[DC Animated Club] August 2020: Clayface Cartoons!

LOTDK 89 cover

This month, the DC Animated Club will be observing the oeuvre of the greatest ACT-OR in the DC universe! That is right: we will be looking at the adaptation history of everyone’s favorite thespian, Clayface! Each week, join us as we check out two episodes featuring this slimy star!

Week 1 (August 2-8): The New Adventures of Batman (1977)

  1. Curses! Oiled Again!
  2. Dead Ringers

Week 2 (August 9-15): Batman (1992)

  1. Feat of Clay, Pt. 1
  2. Feat of Clay, Pt. 2

Week 3 (August 16-22): The Batman (2004)

  1. The Clayface of Tragedy
  2. Clayfaces

Week 4: (August 23-29): Harley Quinn (2019)

  1. So, You Need a Crew?
  2. You’re a D*** Good Cop, Jim Gordon

Each week, tell us below what you thought of the show’s take on this classic villain! Don’t forget to tell us which episode you enjoyed the most from each pairing! Oh, and if you had these powers, how would you use them? (To multitask in animating your own Clayface cartoon, perhaps?) Let us know, @DCAnimatedClub! (And thanks to @Reaganfan78 for letting me fill in this month!)


I’ll do everything except harley quinn


I’m ready​:clinking_glasses:


That’s a cool mug


Additionally, Clayface has appeared in some of the comics based on the DCAU! Here is a sampling of issues that you can check out if you’re looking for more muddy goodness:

  1. The Batman Adventures #8 (1993)
  2. Gotham Adventures #30 (2000)
  3. Gotham Adventures #39 (2001)
  4. Batman Adventures #14 (2004)
  5. Justice League Adventures #33 (2004)

As early cartman says “Sweeet”! I especially love Harley Quinn tas clayface’s pinnash :clayface_grinhqtas:(hope I spelled it right).


No Young Justice (2011) #12 comic?


I actually own Gotham adventures 30, also, will w have WA for this


I’m not sure. I’ll look at the schedule.

Would Tuesdays at 8 pm EDT work for everyone?

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  • No

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That would be right at 5 pm for those on the pacific coast. :thinking:

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Started work on a BTAS Clayface piece of fan art today actually. I’ll share it once it’s completed. :bat:


I do have an idea for next month, and it’s NOT about Harley Quinn. I already did her back in February. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s my new piece of art featuring Clayface:


Would 8:30 or 8:45 EDT work better?

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This week’s episodes feature Matt Hagen, the second Clayface. To understand his classic Silver Age origin and shape-shifting powers, check out Detective Comics #298. For a modernized version of the story, see Legends of the Dark Knight #89-90.

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Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the first week’s episodes. We are now turning our focus to the version of Clayface featured in the 1990s Batman animated series. This character is named after Clayface II (Matt Hagen), but his backstory as a fading star is directly taken from the original Golden Age Clayface (Basil Karlo), and the tragic elements of his transformation are somewhat reminiscent of Clayface III (Preston Payne).

Since this Clayface is an amalgamation of different characters, I would recommend learning about all of them. Luckily, that’s pretty easy thanks to the Mud Pack story arc from 1989:

  1. Secret Origins # 44
  2. Detective Comics # 604
  3. Detective Comics # 605
  4. Detective Comics # 606
  5. Detective Comics # 607

As for the watch-along, the plan is for the same time as last week: Tuesday at 8:30 pm EDT.

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Hello @AlexanderKnox, I thought I add couple of videos about Clayface.
Here’s his Orgin story.

Here’s Clayface through the years in tv and movies.:slightly_smiling_face:
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another few cartoons I recommend are,
Batman unlimited: Monster Mayhem, the movie sadly is NOT on dc universe, but one of his parts is here.

Here is another clayface batman unlimited appearance in this short, that just shows the power of Clayface.

Also cant go wrong with young justice

Young Justice season 2 ep. 1
Young Justice outsiders: Triptych


oops, almost forgot, Mrs Clayface aka Clayface 4, makes an appearance in DC Super hero Girls G1

plus she refers to “Mister Clayface”

I hope everyone likes the quiz I made, answers will be posted when answered

  1. In The New adventures of Batman “Curses Oiled again” what animal does Matt Hagen turn into to destroy Catwoman’s submarine? Claimed! @AlexanderKnox Whale

  2. What Supervillain team did Clayface join in Justice League the Animated Series? Claimed! @stefanie.m Secret Society

  3. What was the only Clayface who has not appeared in animation?

  4. In the Batman episode “Clayfaces” what company did Basil Carlo do commercials for?

  5. In DC Super Hero Girls G1, Who found Mrs. Clayface laying in the mud bath of “The Super Spa” Claimed! @Holly Hawkgirl

  6. Which member of Mystery inc. voiced Clayface in The Lego Batman movie?

  7. In “Feat of Clay” Matt Hagen has an addiction to what drug?

  8. How did Nightwing and Red Robin defeat Clayface in Batman Unlimited “Devide and Conquer”