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It’s summer and that means its crossover time here at the JSA book Club. This July session will be featuring another JSA/JLA crossover. So lets see what adventures our favorite team of heroes has with their pals from the mainline Earth. Before we get to that though we must have….


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What to Read

* Justice League of America #135-137

* Justice League of America #147-148

Discussion Points

  1. What did you think of King Kull’s plan in the first crossover?

  2. It was pretty ingenious to make the Marvel Family off the board here. How did you like the solution to that particular problem?

  3. Looks like Mordru was double crossed here. Why is it villains never expect that to happen?

  4. It’s a Battle Royale in this last issue. Of all the heroes in these two issues which two would you like to see battle each other?


  • August: Visiting the Golden Age

  • September: World War III

  • October: All Star Squadron


Thanks for the welcome! I haven’t really read much of the stuff from the 70s so these should be interesting.

  1. King Kull’s plan is typical of villains from this time. I did enjoy the interactions between the heroes of the 3 Earths. I had never heard of Pinky before!
  2. Using the Thunderbolt to act as the magic lightning for the Marvel family was a great idea.
  3. Villains are so egocentric that they never consider how their plans could fail. Mordru should have realized the demons wouldn’t just follow him.
  4. It would have been interesting to see the 2 Flashes fight each other.

That is sooooo true. And I would have thought Mordru of all people would no better than to trust a demon. Geez!

I do seriously wonder how that one would have turned out.


Should have found a way to not deal with the heroes of three worlds at once.

Considering all the heroes he is fighting that is like taking on an anthill by taking out a handful of guard ants. Small potatoes in the big picture.

If they can make evil Superman immune to Green Kryptonite then why not remove his vulnerability to magic too? Kull sucks at looking at the big picture.


Ollie is worried Black Canary is going to go back to the other team.

My favorite teams are myself and the Green Lanterns for the visuals and Power Girl and Flash for the banter. Nice to see younger and meaner Jay.

Mordru often does see it. In the future his younger self double crossed Obsidian and Eclipso before they could do it to him. He really has gone senile in his old age.

Karen and Hal.


first the questions at hand

  1. I’m with @MatthewHecht, he should have just tried Earth S. But villains biting off more than they can chew is a staple of fiction and non-fiction.

  2. brilliant

  3. He wasn’t really double crossed, it’s just that the Demons Three had more power and weren’t going to take orders from him.

  4. Brainiac 5 vs. Batman

now for the general comments

#135-137 was my first JLA/JSA crossover. I had first encountered the JSA with the release of All-Star #58 and was already a fan. I also knew of Captain Marvel, but this was the first time I met some of the other Earth S heroes. Spy Smasher left a big impression on 7 year old me and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Also, IBAC> Black Adam

I was disappointed @MatthewHecht didn’t mumble his review.

As for #147-148, this was the team up of my favorite three super teams (in order JLA, JSA, Legion) and they remain my three favorites to this day. I thought it was a bit of a disappointment at the time, as I did not realize that Steve Englehart had been replaced by the Pasko/ Levitz team.

The JLA satellite would only last another seven years.

Dick Dillin was the absolute MAN drawing all those super heroes.

  • What did you think of King Kull’s plan in the first crossover?

It was actually really… creative? Not the smartest, but 10/10 on creativity. First you’ve got magic pressure cloud that literally punches continents into the ocean, then the flipping of the script on what life and non-life is (that waterfall with hands coming out of it lol), and then finally the anti-gravity human slingshot business. …though to be fair, how much was Kull’s idea and how much was it just the respective baddies’ (Brainiac, etc)?

  • It was pretty ingenious to make the Marvel Family off the board here. How did you like the solution to that particular problem?

First off, I always enjoy Johnny Thunder getting some love, it makes me sad to see him getting treated like a dingbat all the time. You go JT! I think this adds a neat layer to the whole Shazam magic thing. So just ANY lightning can activate the Marvel powers so long as it’s magic lightning? Could, say, Dr. Fate just summon up a lightning bolt and SHAZAM them? I wonder what the criteria are.

  • Looks like Mordru was double crossed here. Why is it villains never expect that to happen?

Any good magickal practitioner knows you gotta bind your demons when you summon them. Come on now, Mordru, you don’t think demons have free will? You think they’re going to be so impressed by you they blindly follow you? “Oh gosh, you know I was so eager to take over this world, but looking at Gandalf over here has so AWED me that I’m just going to do whatever dumb crap it is he wants me to do!”

  • It’s a Battle Royale in this last issue. Of all the heroes in these two issues which two would you like to see battle each other?

I wanted to see Captain Marvel and Superman. Ugh, I can’t believe it was like a second away from happening and then nothing. What a tease.

Mouka’s random observations on 135-137:
1 - So here we have King Kull, king of the beast-men, who were wiped out by humans sometime in the past. Possibly? Maybe? There is a race of humanoids in Skartaris called beast-men and they look suspiciously similar to ol’ Kull here. Maybe if Kull had stopped foaming at the mouth for five seconds and actually looked around, he’d have found his people still alive and well inside of the earth? AN earth anyway? Can’t think of what earth Warlord is set in, but with Kull’s ability to look around at any earth he pleases, just go to Skartaris and chill your face out seriously.

2 - I’m just going to say that going into an interdimensional space viking story, I was expecting some crazy and surprising stuff, but I was 100% not expecting Brainiac making a machine to speed up the planet’s rotation to slingshot every human off into space then turning Green Lantern into a literal walking skeleton. No joke, spooky scary Green Lantern will live rent-free in my head for all eternity.

(Mercury proudly standing on the hood of the Batmobile as it flies through space will also live rent-free in my head, but that’s another story)

Mouka’s random observations on 147-148:
1 - So I haven’t read much of silver age Legion of Superheroes outside of a scant few Superboy stories in Adventure Comics, so it’s nice to be able to see more of them. Thank goodness for DC’s uncanny ability to re-introduce each superhero that appears because there were about three of them I couldn’t recognize offhand. If anyone’s got some good recs, I’d love to hear em!

2 - I could not eyeroll any harder if I tried seeing them attempt to tie Mordru up like Gulliver in Lilliput. Mordru: “It took a planet of a thousand wizards each stronger than Dr. Fate to defeat me!” Our heroes: “Hey guys! Let’s attach a rope to an arrow and tie him up! It’ll totally work!”

3 - Things that made me laugh: Dr. Fate bodiless but for his ears getting carried around like a football, Mordru dropping the word “dude” on page 13 of #147, and THE DISEMBODIED HAND (of Apollo)


That would be an interesting one. Who would you see coming out the winner there?

Yeah I didn’t see them being very willing to take orders from anyone either.

That could be the match of the century right there

Johnny Thunder is a favorite of mine as well. I like him precisely because he gets the job done in a less conventional way, which makes his character feel unique in the hero world.

I wonder if Billy would be to intimidated by Fate to even ask him for assistence?

I guess he learned better. Geez Mordru next time just bind your demons before making demands.

Yeah, that was creepy and that image stuck with me for a long while first time I read it.