Trial of the Amazons | Book Discussion | Spoilers Ahead

Hey everyone! The first :00_wonder_woman_gold: Wonder Woman crossover event in decades has arrived, and you are all cordially invited to join the discussion!

Reading order and release dates are listed below…


:00_wonder_woman_gold: After the events of Nubia & the Amazons, the dangers of Doom’s Doorway have found their way to Man’s World and garnered the attention of not just one, but all 3 Amazonian tribes! Who among them is worthy of leading them into the future? Find out as the bravest, wisest, and fiercest warriors compete to be champion of all the Amazons!


:crossed_swords: Reading begins: 3/8.

:crossed_swords: Discussion: Try to blur spoilers, and don’t worry if you fall behind! If you’ve read it (or plan to) and wish to discuss it, drop your thoughts below when you’re ready! See ya soon!

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Some books in the library, while we wait (or if anyone wants to get caught up) :books: We can talk about these too…

:dc: Road to Trial of the Amazons

If you’re not familiar w/ some of the characters, here’s this:

Also: There’s some pretty great variant art too! :star_struck: :purple_heart: The one :point_up_2: up top is Tiago Da Silva, and here’s these…

Variant Cover B Rose Besch

Variant Cover D Rafael Albuquerque

Trial of the Amazons 1 Main Cover

Trial of the Amazons 2 Main Cover

And some mood music :notes:


hums Hans Zimmer’s WW theme in anticipation

Half of my new books for 3/8 are Superman-related, while the other half are Trial of the Amazons-related.

Rock. On. :metal:t2: :0_wonder_woman:


Every time I watch the entire Themyscira segment in the movie I’m like

OK, so I’mma pick up these two^^^ today.

Then I’mma get that one and the Tiago Da Silva when i can get a line on it at a not so pricey price. :smiley: :00_wonder_woman_gold:


If you’re not sure what Trial of the Amazons is all about, this is a cool teaser.

But if you are spoiler sensitive, proceed with caution! (I’m guessing what is discussed happens pretty early on in the first issue, but I was still freaking out a little.)


You beat me to it, as I was just going to post that trailer. :joy:

Great (:wonderwoman:onderful? :thinking:) minds! :fist_right:t2: :fist_left:t2:

Anyway…its almost here, its almost here! :tada: :fireworks:

Enterprising fellow I am, I went ahead and recorded my excitement for tomorrow’s release with a random fellow I encountered on my morning walk:

I’m not a ginger (#Team Brunette), but that was basically (i.e. not at all :grin:) me.

“Yeah…basically.”, in the words of one Ash Williams.

Hopes that one day, we can get a Wonder Woman/Army of Darkness crossover

YES! :raised_hands:t2:

I LOVED that scene as a whole, and especially Hippolyta and her warriors’ supreme confidence when it came to fighting Steppenwolf.

“Show him your fear!”, “We have no fear!” is absolutely among my favorite dialogue from the movie (so much so, that I’ve quoted it in my profile, from time to time).


Like Batman’s Urban Legends

In addition to Wonder Woman solo

There should be an
Amazons anthology

Diana in past including WW II

Queen Hippolyta



Donna Troy



Grace and Thunder

Exoristos and Shining Knight together through the centuries

Untold Justice League Dark


I would love a WW-based anthology ongoing. It could be titled “Wonder Woman and the Amazons”, even.

SN: I have used that title on a bunch of things, so I’d be tickled to see it on an official DC book.

hopes that Marie Javins is reading this thread and likes the above idea


It seems the only solution

Sales on Wonder Woman are bad since Rebirth ended even when DC had major talent writing her.

The others can’t carry a title


My favorite Wonder Woman book of the last few years was Wonder Woman 100-Page Giant from Walmart (and later on, comic stores):

I’ve no idea what the sales were like, but it was always a highly-anticipated read of the Giant line for me.

I loved the new content, and the reprint stuff was a nice refresher that also served to prop up the new stuff.

If DC wanted to do a WW anthology of new and reprint content that followed the Giant mold, I would be all-in for it.


Some older
Wonder Woman
Sales figures


To join that, here are some older Wonder Woman action figures:

DC Direct (1999)

Hasbro (1999/2000)

Here’s a more recent piece, and one that only sells for a cool dollar (which can still be found at Dollar Tree and other stores as of this writing):

Mattel (2019)

As Bruce Timm’s character said in the “Beware the Gray Ghost” episode of BTAS, “I love toys.” :nerd_face:


Trial of the Amazons starts today! If you picked up the first 2 issues and want to chime in with your thoughts, please feel free!

(Please be sure to blur spoilers.)


Here’s some more reading from DCUI if anyone is interested in the lead-up to Trial of the Amazons:


Got my copies of TOTA #1 and Nubia #6, and I’m rarin’ to read 'em…after I go back to bed for a while, as work kept me up way late (damn east coast deadlines keeping my west coast-ish *** up…). :yawning_face:

BTW, I love Jim Cheung’s covers for TOTA #s 1 and 2. That dude can draw.


Overall, solid start – got a mix of the two classic reasons for crossovers, that being a tournament and a murder mystery. There wasn’t a lot of either in these first two issues, as most of the pages were spent watching these three tribes of amazons being salty at each other. Might be a little slow for those who expect more plot or action, but I personally enjoyed the tea being spilled.

Looking forward to seeing where the story goes.


I am enjoying this so far - but I am bummed that I watched that teaser video, because as soon as they said someone would die I just knew it was going to be Hippolyta. So I was spoiled by knowing who would be important enough to matter but whose absence would still allow the story to work. Ah well. Heartbreaking, especially with that previous scene with her and Phillipus. :cry:

I love seeing all the sister tribes interact. I will say I think this will be confusing to anyone who hasn’t read the lead-up material, particularly Nubia’s book. So many characters were introduced there, I think it may be overwhelming without that knowledge. (Nubia’s book has been outstanding though, so it’s definitely worth checking out! :sparkling_heart:)

I also noticed a pretty big print error in the first issue. There’s really no spoiler involved but I’ll put it under a cut:


Furuka and Diana’s speech bubbles are swapped in the 2 close-up panels (but correct in the distance shots):

It’s clear who should be speaking when you read them (particularly since Furuka’s speech is so biting and un-Diana-like). I guess it’s not a big deal except…this is her first crossover in 30 years? The issue was even delayed by a week? Does no one proof-read these issues? :unamused:

Anyhow…I am absolutely looking forward to the next issue, especially since it is in Diana’s own book. Excited to see what comes next! :star_struck: :00_wonder_woman_gold:


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Queen Hippolyta

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In my Hawkgirl Topic

New version of
Diana’s creation


I read the first two chapters yesterday. My mini review copied from the What Are You Currently Reading thread:

Great stuff. Loved seeing the Amazon culture on full display with all the subtle and not so subtle differences between the different factions. I did not see that death coming. Firmly invested in the rest of this story.

@Angel212, I didn’t read the first 5 issues of Nubia’s book. Though I could tell it would have provided much better insight, I’m not finding this hard to follow. Kudos to the writers for that. I also noticed the dialogue switch on that page. Probably one of the more glaring errors I’ve seen. Tsk tsk DC.


Oh good! I was just thinking of all the newly-emerged Amazons from the Well of Souls, and Medusa being admitted through Doom’s Doorway.

Nubia’s series has been one of my favorite reads in recent months. I will be truly upset if she is no longer ruler of Themyscira at the end of this - but she will always be Queen in my heart. :sparkling_heart: