Would You Rather: Legacies

Welcome to Would You Rather!

Welcome to Would You Rather, DC Edition! I’ll be presenting you with some tough choices and want to know why you’ve chosen them. Don’t be afraid to get chatty! :wink:


Would You Rather…

  • Shoulder the iconic bat emblem, carrying the legacy of Bruce Wayne, Batman, a symbol of resilience and unwavering justice, forever living in the shadow of Gotham’s legendary Bat-family
  • Forge your own path, a new hero blazing a trail with untested methods and ideals, risking scorn and doubt from established figures
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While it would be great to be part of the Bat legacy, I have always been very individualistic. I would rather forge my own path, even if the Justice League, the government, law enforcement, etc. look down on me.


While I think it’d would be cool to be under the Bat’s wing, wearing the Bat symbol on my chest would be a heavy thing to carry.

I would rather forge my own path of justice


Good thing I already am Batman


Forging my own path of questionable justice is literally what my self insert character does. Gotham would look a lot better if it was pink, don’t you agree?



I’ll take a bat legacy. Definitely a big burden but you’ll have you fellow bat family to support you train you get you ready to hero. And carve my own path in that legacy. Plus all the bat stuff sound fun.


Bat Legacy

If I’m staying true to myself, then I’d probably really mess up badly if I went at it alone.

I definitely need guidance and there’s no better teacher.


I think it would be cool to hang out with the batfamily.
and it comes with all the stuff you need including backup.
also don’t mind doing the little jobs there’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t get done now that alfred is gone.


I would avoid the bat emblem.

While I appreciate the need for back-up and support, I think that perhaps I would find things stifling under Batman’s leadership.


If it’s the Wayne Family Adventures Batfamily, then hell yeah, sign me up for that! But otherwise the trauma would just be too strong in practice, as cool as it’d still be in theory