Community Event Highlights: Week of 8/3: Doom Patrol Finale Watch-Along

Summer is winding down and soon school bells will start ringing! :books: :memo:

However, before we’re back to hitting the books, we’ve got some lasting summer fun for you here in the DC Universe Community! :partying_face:

So, grab a cool lemonade and check out what we have for you this week!

Monday, August 3rd

Tuesday, August 4th

Wednesday, August 5th

  • [Superman Fan Club] Superman 50’s TV Show 1st Wednesday of the Month Watch-Along Wednesday, August 5th, 9 PM ET/6 PM PT/7 PM MT/8 PM CT
    More Details to Come!

Thursday, August 6th

And if you’re still looking for reading recommendations, join in on one of our Fan Club Discussions:

And there are always new, interesting threads popping up for you to participate and share your love for DC, so plenty to do right here in the Community!

Is there a hangout or event you’d like to participate in, but you’re not seeing it? Let us know in the comments below!


This week on Wednesday we are watching The Adventures of Superman TV shows directly based on actual Superman comic books published around the same time!

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I can’t believe it’s the finale already

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