Pride Profile: DC Comics HIV/AIDS Ads

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:00_dc_pride: Pride Profile. DC Comics HIV/AIDS ads.


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For more on one of the driving forces behind these ads, see this Pride Profile on creator Neal Pozner.


I wonder if Tim ever found anything…


Okay, that reminds me, fun(?) fact that came from Jim Starlin a few years back:

“At one point, DC had this idea of giving one of their characters AIDS so they could do an AIDS booklet,” explained Starlin. “Strangely enough, they decided to put up a ballot box and let the people who worked in the company decide who was gonna get AIDS in the DC Universe. I tried to stuff the box with Robin’s name, and at the end it was Jimmy Olsen who was elected to get AIDS. The entire project was eventually abandoned.”


Interestingly, the one with Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and Fire was released re-released with the art I guess drawn over to reflect their then newer costumes.


I remember hearing about this a few years ago and was shocked at first, until I heard how it would have happened, then it made more sense because of his origin.

(Trying to be vague for those who haven’t read the article/watched the video up above)