Wonder Woman: Black & Gold | Book Discussion (Spoilers Ahead!)

Hi, everyone! As you may know, this year is Diana’s 80th birthday :tada: and as part of the celebration, DC has offered us a beautiful new anthology series: :00_wonder_woman_gold: Wonder Woman: Black and Gold! :star_struck:

(Issue 6, out 11/23/21)

For Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary, DC Comics proudly presents a new series starring the Amazon Princess embellished in the the color of her famous lasso.

:boom: Available in our DCUI Library :arrow_right: HERE.

:00_wonder_woman_gold: Black and Gold 1-6

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:00_wonder_woman_gold: The sixth and final issue is out now, so if you’ve read it, or plan to, and want to talk about it—THIS IS THE PLACE!

Did you enjoy them? What did you think of the dialogue or artwork? Which is your favorite story so far? Why is Diana just …the best? Anything about the reading (or Wonder Woman) you’d like to discuss—drop your thoughts below when you’re ready! :purple_heart: See ya soon.

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:00_wonder_woman_gold: :black_heart: Issue 1: I thought all the stories were great, but I’m Ageless, The Wager and Golden Age were my favorites overall, so I’ll start there!

I’m Ageless: A more somber story, that deals w/ the fragility of life and immortality (subjects that should come up in her comics more, tbh. :face_with_monocle:) Bonus: a quick scene of Diana vs. a tank!! Which is always always a good time. :muscle:

Golden Age: An unapologetically fun read. The art was both whimsical and frenetic, too. Plus we get Etta! Good stuff, but almost felt like it was over too quickly.

The Wager was just…awesome. The story of why her lasso glows, the Fates, the underworld, truth, lies and the inevitable. All w/ some great noir artwork. :boom: A+


Some of the variants for this series are fantastic, btw! :star_struck:


I have been reading this as it is released. The biggest, perhaps my happiest surprise, was seeing mod Diana make a brief return. I have been eyeing the 60s WW omnibus because I personally love this era. This gives me hope that we will see a return to her 90s days either in space, working at the fast food place, or in her black Contest outfit.


I’ll catch Wonder Woman: Black and Gold on DCUI or when it hits trade (likely trade in all honesty, so as to nab the variants). I mean, if I only read issues 1 and 2 of Superman: Red and Blue as they came out, then…you know. :smirk:

WW: Black and Gold is a beautiful looking mini, but being that my current fix of Wonder Woman in general is coming from…

• Wonder Girl
• Sensational Wonder Woman
• Justice League (via Hippolyta, who’s the sole focus of the variant for #67, out today, 9/14! :partying_face:)
• Wonder Woman: 80 Years of the Amazon Warrior (also new this week)
• Wonder Woman (as of #780’s release)
• Titans United #1 (for Donna. This one’s new as of today, 9/14 and it’s on DCUI right now)

…along with the following upcoming releases…

• Wonder Woman 80th anniversary one-shot (that Jen Bartel variant…:star_struck:)
• Nubia and the Amazons
• the Black Label mini (Amazonia?) with art by Phil Jimenez

…my Wonder Woman plate now, and :notes: “in the not-too-distant future” :notes: is stacked, and then some.

Then there’s the older stuff I’m reading on DCUI (especially Mike Deodato’s run on Wonder Woman v2 :+1:t2:).

However, I’ll check into this thread for summations on what’s going on with the book, so as to be up to speed for its eventual DCUI and/or trade releases.

@D4RK5TARZ I love The Contest arc, and Diana’s look in it.

looks at the Contest Diana Pop to his right

Yep, I’m a fan of the bicycle shorts. :0_wonder_woman:

very much wants a traditional figure of Contest Diana, along with Artemis from the Artemis: Requiem mini


All right, obviously I love this whole series, but I’ll start with my favorite story from each issue so far!

Issue 1: The Wager
Loving the mythological backstory here focusing on her lasso - very fitting, since the color scheme of the series revolves around it. Bruce was just bored I guess, he had to know he was gonna lose this bet. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Issue 2: The Acquaintance
I really love how this story presents Diana and Circe not as enemies, but two women finding common ground.

