[Characters of DC]Ladies Night Out [September 2020]

Characters of DC Presents: Ladies Night Out

Hello again everyone and welcome to another month spent with some of DC’s finest. This month’s theme centers around some of the great women characters that are part of the DC Universe. Each one of these characters holds a special place in my heart and I know the same is true for a lot of fans of these characters.

As with last month I will be posting information on each of the following characters along with links to stories featuring those characters and other tidbits of information. Be sure to look for those additional posts @CharactersOfDC.

Here’s the complete list for this month.

  • Week One (9/1-9/7): Zatanna Zutara: Mistress of Magic

  • Week Two (9/8-9/14): Jessica Cruz: Green Lantern

  • Week Three (9/15-9/21): Cassandra Cain: Black Bat

  • Week Four (9/22-9/28): Courtney Whitmore: Stargirl

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  • Next Month: Monster Mash

Star and Power Ring are my favorites.



Zatanna Zutara is the daughter of Giovanni Zutara and a magical being named Sindella. She is famed for both her showmanship and her magical skills. She has also been a member of several teams over the years.

Zatanna Character Bio


Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson

Team Affliations:

  • JLA

  • JLD

  • Sentinals of Magic

  • Seven Soldiers of Victory

  • Young Justice

Key Storylines

  • Zatanna’s Search

  • Day of Judgement

  • Reign in Hell

  • Everyday Magic (Vertigo)

  • Seven Soldiers: Zatanna

  • Zatanna and Black Canary: Bloodspell

  • Mystic U

We will be reading the following issues this week.

Zatanna’s Search

  • Hawkman #4
    “The Girl Who was Split in Two”

  • Detective Comics #336
    " Batman’s Bewitched Nightmare"
    (The “Unnamed Witch” character was retconned to be a brainwashed Zatanna. I’m not sure it works but I included it anyway.)

  • Atom #19
    “World of the Magic Atom”
    (This issue has yet to be digitized so this is just a summary unfortunately.)

  • Green Lantern #42
    “The Other Side of the World”

  • Detective Comics #355
    “The Tantalizing Troubles of the Tripod Thieves” (Backup story)

  • JLA #51
    “Z…As In Zatanna…and Zero Hour”

Here’s an interesting article on the above story for your perusal.


Feel free to also read any other story listed above or issues of JLD or Zatanna’s solo or Mystic U. if you wish and discuss those. Since there are other characters we are covering this month I am trying not to overwhelm anyone with to much reading.

I also have a poll for you all @CharactersofDC.

Do you like this new format for the club were we feature a group of characters together in a month or do you prefer the original one character a month approach?

  • One character only
  • Two characters only
  • Four characters only
  • Mix it up month to month

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See you all next week when we delve into Jessica Cruz.


So @CharactersOfDC how did you feel about “Zatanna’s Search”?

What did you like or dislike about it?

Do you think it was a good introduction to the character or are there other stories you liked better?

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I really wish the atom issue was digitalized. It is in a trade paperback.

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I wish it was as well @Green_Loontern. I was annoyed to find out it wasn’t when I planned for this story to be the focus one. At least the other issues of this particular story were available here.

What makes this story special besides it including Zatanna’s first appearance (in Hawkman #4) is the fact that this is the first crossover story ever done. That’s pretty amazing in and of itself but what I find most interesting is that it’s a story that is concentrating on a new character.

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Jessica Cruz is a recent addition to both the Green Lantern Corps and to the DCU. She is a young woman struggling with a crippling anxiety that left her afraid to even venture outside her door until the ring of Volthoom chose her because of that fear. From that moment on her life changed.


  • Geoff Johns & Ethan Van Sciver

Character Bio

First Appearance

What to read

* Justice League (vol 2) 41-50
“Darkseid War”

* Green Lanterns #15
“A Day in the Life”

I think "The Amazo Virus is a better read for her than “Darkseid War.”

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@matthew.hecht47.66946 Feel free to post a link to that story if you like

The reason I chose Darkseid War for this is because it is the story in which her actions lead to her being chosen by a Green Lantern ring. Being freed from the Ring of Volthoom was an important step forward for her character.

the atom story is reprinted here.

Thanks for finding that @Green_Loontern.

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Someone else actually mentioned it in the print to digital request thread when I requested it.

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Justice League 31-33
Where she has to deal with becoming Power Ring, and Batman gives her a great big hug.


Cool. Glad someone could pitch in. :+1:t4:

Batman hugging anyone… That’s pretty surreal.

You know I really feel for Jess here in these issues.


Just checking in. I’ve been on a tear reading through the Green Lantern Corps 2006 and Green Lantern 2005 books and while I am aware of Jessica Cruz, and her anxiety, I haven’t read much of her and Simon’s storyline. That being said, I found this topic and wanted to see what else I could find out about her. I gotta say, “A Day in the Life” really hit home for me. What a great story! Comics don’t usually make me tear up, but this one did. Especially when Simon was waiting for Jess with breakfast and what he said. It wasn’t much, no pep talk, no promises, just, I’m here. It really got to me. What a great read!

I’m am Jack’s weepy eyes.

@bcarder2: ‘A Day in the Life’ is one of my favorite stories ever and it was because it hit me in the feels as well. I have a cousin who went through a traumatic experience that left her with a similar PTSD issue as Jess. Like Jess, every day is a struggle for her so this particular story felt very real and genuine. It hit close to home for me.

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Also for those interested in reading more comics starring Jess here’s a link to DCU Book Club Girl Power’s next topic with more Jessica Cruz.

@JLWWSM runs a top notch club so please join it if you like.

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The daughter of David Cain and Lady Shiva and the adopted daughter of Bruce Wayne AKA Batman, Cass is one of DCUs top martial artists and fighters. I’d even call her the best one but of course its a matter of opinon. Her speciality is reading the body language of her opponents which gives her the edge in combat. She was given the Batgirl mantle by Barbara Gordon and would later work out of Hong Kong under the name Black Bat. She also has the distinction of being the first Batgirl to have a solo title.

Character bio

First appearance: Batman #567

First appearance as Batgirl: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #120

First appearance as Black Bat: Batman Incorporated Vol. 1 #6

Creators: Kelley Puckett, Damion Scott and Alex Maleev


  • Batman: No Man’s Land

  • Batgirl

  • Bruce Wayne: Murderer

  • Bruce Wayne: Fugitive

  • Batman: War Games

  • Batman and Robin Eternal

What to Read

Plus any other issues you may want to post in the comments here.

Next week we wrap up things with a look at Courtney Whitmore: Stargirl.

Which comics are we supposed to be reading for black bat? Sorry, just got caught up on all the reading. Thank you!

Never mind, I found it.

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