Current Wonder Woman Series Discussion Thread

Is anyone here keeping up with the main ongoing Wonder Woman series as it comes out and wants to discuss?

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What are the odds you are the only one here reading the current works on the third most popular DC hero?

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So I should post more posts about Hawkman, The Wonder Woman of the Justice Society?


I have been reading everything from Future State to now. I know, not a long time but this current story has been excellent. I need to read this week’s Black and Gold but I have enjoyed every issue that I have read.

I like that this current story is taking Diana on a journey that I am not exactly sure where it will take her. I am a fan of her squirrel companion, even if he isn’t always the most trustworthy.

Are you also reading Wonder Girl? That book has been a blast!


Yes! I love Ratatosk! :heart_eyes: And I even like Siggy, in spite of myself. He is no Steve, but he’s good. I find myself increasingly hooked as this current arc goes on, since as you say it really seems like we can’t predict where Diana will end up next.

This week’s Black and Gold had one of my favorite stories so far in it (yeah, it was about Steve :sweat_smile:). But I’ve been enjoying those issues overall and the art is really captivating with the limited color palette.

I read Future State Wonder Woman 1-2 with Yara Flor, and Future State Superman/Wonder Woman 1-2 with Jon Kent and Yara. Really enjoyed those and love everything I’ve seen of Yara so far. I haven’t read the ongoing Wonder Girl series yet but it is on my list!


I’ve been reading it. In my opinion it’s the best the title has been since Azzarello and Chiang’s run in the New 52. Unlike Rebirth, which retconned the excellent stories that came before it into “lies”, this adds on to the previous story arcs and expands Wonder Woman’s world. I always like it when a Diana story leans into the world of the gods, with all the mythology exploration that comes along with that. It’s been a fun realm/multiverse hopping adventure, and I look forward to Diana making it back to present day Earth (what are they calling it now, Earth 0? Hard to keep track). I miss seeing her in the Justice League alongside Clark & Bruce.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’m probably enjoying the current arc the most since maybe the third volume of Rebirth. I did not care for New 52 WW, and Greg Rucka’s Rebirth arc is my favorite story, so we differ there. But I agree the mythology stuff is great, particularly now that they’re branching out from just Greek myth.

Same on both counts! (And I have no idea what Earth this is now. :sweat_smile:)


All good. I feel like I may be in a minority when it comes to preferring New 52 WW over what came after :slightly_smiling_face:.

Yes to this. Kinda cool seeing how all these realms exist in the DC Universe.

Side note: I’m surprised I haven’t seen fans crying foul about Siggy in this arc. Usually folks are overprotective when it comes to preserving previous relationships.


I had a very knee-jerk negative reaction to Siggy in the first few issues, I’ll be honest. But he’s all right. I am not even clear on if Steve still exists in the current reality. Or what the timeline is after the events of Death Metal and Future State. Honestly I would just be glad if the writers let Diana be happy for once. She deserves it, and Siegfried is heroic and kind, if nothing else. But I have a feeling that maintaining Diana’s happiness will not be in the cards in the long run, based on past experiences. :pensive:


He very much exists. He’s part of Checkmate, the team going up against Leviathan. Here’s a link to the series on Comixology.


But is this part of the current WW timeline? Isn’t Leviathan stuff pre-Death Metal? Seriously some of this stuff is so confusing lol. My understanding was that the Checkmate release was just delayed due to Covid and that’s why it’s out of sync. I am looking forward to reading it though. Probably when it drops on DCUI.


How is Checkmate? I pretty much missed all of the Leviathan thing so I didn’t pick it up. Then they dropped a Checkmate story in Justice League and I am mildly interested.



Usually editors will add notes saying “This story takes place before…” if that’s essential to the story. Haven’t seen anything like that, so I’m reading it as part of current events. I could be wrong though.


Mixed bag, at least for me.


  • The first series (Leviathan) fell flat for me because I had no idea who Manhunter was, so the big reveal was like “Oh yeah, that guy. Who the ■■■■ is that?”. Well, that character is still the guy obviously, and I feel like I need to do homework to understand his motives better.


  • The concept of an ever powerful massive organization with alien technology and seemingly endless technical and financial resources is intriguing to me though, so I keep reading.
  • Nice to see Lois do her thing in an investigative team that includes The Question & Green Arrow.
  • The latest issue featured a twist I did not expect, and raised the stakes with the reveal of Leviathan’s intentions.


  • Pace is somewhat deliberate. Tone is a bit dry. I guess that is to be expected in a spy story. However, a little more excitement and some more heart would go a long way in making me like this more than I currently am.

7/10 overall.

Sorry for the tangent @Angel212


Oh, good point. Huh.

I believe it was this article that gave me that impression:

But it does say:
“Now retailers have been informed that the sequel series has been indefinitely postponed and that it will be “will be rescheduled to align with upcoming DC Universe storylines.””

So I guess it’s part of the current timeline? :woman_shrugging:

No worries! Nice to hear your thoughts on that too! I read Event Leviathan for the sake of Steve’s involvement (such as it was). I didn’t like it all that much, but it may have just been the story tone, as you said. I will read Checkmate for sure when it comes here, for Steve and for Kate Spencer (a new favorite of mine).


I’ll stand with you in preferring New 52 WW over what came later. It’s my favorite volume of Wonder Woman, afterall. :00_wonder_woman_stars:

@Angel212 I’m not currently reading WW or WW B&G, but I will be getting back into Diana’s solo book once #780 comes out, so I’ll check back into the thread then. :clark_hv_4:


Ditto… though I have a lot of WW reading to do to call myself well informed.


Read Straczynski’s The Odyssey (which begins in the last 10 pages of this wonderful issue and carries on for the remaining issues of the series) and I’ll get you an “Informed on Wonder Woman” badge that you can pin on your jacket. :wink:


I have the hardcovers for this story and enjoyed it a lot over multiple reads.


I was an instant fan of it when it came out in singles.

I love Wonder Woman.

I love JMS.

I love Jim Lee.

JMS writing a Wonder Woman story that stars Diana in what would be the first of two outfits designed by Jim Lee in less than two years?

Sold, DC! :money_mouth_face: