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Hello all and welcome to our second session for the month of March here @JSABookClub, which is a double feature. The first story in this set is one that features Shazam being put under Nazi control while the second features a team up between the All Star Squadron and the JSA. Before we get to either of those though we need to have the….

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Issues to Read

Discussion Points

  1. There’s nothing quite like a fight between Superman and Captain Marvel…er Shazam…er whatever. What did you think of the fight?
  2. That Spear of Destiny is no joke. If you had such a weapon would you use it?
  3. What did you think of the team up between the Squadron and the JSA?


  • For April: Princes of Darkness Part 2

  • For May: Secret Origins

  • For June: Liberty Files (2000)


I apologize for the lateness of the above post. I’ve had a really bad sinus infection for the last week or so but I seem to be over the worst it now.


Glad you’re on the mend! I hope you feel 100% soon. :hugs:

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I have lesser sinus issues.

Finally All Star Squadron again yay

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Issue 36- The loss of Singapore is often called the greatest British defeat in history.

Issue 37- I really like how Wonder Woman knows they will crossover again.

  1. I really liked the fights. My favorite was Green Lantern vs. Freddie. Just seemed more unique.

  2. Way too dangerous in the wrong hands. I would destroy it. This is the ultimate way to make somebody go mad with power.

Turned out I wasn’t as on the mend as I thought I was, unfortunantly.

I used to only have lesser issues myself. The only thing that would set my allergies off was whenever the massive amounts of dogwood trees planted around where I work bloom. I used to be able to take some meds and I was good to go…

Then came the 2020 lockdowns where I was away from work during that exact time frame so for that year I wasn’t exposed to the pollen etc. from those trees. Every year since then though I’ve had really bad allergies at this time of year and several sinus infections neither of which were a common occurence for me previously.

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