Pride Profile: Tefe' Holland

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:00_dc_pride:Pride Profile: Tefe’ Holland. Originally introduced in Swamp Thing Vol 2 #90 by Doug Wheeler and Pat Broderick, Tefe’ is the daughter of the Swamp Thing, Abby Arcane and John Constantine (it’s a long story). This human-plant hybrid was tutored by former plant elemental Lady Jane and eventually manipulated by the Parliament of Trees into waging war on humankind. It took all three of her parents conspiring to subsume her personality into the body of a dying fifteen year old girl to end the threat. And that is where this starts as she stars in Brian K. Vaughan’s Swamp Thing (2000). Though she has had difficulty connecting to humanity at times, Tefe’ is later revealed as bisexual.

Tefe’s Swamp Thing


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Whenever I think about John’s role in Tefé’s creation, I think of that time Homer Simpson offered to be a sperm donor: “I always wanted to have a kid with zero responsibility!”


Homer > Constantine


I’ve always wanted to read her run since I first heard of her, but wanted to finish the Moore run and all the stuff leading up to it first.

I’m surprised she’s never really made a comeback – especially since even the New 52 implied that the events of the Vertigo run did happen.


If you look at the DC History Club thread on Swamp Thing, I have a very short review of each author to take on the character (though I need to finish a couple). I excoriate her Swamp Thing series, and I’m usually on the positive side. I like the character just big problem’s with the series

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I now have a non-existent episode of The Simpsons stuck in my head in which Homer is John Constantine. I doubt I have the art skills to make this happen, by gosh darn it, I’m going to try.


oh, the Easter eggs


My gods, that’d be amazing.


I LOVED Brian K Vaughn’s run with Tefe. I was glued to the comic for weeks because I kept going back and rereading. She’s such a fascinating character. Though I question this haircut.


I was fascinated, love BKV’s work, but at the end of the day had a strongly negative reaction to this series. We should force 50 people to read and rate the series. For the sake of science.


Forget sticking a finger in an electrical socket, she looks like she stuck her finger in the Speed Force.

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First off, I learned a new word today – “excoriate.” :smiley:

Second, I’m surprised! Tefe’s series is by Brian K. Vaughn, right? He usually does some high quality comics.

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I really dig his work, and it’s just one dude’s opinion, but I so wanted to like it and by the end hated every single character. Nice covers though.

This is my very dark but on-brand headcanon: Bases on the dialogue in DCeased: Dead Planet, I’m guessing that Tefé is dead in that timeline, and my theory is when John explains that he has a pure heart - just don’t ask where he got it - he somehow has hers. (DCeased: Dead Planet spoilers) Again, dark, but on-brand and also kind of sweet?


I wouldn’t argue with that