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Hi and welcome back our second March session @JSABookClub. This session we will be returning to the adventures of the JSA. Now last time we saw an intrepid team they faced off against an alliance between Mordru, Obsidian and Eclipso in the Princes of Darkness story. What’s next for the JSA? Let’s first have the Roll Call and see.


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What to Read

Discussion Point

  • The Crimson Avenger is back. What do you think of her in these issues?

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I am at issue 45. I will be at this issue soon.


I look forward to reading these!


I look forward to reererererererererererererererererrerere-reading them.


First the first time this series Don Kramer is the penciler. Of the four main pencilers of the Johns era he is my bottom pick, but he drew plenty of great images.

We start with Jesse being introduced, and everything with her in JSA could easily have been cut other than her little subplot in issue 81. It does not help that for one image she has white hair making her look like Rick’s grandmother.

This issue starts the storyline in the last few pages, but really it is an epilogue to Princes of Darkness, and I really enjoy all these slice of life bits except the Jesse/Flash/Rick ones.

In issue 53 I remember thinking Crimson Avenger was cool, but after all these rereads she has lost her coolness. I think it is really carried by Karen and Wildcat’s banter.


Reading the next two I see there were 4 small scale issues in a row. I see a few reasons.

1- Give time for the characters to recover from all their broken bones.

2- Give Princes of Darkness weight.

3- Goyer is gone, and I think he came up with the big plots.

4- Black Vengeance is hard to write. Johns needed time to work it out.

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