Amazons Attack (2023) | Book Discussion | Spoilers Ahead

:wondersquadron2: After the shocking events in Wonder Woman, the Amazons are now fighting for a world that no longer wants them! Led by their fearless Queen Nubia, a ragtag group of Amazons featuring Wonder Girl and Faruka II frantically searches for answers as their existence and way of life are threatened. Can the tribes survive their new reputation?

:open_book: If you’ve read it (or plan to) and wish to discuss, drop your thoughts below when you’re ready! :point_right: And please try to blur any spoilers!

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:wondersquadron1: Discussion thread for anyone reading :point_right: Wonder Woman’s new series:

Some variants :star_struck:


After getting over my initial frustration over this choice in title, I’m growing to like this book. It’s fun following other Amazons other than Diana and I’m always down for more Yara content. And I like Mary Marvel being a main character and interacting with these Amazons


Same. Originally, I wished they had chosen another name, but it works and it’s been quite good so far. :green_heart: Liking Mary Marvel being in it too.

Speaking of which, heres one more variant!


I’m not as knowledgeable on writers to delve into deeper meanings or give the most detailed commentary. However, I know what I like and what I don’t lol. I’ve enjoyed this series so far! I like seeing Yara, Nubia, Mary Marvel and with that current tie-ins with Wonder Woman, it works for me. I plan on continuing to read these as they come.


I have been really enjoying the series so far. I would love to have a general ongoing Amazon comic. Perhaps if this series does well that might be a possibility.


Being a big fan of the Amazons, I’ve been enjoying Amazons Attack as each new issue makes its Ultra debut.

I’ve also been enjoying the new volume (6, for those who keep track of such things) of Wonder Woman.

Between Amazons Attack v2 and Wonder Woman v6, now is a wonderful time to be a fan of the Wonder Woman brand!

SN: Can I compare and contrast the original Amazons Attack to the new series?

I liked the original, so…

What? Stop staring and giggling. I liked it and that’s that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I haven’t started this yet, but I will after I finish Nubia QOTA. :wondersquadron2:


I didn’t think the first one was as bad as people say.


Neither did I.

As each issue was **** upon during their release, I shrugged and said “Whatever.” as I eagerly dove into the latest ish.

Of course, I also enjoyed Countdown to Final Crisis as it debuted at retail and I never understood the dislike for it then, either.

Cool avatar BTW. I love that cover.


Thanks. I didn’t think Countdown deserved the harsh reviews either.


Birds of unfairly criticized series flock together. :raised_hands:t2:


This guy? :point_down: I didn’t hate it either. I know I tend to be less harsh when I read things after the fact, but I don’t understand why some books get such harsh criticism. :purple_heart:

Ps. Gonna read #3 tonight. :apple:


Yeah-huh, that’s the one.

For any unaware, Countdown to Final Crisis started out as “Countdown” when it debuted at retail.

At the time, we were wondering “Okay…countdown to what, exactly?”

Once the sweet spot was hit, the name changed and some of us said “Oh, its a countdown to another crisis. Didn’t we just have one of the Infinite variety a few years back?” Such are comics. :smile:

W@@t! :raised_hands:t2:

Hands over a “I enjoyed Countdown.” t-shirt to Razzz.

Hey, can you hand that back to me for a moment, please?

Razzz says “Sure.” and hands it back. I then rip off the sleeves and hand it back for the final time.

Just the way you like it, Ace. :superman_hv_4:

Sometimes I do, and others I don’t, with Amazons Attack v1 and Countdown being among the latter.

Great minds! :raised_hands:t2:

I’m going to read it too and while listening to selections from the Wonder Woman (2009) soundtrack, so as to add some extra oomph to my reading experience.


True. Some book are indeed as bad as people say. :see_no_evil::laughing:

You remembered! Thank you, again, good sir. (curtsies) That=extra Cool Points. ™ :green_heart: And you have won…some Yara Flor art! Have a good night. :open_book:

And here’s this :notes:


Speaking of :poop: titles, have you read Deadpool Max?

I bought #1 the day it dropped at my then-regular comic store.

Upon getting home with it and my other pulled, shiny-shine new releases for the week, I read the mag and hated it so much that I literally ripped the thing to shreds and chucked its torn remains into my kitchen trash can.

Now, that’s disliking a comic. :smile:

Well, sure I remembered. VIP clients get the VIP treatment, you know. :fist_right:t2: :fist_left:t2:

Ooh, neat! Thank you, milady.


I’m going to put these towards some Best of DC Blue Ribbon digests my four eyes have been fixed upon as of late.

If I have enough Cool Points left over, I might put the balance towards some issues of Super-Team Family as well.

Neat and thank you, once more. :hugs:

I’mma print out the above and thumb-tack it to the wall above my 'puter, mmhmm.

I’d like to reciprocate and give you some art, but…IDK what to give, being that this thread has been positively drenched (friggin’ drenched, I tells ya! :smile:) in Power Girl, Ivy, Harls and Diana art o’er these last few days.

When something bubbles up in my mental sponge/brain, I’ll post it for you. :+1:t2:

Ah, the music from one of my favorite scenes in the '17 Wonder Woman flick. Wonderful stuff and then some!

Thank you once more, your highness.

You as well, Chief. :superman_hv_4:

Slides down into his chair as he resumes reading Amazons Attack v2 #3.


AA 5

Another solid issues in this series. We find out who betrayed Nubia. Did y’all see that coming? I didn’t. Peacemaker has a special appearance, spoiler, he isn’t there to help.


I have to wait for it to come on Ultra. But if he harms any of them, I will tear him apart WITH MY BARE HANDS


While you do that @EDT, I’ll linch a poaf in his helmet.


you both need to let me know when you reached that issue