Batman/Batfam fans!

Ok ok ok so I don’t often find Batfam related content on this forum (not saying there isn’t any on here but I haven’t come across many). I wanted to give a place for us Wayne geeks to share head canons, talk about our favorite character(s), etc.

We can also share about ourselves (if you’re comfortable with that) or, if you’re completely new to DC, we can hopefully bring you into a new side fandom.

Feel free to ask questions and talk amongst yourselves!!

Before I leave, I’ll let you guys know a little bit about myself.

I’m 14 years old (turning 15 in May). I first got into DC when I was Three because of the original teen titans show and ever since then, I’ve fallen in love. I want to be a comic artist (specifically a comic inker but being a colorist would be a lot of fun too) and my favorite (Batfam related) character is Damian Wayne (Robin) and my favorite supervillain would be scarecrow or joker. Some things I enjoy outside of art and DC would be anime, cosplay and music!!

And I guess I’ll leave you guys with this Batfam question: who would you remove from the Batfam and/or who would you add?

You can also Rank the batboys in order of favorite to least favorite :wink:



I wouldn’t remove anybody! I like ‘em all! But I couldn’t think of anyone to ADD, either.

Okay, ranking the Batboys:

  1. Jason
  2. Damian
  3. Duke
  4. Dick
  5. Tim

If you’re looking for like-minded (and not-so-like-minded) Bat-Fans, I would suggest checking out World of Bats, the Batman book club. If you like Jason Todd and/or Damian Wayne, I would recommend the book club that I co-host, Renegade Robins. You can get your weekly fix for Batman and Batfam stories from these clubs. There’s also a Dick Grayson book club coming very soon!

As for the Batboys…

  1. Jason Todd: When first introduced, he answered the question, “What if Dick Grayson had debuted in the Bronze Age, when characters were finally becoming three-dimensional?” Now, he’s antihero for those who find Batman’s rules a little too stifling.

  2. Dick Grayson: He may have been fairly underdeveloped in his first 30 years of existence, but once he moved out of the manor, he found his voice and became a compelling character in the DC universe on top of being an iconic one.

  3. Damian Wayne: While technically not the first biological child of Batman to appear in the comics, he is the first one in mainstream continuity. And what a child he is! Few people are as competent and as bullheaded as Bruce himself, but Damian is up there.

  4. Tim Drake: Well, he had a long-running solo series, so that was a first. He was also the first one to have a Robin costume that was more suited for contemporary audiences. He just feels a little…bland compared to the others.

  5. Duke Thomas: He’s fairly new, so he hasn’t had much of a chance to make a huge impression yet. I’m also a little iffy on a metahuman sidekick for the Dark Knight, and the Signal suit doesn’t do it for me. I suspect he will improve over time.

  1. Tim Drake
  2. Dick Grayson
  3. Damian Wayne
  4. Jason Todd
  5. Duke Thomas
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@AlexanderKnoxi didn’t even know that was a club and honestly sounds interesting :eyes::eyes:

And I love your choice in characters. I do feel Duke could have a lot of potential that DC isn’t exploring BUT at the same time, I agree that he is a bit of an iffy character so far

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Scarecrow was my favorite villain at your age! Still one of my favorites but I remember being obsessed with him!

I don’t know about some of the Batman Inc. members. I might kick most (or all) of them out.

I think the family is a little crowded myself. I would like to see them get a little closer. Instead of constantly adding new characters a little development with the current ones would be a better read. My dream is to have all the kids start using the last name Wayne. With the current climate, though, I would accept having the family not shoot, stab, punch, kick, explode, etc at each other all the time.

  1. Bruce Wayne
  2. Alfred Alfred
  3. Harold Alnut (These three count! I dare you to tell me they don’t!)
  4. Richard Wayne (gotta love the classics)
  5. Jason Wayne(gotta love Red Hood)
  6. Luke Fox (Ironman meets Batman. I love it.)
  7. Damian Wayne (I actually like him)
  8. Timothy Wayne (I respect the character more than any of the others but he is dull to read)
  9. Duke Thomas (They haven’t developed him enough yet. He shows promise but until I see results he resides here)

Welcome, @_olive.lyn! I’m a big Batman fan too! There are so many amazing threads that I think might interest you. Here are a few I’ve created:

Here are some that I’ve participated in that you might like:

Ranking the “batboys” in order:

  1. Bruce Wayne :grin:
  2. Dick Grayson
  3. Damian Wayne
  4. Duke Thomas
  5. Jason Todd
  6. Tim Drake
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Jason isssss one of May faves :joy_cat:

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Omg thank you so much!!! I’ll be sure to checks them out!!

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I couldn’t agree more about the Batfam being crowded. I also wish I could see Damian and Tim’s relationship grow cause it’s kinda dull to see them fighting all. The. Time.

I also don’t see many people talk about harold like… ever and he’s one of my faves too!!

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FORGIVE ME! I forgot Azreal! Put him in Between Al and Harold.

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Omg- :joy:

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I’ve never even heard of duke until now

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My name is Alyssa and I’m 17 and I am beyond obsessed with the batfamily. I’ve never been able to purchase a lot of comics because I don’t have a lot of time to go to my local comic book store and I don’t have a lot of money cause high schooler. I used to survive only on comicstorian, but now with app I’ve gotten to read so many comics (mainly batfamily ones) Favorite batfamily character is Jason Todd, cause I’m I love a good redemption ark and antihero.


School seems to be a common budget issue for a lot a people. I also like the Batfam, else I wouldn’t be in the Rogue Robins Club.