Pride Profile: Nightmare Nurse

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:00_dc_pride:Pride Profile: Nightmare Nurse. Asa was a demon who decided the best way to save her dying human mistress was to take over her body. Having sworn the Hippocratic Oath to Apollo and Panacea, Asa became the Nightmare Nurse. Created by Dan DiDio, J.M. Dematteis, and Philip Tan, Nigthmare Nurse debuted in The Phantom Stranger #8 where she worked with Zatanna to heal the injured Stranger. When she’s not enjoying the company of dryads and sylphs, or John Constantine, this naughty nurse sometimes helps out the Justice League Dark with her abilities to heal and wield magic.

Phantom Stranger
Justice League Dark


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I admit we had many characters to choose from for profiles, but when I saw Nightmare Nurse on a list, I had to put her in. I’m smitten by her bad girl does good (if she’s in the mood) ways.


Only really know her from the animated movie, I’ll have to read some of the JLD stuff she was introduced in at some point.


Pretty entertaining. She’s just very memorable

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