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Hello folks and welcome to our Annual Villain Month session. This time around our villain of choice is Darkseid himself: the biggest, baddest villain to walk the DCU. So lets see what Darkseid is all about.

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Character Stats

Creator: Jack Kirby

First Appearance: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134

Character Wiki

Character Chronology

As always I will be posting each week’s session on Mondays starting with Monday July 3rd.

In the Wings

  • For August: Marvel Family

  • For September: New Gods

  • For October: Waylon Jones: Killer Croc


And here is Week One for you.

* Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134-136


Is anyone else creeped out by how much of a shadowy type figure this earlier version of Darkseid is? I’m honestly more used to the more “in your face, Omega beam” version so this was a bit of a surprise and a nice change of pace.


Gah I apologize again for the delay. To much stuff going on in real life.

I’m just going to go ahead a post the rest of the month’s stuff now. Gah!!!

Week Two was as follows:

What to Read

* New Gods #1-2


  • Now here is the Darkseid I was expecting to see in the previous issues. What did you expect to see from Darkseid in these issues?

Week Three & Four

What to Read

* Forever People #3-8


  1. What do you think of Darkseid in these issues?

  2. Those Omega Beams sure are interesting. What would you do with them if you had that sort of power?

  3. I found it interesting that Darkseid said he “no more than what has to be done.” Did you find that interesting?


I’m just starting my comics journey. But I think I agree. At least in Tom Kings Mister Miracle, and the first few issues of the original Mister Miracle, Darkseid feels more like a King character. Large and in charge, sending his followers to do his bidding.

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I am certainly more used to seeing him as being “large and in charge”. I was not expecting that Darkseid had ever been anything but that. It was a bit weird bit also not bad.

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I just joined the community, so I’m playing catch up. But I’m pretty excited to read the New Gods issues from week 2. lve scheduled some time to get to them on Wednesday! :slight_smile:

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Cool. I love the New Gods and just couldn’t stop reading it after just those two issues. You should definitely give the rest of the series a read when you get time to.


Happy DCUI Anniversary @JasonTodd428! :ttns_gif_jason2: Thank you for being a wonderful member of the community! :batparrot:


Thanks @Shayera.Hol!

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I didn’t come into this any expectations. Like I said before, my only real exposure to Darkseid has been the first few Mister Miracles, and Tom Kings Mister Miracle Series. But this Darkseid definitely felt more like himself in the original Mister Miracles. Sending bad guy after bad after Orion.
I do think it’s neat how when it comes to Orion, Darkseid respects him as a warrior and knows that he wouldn’t allow himself to be captured, whereas in Mister Miracle vol 1, the whole point is to capture Scott and bring him (and Barda) back to apokolips. (At least from what I can remember. Maybe im wrong)

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