Batman and Joker “Hero and Villain” Playing Card

This is my Batman & Joker “Hero & Villain” playing card in watercolor (WIP). :batman_hv_1::black_joker:

*Inspired by Batman: The Animated Series


Very cool!


Thank you so much, @scoop001! I appreciate the compliment!

Awesome :bearded_person:t6::+1:t6: ohh how about a two face card?


Welcome to the community, @camsawsum.51387! Thank you for commenting on my art as your very first post! I’m honored. :relaxed: A Two-Face card is an excellent idea! I hadn’t thought of that. Did you imagine Two-Face to be opposed by another hero/villain or Harvey Dent on one end and Two-Face on the other?

Awesome. Love it. Joker looks like a mini joker for some reason, but I still love it

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Thank you, @ericsjustmymiddlename! Lol. I actually felt the same as I was making it. Both The Joker and Batman feel small, like Juniors. I like how the head is a little too heavy for the body though, it makes him the focal point and he’s just wearing the suit.

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That looks really great

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Thank you, @CheekyGeekNinjaCat! And welcome to the community!