bleez into the Blood Lake. But almost immediately, suspecting her of treason. That, to me, shows he’s a realist. Neither good nor bad, it just is what it is and he’s accepted it.

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I can see that. It makes perfect sense that he would want revenge. Honestly the Guardians always come off to me as overly superior and smug.

I like seeing that too because seeing him build up his Corps adds dimension to both Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns. They could have very easily fallen into the “one note” trap some villains do but they did not thankfully.

Ah, Bleez. My other favorite Red Lantern.

I think Atrocitus would suspect anyone in Bleez’s position of being a traitor. I agree it’s a realist’s reaction however I also feel there’s a bit of paranoia there as well. Atrocitus is very well versed in the power of rage so he would be wise not to let his guard down even for a second.

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I agree 100%! They have always bugged me. So self rightous!

I never thought of the paranoia aspect, but it makes sense. He’s been left alone for so long, it would be natural that he would be skeptical of anyone because he’s been done dirty by the universe for so long.
Bleez is also my favorite red as well. She’s the perfect beautiful entitled princess getting her comeuppance from the universe.

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The Red Lanterns are what got me into comics all together. I first saw them in Blackest Night back in 2016 and just fell in love from there. So many amazing characters too Rankorr, Bleez, Guy Gardner N52. Honestly for me Atrocitus was kind of overshadowed by the amazing stories of the side characters.
The picture is a meme i made of Atrocitus meeting Peter Griffin. You can check out more stuff like that on my facebook page Red Lantern-Core.

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I read the Rage of the Green Lanterns story after finishing Legion of Three Worlds this week in hopes that they would both tie into Countdown or Final Crisis itself in a satisfying way. This Green Lantern story felt especially detached from FC in spite of the tie-in issue. I had read Secret Origin some years ago and thought it was okay. I don’t feel like Atrocitus has proven to be all that compelling a villain thus far, but I haven’t read the Red Lanterns series yet, so maybe there’s more to him later on. He just feels an unnecessary character to me. We already had Alan Moore’s Qull and the Emerald Dawn villain Legion, so why did we need Atrocitus?

Someone needs to update the Wikipedia Atrocitus article. I do recall he had his time and then became a minor character for the Red Lanterns towards the end of the Red Lantern run. I have been blissfully oblivious to all this playing around with corpses to gain power he was doing earlier on, glad I missed all those stories. I greatly enjoyed Red Lanterns when Guy Gardner was heading them up.

Also, any “final” thoughts on the Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds storyline? Let us know over on the other thread please…