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Hello everyone! September is New Gods Month here @CharactersOfDC so we will be taking a look at Mister Miracle and see what he’s all about. So let’s get going.

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Character Stats

Creator: Jack Kirby

First Appearance: Mister Miracle #1 (1971)

Place Of Origin: New Genesis (formerly)/Apokolips

Teams: New Gods, Justice League & Justice League International

Character Wiki

Character Chronology

Except from the above wiki:

Scott Free is the son of Izaya Highfather, the ruler of New Genesis, and his wife, Avia. As part of a diplomatic move to stop a destructive, techno-cosmic war against the planet Apokolips, High father agreed to an exchange of heirs with the galactic tyrant Darkseid. The exchange of heirs as hostages was supposed to guarantee that neither side would attack the other. Scott was traded for Darkseid’s second-born son Orion.

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What is your favorite Mister Miracle story?

In the Wings

For October: Waylon Jones: Killer Croc

For November: Christopher Chance: The Human Target

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I really enjoyed Tom King and Mitch Gerards Mister Miracle.
I’ve always been drawn in by Mister Miracle and Big Barda as a couple. I love that they just want to be Scott and Barda -Normal People. But unfortunately keep getting forced into superhero situations.

I think the Tom King run had a good take on how that can wear a person (super or not) down.

And then MM and BB are faced with basically a version of the ultimatum MM’s own birth father had to choose: give Darkseid your baby to ensure he doesn’t destroy your planet. How devastating is that?


Apropos timing! New Gods 2 just dropped on Friday and features a bunch of Kirby samples in the song Mister Miracle!

I’m sure you planned that.


I’m new to things, so sorry if this is a dumb question.
There are songs? Do you mean New Gods like, the comic? Or something else. I’m interested!

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Yes, songs – full albums!

Look up the rapper named Mike Titan; he makes heavy use of comic book, movie, and pop culture samples and references in his songs. (Beyond DC, Voltron, Lord of the Rings, Bob Ross, Predator, The Living Dead, Michael Jordan, Westworld, etc) Some are actually “about” the characters or creators; others are just passing references.

Singles and albums include things like Swamp Thing, From Apokolips to New Genesis (which actually opens with Star Wars samples in the original release), Truth, Justice, and the American Way, and so on.

Anyway… last year he released an album called The New Gods, which I think was the first album where he kept the title as a theme throughout all the tracks: Apokolips, Darkseid’s Elite, New Gods, Dark Ominous Tone, Darkseid of Orion, The Source, and New Genesis. The New Gods: Part II dropped on 31Aug; doesn’t follow the same theme as tightly title-wise, but tells its own version of a “story by Jack Kirby” that isn’t overtly identifiable (to me). The album closes with the aforementioned Mister Miracle track, which is largely just an ode to Kirby, heavily sampling an old interview with him talking about why he created the New Gods.



That’s so cool!
It’s going on my work playlist tomorrow. Thanks!