But let’s be real, the best part of this story is Clark in a hamster ball. :joy:

Issue 3: We Built A New World
What can I say? I have read a lot of WonderTrev stories, but this might be the most beautifully succinct summation of why their relationship is so special. 🥲 I am struggling to just choose one panel…


Espionage was a great story! My favorite part: :grin:


Very much in agreement about this. I love that Diana doesn’t have the childhood trauma baggage of a lot of superheroes, but this right here seems like it should be her main emotional struggle imo.

I mean, since you brought it up…

Loved this story. So much fun. This might be my favorite panel from it: :star_struck:


Agree, @D4RK5TARZ. I’m enjoying that we’re getting a wide range, covering all the eras, w/ a fresh set of eyes. :purple_heart:

How much :moneybag:for the omnibus ? I have a couple places that sometimes have really great prices. Other times, not so much. lol, Depends.

@Vroom Which do you like best, so far? :eyes:


:joy: I mean…yes.

Also, can’t go wrong w/ a good WW tank scene! It’s just science :test_tube::sunglasses: #fact Wait, here’s a couple.


Definitely. That reminds me of the story w/ her and Hippolyta. Pretty fun watching them have a stereotypical mother-daughter relationship. :purple_heart:


The one you left out. :wink:

You know how I feel about Ms. Flor. :love_you_gesture:t2: :star_struck: :+1:t2:

Titans United #1 was pretty solid, as Donna kicked ass in it! Plus, she made a great :eggplant: joke about Nightwing. :joy:

Justice League has been pretty solid too, as its fun to see Hippolyta back in a team dynamic with the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes™. Out of the Infinite Frontier titles released so far, Justice League is easily one of my top 5 books (along with Wonder Girl, natch) of the launch.

Not WW-related, but Justice League has also done a good job with putting Green Arrow and Black Canary back in the spotlight.


I love science! :woman_scientist: :joy:

That guy in the bottom right corner just made my day. :rofl:

What issue is that from?

I loved that story also. Funny and very relatable. I always prefer Hippolyta portrayed as a loving mother as opposed to “you-haven’t-lived-up-to-expectations” mother. It just makes more sense to me…I mean, she did wish for that baby. :pleading_face:

And that wi-fi password…priceless. :sweat_smile:


I have seen it range from $60 to $90, depending on the day. I also have my sights on iZombie which is in the $50 range and a Deadman Neal Adams omni for $40.


Whoops. I did do my part and pre-order that Funko, too, so they KNOW we :purple_heart: Yara Flor.

@Angel212 :laughing: It’s good right? That’s from the 70’s WW236.

Maybe it’s because she reminds of my own mother this way, so I can relate to it more, but I like when she’s both. Loving and protective, but also teaching her to be strong and aim higher, kind of thing. :purple_heart:

:laughing: “Tank Men”. They should be a little ashamed—agree, D!


@D4RK5TARZ Is it this one? I think I can find you a promo code, if so…

Ps. Tagging in @AntLeon.

No pressure—whenever you’re ready, but also :point_down: this, lol :purple_heart:



S’okay, Ace. Its very easy to get get distracted by the ever-so-lovely Ms. Flor (I know this from months of experience). I pre-ordered her Pop too! First Pop I’ve ever pre-ordered, but I wants Yara in plastic, I does. She’s my preciousssssssss.

is completely confident in that his saying a fictional character, and a piece of plastic based on said character, is precious, Gollum-style, can not, in any way, be construed as “What a nerd!”-inducing behavior


The tirade will be too troll-like. and about myself. I don’t need a public spectacle of my low self opinion.


It is that one! I have seen it on eBay in a buy 2 get 1 free sale. Which is extremely tempting.


I just now realized the writer/artist for this story is Rachel Smythe, the writer/artist of Lore Olympus.

So THAT’S why the character faces looked familiar!




Hi @AntLeon. Just wanted to say this is a judgement-free zone and you are more than welcome to come share your WW thoughts at any time.

And it’s also completely okay if you’d rather keep them to yourself.

A nice panel from the latest B&G issue. Been a rough few weeks for me, and Diana’s “you are enough” is the kind of thing I have to tell myself regularly.