Pride Profile: Ghost-Maker


:00_dc_pride:Pride Profile: Ghost-Maker. James Tynion and Jorge Jimenez have created a new rival for Batman that shows us who Bruce Wayne might have been without Alfred’s influence. Ghost-Maker, introduced in Batman vol. 3 #100, considers himself a hero with all of Batman’s training, money and skill. He also has a taste for the high-life, including the pleasures of men and women, that Bruce only pretends to have. He’s also willing to kill. If you want to know more about this new entry into the Batman mythos, you’ll have to keep reading DC Comics because he’s just gotten started.

ghost maker

Batman Vol. 3 #100


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wait…I’m a few issues behind on this run. Last one I read was Harley, Bat’s and Clown killer :thinking: punk rock clown baseball bat kid were they all get ghost napped. Is he an official LGBT character since then, or is this speculation?


Official, he talks about seducing men and women and was in bed with both. And creator says he is. Didn’t do any profiles based on speculation no matter how popular


Okay just curious, hadn’t heard about it.


No problem, think Tynion said he was a while ago but it’s been explicit last couple months in the Ghost- Maker backup story


There’s a backup story…man I’m behind LOL. I like this character the first bit we get of his back story from Bruce or I think it was Alfred’s telling was cool. Tynion has been introducing some cool new characters to the Batman lore.


wait it couldn’t have been Alfred. I miss Alfred.