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:balance_scale: Welcome to the home of Themyscira’s Finest, where we believe in equality and possibility…and swords, anthropology, espionage and magic! If you do too, or if you secretly happen to be an audacious warrior demigoddess with a thing for pilots, contests, animals or ice cream—You are definitely in the right place!

:balance_scale: We’re always on the lookout for new friends and allies, so by the spear of Athena, if you’re interested in joining, click the little link right :arrow_right: HERE and/or :arrow_right: HERE to find out more about our DCU Wonder-clubs! All club events and news will be posted below or you can click this: :wondersquadron2: #the-wonder-squadron or :world_of_wonder: #world-of-wonder to come find us. See ya soon!

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Join us for our first official activities! :tada:

:00_wonder_woman_gold: 80th Anniversary: Black & Gold

:00_wonder_woman_gold: Trial of the Amazons Book Discussion & Q&A

:00_wonder_woman_gold: Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons

On-going Activities: Swing by any time! :drum:


:00_wonder_woman_gold: Encyclopedia of Villains

:00_wonder_woman_gold: Wonder Woman Quiz

:00_wonder_woman_gold: Wonder Woman: on-going series discussion

:00_wonder_woman_gold: Collectibles Thread

:00_wonder_woman_gold: Diana vs. The Machines


Just gonna leave these right here :star_struck::dancer:t2:


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Woo-hoo! Glad to see a WW themed club back in the community! Looking forward to seeing what you guys do in the future. :smiley:


@Mae @Jay_Kay Welcome! :purple_heart: :wondersquadron2:

There’s a perfect gif for this occasion…

:smile: Thank you!


:batparrot: Btw, saw this a while ago, seems like a good spot for it. :wondersquadron2: :wondersquadron1:

Also… :eyes:



I will echo @Jay_Kay in that I am happy to see an active WW club!!!

Can’t wait to see what adventures we will read!

Calling @SteveTrevor2.0 this is something you might be interested in!!


Thanks for the heads up @D4RK5TARZ!

Yeah, I guess you could say I might be interested. :grin:

:00_wonder_woman_stars: :00_wonder_woman_gold: :00_wonder_woman_1982: :wonderwoman:




@SteveTrevor2.0 Excellent! We can’t NOT have STEVE here?! :wondersquadron1::purple_heart: :hugs: Welcome! You too @D4RK5TARZ @scoop001 @Jurisdiction @chintzybeatnik


“Welcome, welcome, welcome!” :partying_face:

The Trinity club scene is once more whole, and with it, I can see some nifty three-way club crossovers in the not too distant future.

May the reign of the Wonder Squadron be :wonderwoman:onderful, indeed!

Also, I come bearing Themysciran-approved welcoming gifts that make for great decor!


Feels good to finally have things up and running! :tada: :wondersquadron1: :wondersquadron2:


Who is your favorite Amazon that isn’t Wonder Woman?

This goes back and forth for me but Artemis is definitely a top contender. Yora Flor is on that list but I think she is too new for me to place her on the top, at this point of time. Once we get more stories with her she will quickly rise. Hippolyta is also a top contender but she kind of flip flops for me. For example, she is great in Justice League but then I think back to her in the late 60s and how Diana lost her powers…

Also, I think all 3 of these characters might be excluded as they are or were Wonder Woman at one point in time, even if it was a possible future.



@D4RK5TARZ Honestly, I don’t think I can answer this question! Once upon a (various) times I could’ve said any of them, BUT I’ve always liked Hippolyta (2nd to Diana, for the longest), so I’d prbly go with her…I do really like Artemis and Donna Troy, tho, and it’s possiblyyy no secret I’m a pretty big Yara Flor fan, lol, so I basically still can’t choose. :purple_heart:


I think I would also have to go with Artemis. I feel like she’s probably the most popular other Amazon in the comics and other media. I know I still remember her portrayed by Rosario Dawson in the '09 animated movie.

Yara is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine too.


I also like Io. She isn’t as popular as the ones mentioned so far but she always seems to show at the right time.


Io is great, good call. I always like her when she shows up.

Not sure I can actually pick, but if I had to…right now, it’s Nubia. Her series that just finished was excellent.


Favorite Amazon…Hmm, it differs a fair bit from moment to moment.

In the golden age I really enjoyed Mala in her role as Dianas best friend and as the one championing Reform Island and efforts to rehabilitate criminals, convincing them to use their talents to better the world.

From that period I also was quite fond of Queen Astra the ruler of planet Infanta and her whole schtick of ruling a world of eternal toddler Amazons who rescues abandoned babies to raise on their home planet.

Nubia is a big favorite of mine. I liked the character back in the Bronze era where she was decked out in knightly armor and ruled Slaughter Island. Seeing her in the modern day between the OGN where shes a girl raised in America and striving to use her powers for good, and her mini series where she has become queen of the Amazons has only cemented that opinion for me.

Akila from post crisis was a big favorite of mine. An Amazon scientist from Bana Mighdall who creates her own power armor to use as the champion and defender of her people? Whats not to love about that?