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Deep Space 9, hands down :eyes:


I remember being a younger kid when it was first airing, my dad was a huge trekkie and had lot of trekkie friends and they all just HATED it. It seemed like so many fans just complained “ughhh this isn’t real trek, it’s nothing like TNG or TOS what the heck are they trying to do what are these writers on?!”

I never got the hate, I loved it back then and I still do! I thought it was beautifully ironic that it went down in history as some of the greatest trek of all time. Seriously, “In the Pale Moonlight” is hands down the best Star Trek episode ever made.

I’m kinda hoping some of the DC movies I like getting flack right now go down as being classics in the future :person_shrugging:


My dad was the one who got me hooked on sci-fi shows since he was a huge fan. My first contact with Trek was the Original Series and although it holds a special place in my heart my favorite is DS9. Its uniqueness among other Treks drew me to it and the compelling stories and character development kept me coming back for more. I’m actual re-watching it currently. I’m also greatly enjoying Strange New Worlds, which I personally feel has been the best Star Trek show to come out of late.

I love that episode. “It’s Only a Paper Moon” is another really strong episode and a personal favorite of mine.


And here is our second July session featuring some crossover adventures with the JLA.


My dad got me into Trek also. Not so much he shared it with me (he wasn’t really the best kind of guy) but it was always on TV so it just became a staple I liked over time. I try to do Trek-related and DC- related things around my kid now hoping she might get curious and want to be a part of it too! (If not, that’s also cool, maybe she’ll like something new for me to get into?)

Totally agree about It’s Only a Paper Moon. The whole Nog storyline was compelling and dark and really took Trek to a whole new level. Also semi-related, Vic Fontaine introduced me to my favourite music genre of all time. I have Rat Pack vinyls for days.

EDIT: Also hope I can join in the book club this month! Got lots of vacation business coming up (state fair, road trip, going birding (at apparently the largest freshwater marsh in the country? Super excite!)

I don’t have kids of my own (long story there) but I did do the same with my older nieces and nephews when they were growing up. They weren’t all that receptive but their kids have really gotten into both. To them I’m the cool, geeky family member who they can talk to about their fandoms without feeling self-conscience about it. They’ve even gotten me into a few of them.

Nog is my favorite Trek character ever. Watching his character growth over the course of the show was very satisfying to me. That particular episode just sealed the deal for me. I also really enjoyed his friendship with Jake.

Love me some Rat Pack. James Darren, who played Vic Fontaine, released an album of the songs he did in DS9 called “This One’s From the Heart”. I had to get it because I loved the songs so much.

Sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy youself.


That’s awesome and I’m slightly jealous! To my extended family I’m just the weird uncool nerd of the bunch (also fairly certain my brother-in-law thinks Batman is devil worship? Not sure what’s going on there) But maybe someday! Our family’s still pretty young so who knows what the future brings.

Had no idea Darren actually had albums released, this is 100% going on my wishlist. I wonder if there’s a vinyl?


Here is our second August session folks.


Here is our second September session folks.