Would You Rather: The Curse of Immortality

Welcome to Would You Rather!

Welcome to Would You Rather, DC Edition! I’ll be presenting you with some tough choices and want to know why you’ve chosen them. Don’t be afraid to get chatty! :wink:

This week I’ll be throwing in a scenario to mix things up!

A stolen grimoire, whispered to grant immortality, ignites chaos in Gotham. Catwoman eyes it as a ticket to eternal power and influence, while Zatanna feels the responsibility to retrieve it before it falls into the wrong hands. But this grimoire comes with a terrifying curse…

Would You Rather…

  • Help Catwoman who would steal the grimoire and unlock its immortality, becoming forever young and powerful. But the magic comes at a cruel cost: it enslaves her, forcing her to kill to fuel her immortality… ultimately hastening her transformation into a monstrous being whose only concern is feeding the grimoire’s hunger. Can you watch powerlessly as she becomes a soulless predator?
  • Help Zatanna who would intercept the grimoire and destroy it, protecting countless lives from its curse. But the grimoire retaliates, binding her essence to its pages. To break free, she must unravel its secrets, which can only end with her mind being corrupted while she slowly loses her connection to the mortal world. Are you willing to have a hand in sacrificing her humanity and mind to save others?
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I woukd help Zatanna. Because I trust her way more. I would not even let Catwoman talk.


I would help Zatanna. I’d want to save lives, not to mention I have a soft spot for Z (I couldn’t say, “No,” to her or Jessica Cruz). Also, I trust Z or one of her allies to figure a way out.


If I may throw in my two cents, I think the hypothetical mentioned above a bit of a loaded question. Perhaps that’s a bold statement to make, however allow me to explain. One of the reasons I say this, is because of the execution. Everyone now knows the outcome of each choice, before they can even vote on it. I say this because, knowing the outcome 100% changes the answers people would give. Let me give some examples.

#1. Because people know what the book will do to Catwoman, that could be used as a way to talk her out of stealing it. There by creating a third option that the question didn’t consider.

#2. Because people know what the book will do to Zatanna, the wise choice would be to get other (possibly more powerful) spellcasters involved. Like Doctor Fate or the Specter for instance. Have them take the book and (instead of destroying it) banish it to a pocket dimension.

#3. On the subject of creating a third option that the question didn’t consider, hang both prier options and just have Superman throw the book into the Sun.

If the question was instead (Help Catwoman steal a spell book that grants immortality, or help Zatanna destroy the book before it gets into the wrong hands.), that would be a harder question to answer for most people. Then, if people saw what their answer created / cost (only after they voted), that would raise a fantastic fallow up question. Do you regret your choice? Knowing this information before answering, I feel just dis-benefits the whole point of the question.


I mean, sure its a big risk to Zatanna. But we all know she can find a loophole and break free


Help Z. It’s a big risk but it’s risk’s like that heroes take daily to saves life and the kind of hero she is she’d probably insist it. While Cat would definitely not want to be a killer monster.


You had me at helping Zatanna. I’m aware that going with her on this journey would come with risks, but Z is smart and I would trust her. I would also be there for her in keeping her safe and stable, along with whoever is on the mission


I would help Catwoman. Because ultimately, a killer Catwoman is less dangerous than an amoral Zatanna, whose power could shatter the world without her conscience.


I updooted the post a few days ago but I wanted to hear arguments before voting.

I think Hubby has swayed me.

Catwoman it is!


Switching my vote